NVDA 2013.1beta2 Released

NV Access is pleased to announce the release of NVDA 2013.1beta2. It is intended for those who are interested in testing and evaluating the upcoming NVDA 2013.1 release, but is not recommended for production use. Testers are encouraged to report any bugs found while using this beta.

Note that some translations may not yet be updated. They will be updated by the time of the final 2013.1 release.

Changes from beta1 to beta2:

  • Fixed key map and reconnection problem for Papenmeier BRAILLEX older models. (#3074)
  • Support for automatic language switching when reading documents in Microsoft Word. (#2047)
  • Fixed problems related to whitespace at the end of lines when using a braille display in certain cases. (#2466)
  • If NVDA falls back to no braille due to the configured braille display failing when NVDA starts, the configured display is no longer automatically set to no braille. This means that now, the original display will be tried again next time NVDA starts. (#2264)
  • Updated eSpeak speech synthesizer to 1.47.04. (#2680)
  • In applications using the Java Access Bridge, braille displays are now updated correctly when the caret moves in editable text fields . (#3107)
  • Support the form landmark in browse mode documents that support landmarks. (#2997)
  • The eSpeak synthesizer driver now handles reading by character more appropriately (e.g. announcing a foreign letter's name or value rather than just its sound or generic name). (#3106)
  • Fixed an issue with Chinese input in PowerPoint where finalizing a composition would cause the slide, shape and edit field to be spoken, rather than just the finalized composition like as in all other applications.
  • NVDA no longer fails to copy user settings for use on logon and other secure screens when the user's profile path contains non-ASCII characters. (#3092)
  • Updated translations. (#3067)
  • Updated documentation. (#3065, #3075)

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