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#43 Announce number of character repititions instead of truncating to 5 jteh enhancement minor master fixed
#55 Framework for describing characters mdcurran enhancement minor master fixed
#149 Say all without unnatural pauses mdcurran enhancement major master fixed
#159 Support tab key in Microsoft word tables enhancement minor master fixed
#271 A way for user to customize punctuation labels jteh enhancement minor master fixed
#332 New text symbol processing framework jteh enhancement major master fixed
#719 Make reporting of table cell coordinates configurable jteh enhancement trivial fixed
#1436 Read only state announcement for edit fields when changing focus enhancement trivial fixed
#1462 sentence endings aren't preserved in notepad mdcurran defect minor master fixed
#1465 Update to eSpeak 1.45.03 enhancement minor master fixed
#1467 Turkish and the suffixes after ' apostrophy sign task minor master fixed
#1484 Synth: spelling out word blank when HOME/END/LEFT/RIGHT to a blank area defect minor master fixed
#1515 typo in list reporting jteh defect trivial fixed
#1526 Punctuation gui: Character # number: parameters only persist in current nvda session jteh defect minor master fixed
#1595 Occasional premature stopping of say all defect minor master fixed
#1603 NVDA miss-reading lines in word 2010 (regression) defect minor master fixed
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