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#218 Read property pages in dialogs even if the property page is never in the focus ancestry without doubling information mdcurran defect major Core master
#749 Microsoft Sapi 5 driver doesn't use correct sampling rate defect minor Speech synth drivers master
#1005 Table navigation slow in Microsoft Word defect minor Core 2010.2
#1339 NVDA should turn on "focus mode" for toolbars defect minor Browse mode master
#1763 ARIA jQuery Datepicker: Cannot traverse calendar defect minor Browse mode master
#1886 NVDA says list with ... items unnecessarily defect minor Core master
#1894 NVDA doesn't announce most containers when using quick navigation/moving focus jteh defect minor Browse mode master
#1929 More Explanations/Or Talk About Supported Applications Within The NVDA User Guide In Brief defect minor Documentation
#1949 Nvda isn't showing Bullets and numbers corectly in MS Word jteh defect minor Braille master
#1960 Editable text field labels incorrectly included in dialog description jteh defect trivial Core 2011.3
#1963 Braille: Cannot use with speech off jteh defect minor Speech 2011.3
#1964 NVDA does not read entire line with "report spelling errors" is not checked, winwordTextInproc branch defect minor Core master
#1991 The word rename is spoken incorrectly defect minor Speech master
#1996 With word wrap enabled, moving the cursor forward may not display the cursor jteh defect minor Braille
#2000 Regression:after merging in WinWordTextInProc branch Ctrl-Alt-arrows scripts seem not to work in tables if "report tables" is not checked in document formatting settings defect minor Core master
#2025 NVDA doesn't navigate ARIA menus properly defect minor Browse mode 2011.3
#2026 wrogn focus in outlook express defect minor Core master
#2029 Increase the Mouse Routing Efficiency In Browse Mode defect minor Browse mode
#2030 Typo in Calc appmodule that prevents proper reading with Backspace defect minor Core
#2042 Cursor routing doesn't bring the cursor in the right place jteh defect minor Display model master
#2061 Error connecting to HumanWare Brailliant BI jteh defect minor Braille
#2071 No footnote number indication when footnote follows punctuation mdcurran defect minor Core master
#2079 NVDA won't restart itself if path to application contains non-ASCII character defect minor Core master
#2089 Errors and lags in VirtualBox Create new VM dialog defect minor Core 2012.1beta1
#2090 Unicode characters larger than 16 bits in object names cause errors in browse mode mdcurran defect minor Browse mode 2012.1beta1
#2095 In Firefox, switching between browse and focus modes is slow with braille enabled defect minor Core
#2096 braille: Can't route to position after last char for TextInfos with no line ending chars jteh defect minor Braille
#2098 Corrections and updates to symbols.dic orcauser defect trivial Localisation master
#2101 Small corrections to pt_pt and pt_br symbols to avoid warnings. orcauser defect minor Localisation master
#2109 Can't load audiologic synthesizer jteh defect minor Speech synth drivers 2011.3
#2121 IE8 gives nvda error on some content defect minor Browse mode master
#2145 silence when trying save the log defect minor Speech synth drivers master
#202 Support for TextInfo control and format fields in braille jteh enhancement major Braille master
#373 Concise speaking of indentation jteh enhancement minor Speech master
#538 Allow marking of certain attributes in braille jteh enhancement minor Braille
#734 iTunes Store is inaccessible with NVDA enhancement minor Browse mode master
#889 Support for selection in Braille jteh enhancement minor Braille
#1209 Treat OpenBook as a self-voicing application enhancement trivial Speech master
#1396 nvda doesn't announce if there is a foot note oran end note in a word document in office 2003 and office 2007 enhancement minor Speech 2011.1rc1
#1427 Add Persian (Farsi) to NVDA pvagner enhancement trivial Localisation master
#1811 appmodule for poedit orcauser enhancement minor Localisation master
#1863 Braille Display Driver Hedo Germany jteh enhancement minor Braille master
#1880 Proposed functionality patch: make log less verbose by stripping base path from traceback enhancement trivial Core
#1890 Braille word wrap jteh enhancement minor Braille
#1891 Braille reading by paragraph jteh enhancement minor Braille
#1893 Allow activation of objects in browse mode using braille display cursor routing keys jteh enhancement minor Braille
#1897 Braille Display Driver Hedo Germany jteh enhancement minor Braille
#1900 Option to toggle announcement of frames and inline frames enhancement minor Core
#1905 NVDA doesn't announce blockquotes when pressing q jteh enhancement trivial Browse mode master
#1946 Make braille word wrap configurable jteh enhancement minor Braille master
#1955 "graphic" should have an abbreviation in braille jteh enhancement minor Braille master
#1976 additional symbols which should be included in symbols.dic enhancement minor Speech master
#1978 Automatic page turns during say all for Adobe Digital Editions jteh enhancement minor Core
#1980 Consistancy with capitalisation in the NVDA menu orcauser enhancement minor GUI master
#1989 Reduce garbage text from graphics mdcurran enhancement minor Browse mode
#1990 Support for HumanWare Brailliant B series displays jteh enhancement minor Braille
#1992 New Variants For eSpeak enhancement trivial Speech synth drivers
#2011 Total Commander Appmodule should also work with 64-bit version (totalcmd64.exe) enhancement minor Core master
#2014 Portuguese grade 2 Braille Table is not listed in jteh enhancement minor Braille master
#2015 Consistancy in capitalization of dialog names. orcauser enhancement trivial GUI master
#2043 The clickable element should have an abbreviation in braille jteh enhancement minor Braille master
#2075 braille focus jteh enhancement minor Braille 2012.1beta1
#2076 Documentation: Small updates enhancement minor Documentation
#2078 Update User Guide to refer to Microsoft Speech Platform 11 enhancement minor Documentation
#2102 Log what is being displayed on the braille display. jteh enhancement minor Braille master
#228 Generalise some code which is not specific to speech jteh task minor Core master
#1290 contributors file need to be ordered when updating task minor Documentation 2014.2
#1983 Remote Python Console not mentioned in the Developer Guide jteh task minor NVDA community website
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