NVDA 2010.1rc1 Released

NVDA 2010.1rc1 has just been released. This is a release candidate, which means that unless any critical issues are found, this will be almost identical to the final 2010.1 release.

Note that there may be some minor updates to some translations (particularly of the what's new document) in the final release.

Changes from beta1 to rc1:

  • Updated translations.
  • Updated what's new.
  • Fixed various harmless but annoying exceptions.
  • In Miranda IM, automatic message reading is now also supported in the srmm plugin.
  • Fixed problems in file selection dialogs in Miranda IM. (#580)
  • Fixed some problems with logging of messages containing non-ASCII characters. This could cause spurious errors in some cases on non-English systems. (#581)
  • The information in the About NVDA dialog now appears in the user's configured language instead of always appearing in English. (#586)
  • Problems are no longer encountered when using the synthesiser settings ring after the voice is changed to one which has less settings than the previous voice.
  • In Skype 4.2, contact names are no longer spoken twice in the contact list.
  • Fixed some potentially major memory leaks in the GUI and in virtual buffers. (#590, #591)
  • Focusing Total Commander lists other than the main list of files now functions correctly.
  • Updated eSpeak to 1.43.03.
  • Work around a nasty bug in some SAPI 4 synthesisers that was causing frequent errors and crashes in NVDA. (#597)

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