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#243 update virtual buffer code to remove outdated passthrough on and `off aleksey_s defect trivial master wontfix
#244 audio indication of virtual buffer modes change aleksey_s enhancement minor master fixed
#387 Hrs and empty textareas cannot be seen in MSHTML virtual buffers aleksey_s defect major master fixed
#33 Separate virtual buffer pass through mode for each buffer jteh enhancement minor master fixed
#52 reportCurrentLine and sayAll should not act on virtual buffer if virtual buffer pass-through is enabled jteh defect major master fixed
#67 Implement List and List Item Quick Navigation Keys jteh enhancement minor master fixed
#107 gecko_ia2: NVDA does not announce text selection changes in edit fields jteh defect major master fixed
#118 Provide quick navigation keys to move to headings with specific heading levels jteh enhancement minor master duplicate
#205 NVDA should turn off virtual buffer on certain ARIA-enabled widgets jteh enhancement major master fixed
#220 Problem with editable text fields which update their value when the focus changes jteh defect minor master fixed
#229 Basic table navigation and reporting of table information in virtual buffers jteh enhancement minor master fixed
#267 NVDA should be able to recognize SUMMARY and CAPTION attributes for HTML tables jteh defect minor fixed
#341 Render table information in MSHTML virtual buffers jteh enhancement major master fixed
#343 Treat MSHTML list boxes as part of their buffer jteh defect minor master fixed
#375 Exiting embedded help causes DEP error jteh defect critical master fixed
#431 Provide the ability to set focus to and return focus from embedded objects in virtual buffers jteh enhancement minor master fixed
#204 Nvda makes a error sound when spacing between words in microsoft outlook express message. kenny11 defect minor master worksforme
#125 When using nvda snapshot 2176 with out look express I get error sounds when I try to type the address in the to field and typing a subject in the subject field as well as the body of the message. I also get the error sounds when I use the error keys as well as the tab key to move around from field to field. The log file will be attached. kenny402 defect critical master fixed
#104 gecko_ia2 virtual buffer: Trim URLs of links with no content mdcurran enhancement minor master fixed
#155 Increasing lag when moving by units other than character towards the bottom of large text documents in virtual buffers mdcurran defect minor master fixed
#401 Clickable elements aren't clickable in MSHTML virtual buffers mdcurran defect major master fixed
#403 Off-screen links fail in MSHTML virtual buffers mdcurran defect minor master fixed
#126 Hearing titles of edit fields in forms msuch enhancement minor master duplicate
#37 Allow clickable elements to be activated enhancement major master fixed
#47 Link destination anchors should not be treated as links defect minor master fixed
#50 Names not announced for form fields if their value is not empty defect minor master fixed
#51 Derive the name of a graphic from a URL where no alt or title attribute is provided enhancement major master fixed
#63 Cancelling while opening a new document before it has started loading leaves user with no buffer defect minor master fixed
#70 Gecko IA2 virtual buffers: space is not inserted between nodes in some cases defect minor master fixed
#78 keyboard shortcuts for buttons in a virtual buffer. enhancement minor master fixed
#83 Say all not happening when virtual buffer is loaded defect major master fixed
#85 NVDA should have a skip to non-link text function enhancement major duplicate
#91 NVDA Should Announce "Clickable" or something similar for Clickable, nonlink items enhancement major fixed
#93 Quick Navigation Key for next and Prior Blocks of Text defect minor master duplicate
#301 Have NVDA Announce the Title of the Page When Switiching Tabs in Firefox defect minor duplicate
#303 In virtual buffers, radio button state changes aren't announced defect major master worksforme
#389 HTML textareas don't get the multiline state in MSHTML virtual buffers defect trivial master fixed
#404 MSHTML vbufs should scroll to page anchors when appropriate enhancement minor master fixed
#409 Source code of nvdaHelper not up-to-date in trunk defect major master worksforme
#48 Problems with empty link elements defect major master fixed
#86 Error when reading emails in windows live mail. defect major master fixed
#156 Use name instead of content for links when content is a non-breaking space enhancement minor master fixed
#266 Immediate and continual Firefox crashes under Windows Vista defect major master fixed
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