NVDA 2010.2beta2 Released

NVDA 2010.2beta2 has just been released. It is intended for those who are interested in testing and evaluating the upcoming NVDA 2010.2 release, but is not recommended for production use. Testers are encouraged to report any bugs found while using this beta.

Note that some translations may not yet be updated. They will be updated by the time of the final 2010.2 release.

Changes from beta1 to beta2:

  • Updated translations.
  • Updated What's New.
  • Disable retrieval of table headers for Firefox 3.6.10, as the crash fix is not included in that release. See #807 for details.
  • NVDA now functions correctly on a system where the current working directory has been removed from the DLL search path (by setting the CWDIllegalInDllSearch registry entry to 0xFFFFFFFF). Note that this is not relevant to most users. (#907)
  • Fixed the issue where say all would only read the first line of paragraphs with multiple lines in Lotus Symphony/OpenOffice.org documents. (#910)
  • When the table navigation commands are used outside of a table in Microsoft Word, "edge of table" is no longer spoken after "not in table". (#921)
  • When the table navigation commands cannot move due to being at the edge of a table in Microsoft Word, "edge of table" is now spoken in the configured NVDA language rather than always in English. (#921)
  • Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.
  • The move mouse to current navigator object command now works correctly in virtual buffers.
  • When moving the main cursor in virtual buffers, the review cursor will always review the entire document as intended, rather than reviewing the focused object.
  • In Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail, the state of the checkboxes in message rules lists is now reported. (#576)
  • The description of message rules can now be read in Windows Live Mail 2010.
  • NVDA will now once again function in Windows XP with no service pack. (#908)

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1. RamboUdin -- 2010-10-07 13:24


gtyworking great but something error occurs with Internet explorer. Can you fix this?

2. KevanGC -- 2010-10-16 20:34

Internet Explorer sucks... Use FireFox.