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#782 Adding a script that NVDA announced in Microsoft Excel cell contents, especially if the cell contains a result and if we want to know what is in that cell enhancement minor Core master
#873 AIM closes unexpectedly defect major Core master
#874 AIM menus don't speak defect minor Core master
#655 AOL Instant Messenger 7.0 And Later Menu Access mdcurran enhancement minor Core master
#544 A possibility to reload appModules without NVDA restart aleksey_s enhancement minor Core master
#1372 Attempting to open a second settings dialog from the keyboard causes NVDA to freeze jteh defect minor GUI 2011.1beta2
#1333 beepForLowercaseWithCapslock doesn't work in text consoles defect minor Core master
#663 Beep if typing lowercase letters when caps lock is on mdcurran enhancement minor Core master
#1345 Bluetooth support for focus displays (focus 40 blue) jteh enhancement minor Braille master
#1324 Braille messages no longer dismissed when a key press causes braille to update jteh defect minor Braille master
#938 bug in the userguide or in the keyboard help explanations Bernd defect trivial Documentation master
#90 Can not resize speech dictionary input window mdcurran defect minor GUI master
#1294 can't load no speech synthesizer jteh defect minor Speech synth drivers master
#939 Caps Lock Alert or Prevention jteh enhancement minor Core
#1284 capslock on/off hitt & miss defect minor Core master
#924 Change Edit Dictionary Entry title to Add Dictionary Entry When adding a dictionary entry pvagner enhancement trivial GUI master
#786 Conversation window in AIM 7.3 kicks out defect major Core 2010.1
#947 Display Braille doesn't update content when pressing Delete key mdcurran defect minor Braille master
#675 displayModel content does not refresh properly in miranda-im tabsrmm message window mdcurran defect major Display model master
#898 Don't create a vbuf for a sub-document when the top document is still busy jteh defect minor Browse mode master
#194 Enhanced input gesture mapping jteh enhancement major Core master
#998 error sound after delete file in windows explorer defect trivial Core master
#992 Error when moving by line in virtual buffer in focus mode defect minor Browse mode master
#863 Goldwave: alerts and message boxes not read defect minor Core master
#988 History of Windows live messenger 2009 is broken jteh defect minor Core master
#757 Inconsistent reading of suggestion dialog box for spell/grammar check in MS Word 2007. defect major Core master
#603 In prefs dialogues, it is possible to have voices list open with wrong synth selected giving errors defect minor Speech 2010.1beta1
#810 In some applications, particular NVDA shortcuts should be localized jteh enhancement minor Localisation
#558 In the keyboard settings dialog, the content of the "keyboard layout" list is not translatable jteh enhancement minor Localisation master
#1270 It is not possible to route the mouse to an item which is "unknown" defect minor Core
#977 Keyboard/input help doesn't speak punctuation keys when speak punctuation is disabled defect trivial Speech master
#548 License problems with NVDA mdcurran defect minor Localisation master
#1326 Link destinations exposed as links in MSHTML virtual buffers defect minor Browse mode
#795 LookupError when moving mouse to navigator on miranda buttons mdcurran defect minor Display model master
#1263 Nasty noise as nvda shuts down jteh defect minor Core master
#937 Native driver for Baum braille displays jteh enhancement minor Braille master
#601 New input handling framework jteh enhancement minor Core
#1289 Nvda 2010.2/snaps causes Malwarebytes to give errors defect minor Core master
#677 NVDA causing Windows Live Messenger to exit on startup jteh defect major Core 2009.1
#286 NVDA does not recognize numpad delete as the delete key defect minor Core master
#1342 NVDA doesn't handle syntax errors in user-defined gestures aleksey_s defect major Core master
#974 NVDA doesn't read the visual studio 2008 project wizard defect minor Core master
#1346 NVDA doesn't reload braille display driver when reverting to saved configuration defect minor Core master
#918 nvda doesn't save config settings to logon screen defect minor Core 2010.2beta1
#758 Nvda doesn't say page break when moving through a Microsoft Word document that has hard page breaks mdcurran defect minor Speech
#1352 NVDA doesn't work in programs containing non-ASCII characters in file name of the executable jteh defect critical Core master
#1359 NVDA double reports focused object on startup defect minor Core master
#1361 NVDA fails to start with Spanish and Galician translations pvagner defect major Localisation 2011.1beta2
#838 NVDA gives wrong position when using Facebook Chat defect minor Browse mode 2010.1
#736 NVDA is currently not able to read the Performance tab in Task Manager defect minor Core master
#1212 Nvda is totaly freezing in Ms Word with braille display mdcurran defect major Braille 2010.2
#975 NVDA reads whole text in vs2008 code editor on each typed character aleksey_s defect minor Core master
#345 NVDA reads wrong item number on submenus defect trivial Core master
#132 NVDA should take one back to the previous position on a page such as a link jteh enhancement major Browse mode master
#578 NVDA starting multiple sessions defect minor Core 2009.1
#936 Optional automatic reporting of new text for controls using display model jteh enhancement minor Display model master
#966 Option to guess object position information using MSAA child ID enhancement minor Core master
#281 Plug-in mechanism for global scripts jteh enhancement major Core master
#208 Reading bullets and numerations in microsoft word mdcurran enhancement minor Speech master
#1264 sapi4/5 synth drivers fail on voices which don't specify a language defect minor Speech master
#1365 Say all is broken for akelpad defect minor Core master
#639 shift+page up and shift+page down to select text on webpages? jteh enhancement minor Browse mode master
#954 Some commands not listed in the User Guide mdcurran defect minor Documentation master
#1349 Some keys don't work on Handy Tech Braille Wave jteh defect minor Braille master
#633 Some pages with links in a list do not speak link text mdcurran defect minor Core 2010.1
#1188 Speaking of spelling continues later if interrupted jteh defect minor Speech master
#989 Speech stutters when shift is held for more than about half a second jteh defect trivial Core master
#883 Spelchecker in ms Word XP and 2003 giving strange results mdcurran defect minor Core master
#704 Suggestions list not reported correctly for grammar errors in MS Word spelling/grammar check dialog mdcurran defect minor Core 2010.1
#854 Support Handy Tech displays using USB HID without requiring driver installation jteh enhancement minor Braille
#958 Support icons of windows soundrecorder pvagner enhancement trivial Core master
#384 Support of foreground and background color attributes enhancement minor Core
#316 The instance of default appModule needs to be easy accessible defect minor Core master
#1221 the option to specify a password for a private key in a signing certificate is currently not present. enhancement minor Core master
#825 Toggle function of index values behind current list entries jteh enhancement minor Braille master
#209 Trigger execution of scripts in response to keys on braille displays jteh enhancement major Braille master
#1194 Unable to copy settings to secure screens immediately after a clean install jteh defect minor Core 2010.2
#221 Up arrow and down arrow keys should be reversed in Voice Settings dialog sliders pvagner defect trivial GUI master
#1401 Updated Dutch translation pvagner task minor Localisation 2011.1rc1
#599 various applications hang when I open child windows inside them defect major Core master
#1321 Visual problems with Elements List enhancement minor GUI master
#729 winConsoleHandler.calculateNewText fails when comparing lines with different lengths jteh defect minor Core master
#1330 Windows Update in Windows XP some links not spoken as links or in elements list defect minor Browse mode master
#896 XMPlay exits when trying to invoke its Open File/URL dialog defect minor Core master
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