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#73 Automatically check for updated releases jteh enhancement Core fixed minor
#123 NVDA should provide ability to navigate out of HTML elements in virtual buffer enhancement Browse mode fixed minor
#213 Add-on packaging task Add-on management fixed minor
#304 Portable version installer should unzip to a folder defect Distribution fixed minor
#320 Order of speaking cell position and cell contet in MS Excel must be configurable enhancement Core fixed minor
#354 installer sets broken icon path on 64bit windows defect Installer fixed minor
#1656 Navigating by word in notepad reports incorrectly when encountering space followed by certain symbols jteh defect Core fixed minor
#1661 Update to latest NSIS UAC plugin defect Distribution fixed minor
#1715 Installer embedded inside NVDA mdcurran defect Distribution fixed minor
#1801 NVDA is unable to hook into metro apps defect Core fixed major
#1892 In a java application using swing, NVDA fails to read the current line with NVDA+up in a edit zone when the caret is at the bottom end defect Core fixed minor
#1912 Braille is not updated when changing item in Winamp Playlist Editor jteh defect Braille fixed minor
#2172 Issue with time taken to uninstall existing copy of nvda defect Installer fixed minor
#2181 Adobe Reader X: Cannot Navigate by H Tag defect Browse mode fixed minor
#2191 NVDA makes MS Word freeze with some documents mdcurran defect Core fixed minor
#2197 User Guide, Section 6.5, tableOf Review Keys Needs Laptop Cell In Last Row defect Documentation fixed minor
#2208 Creating a portable copy of NVDA in an unknown folder doesn't show the message box defect Installer fixed minor
#2212 New installer ignores current installation settings defect Installer fixed minor
#2213 The shortcut Explore NVDA user configuration directory is not set correctly defect Installer fixed minor
#2217 Hi, arrar’s in The latest Version of the User Guide. task Documentation fixed trivial
#2225 The Continue Button in NVDA installer should be default defect Installer fixed minor
#2228 NVDA crashes after pressing OK to install update jteh defect Update check fixed major
#2230 NVDA can't report the remaining time of a song in Foobar2000, if the variable string for the status bar is modified defect Documentation fixed minor
#2231 Changes for variant iven's volume task Speech synth drivers fixed minor
#2235 Change requested in "not %s" string in nvda.po orcauser enhancement Speech fixed minor
#2247 NVDA not accessible through the run dialogue box defect Installer fixed minor
#2251 Reorder Check for Update and About NVDA in Help menu enhancement GUI fixed trivial
#2254 NVDA causes errors on exit of some windows software defect Core fixed major
#2258 New error in nvda. recent issue defect Core fixed minor
#2259 Implement cancel button in update download dialog jteh defect Update check fixed minor
#2275 ticket number is not included in rev5128 defect Documentation fixed trivial
#2276 List of elements (NVDA+F7) too narrow defect GUI fixed minor
#2282 Word Docx with graphic/alt text are ignored/not read defect Core fixed minor
#2284 NVDA doesn't work on text edit box with java application defect Core fixed minor
#2286 Option to copy current portable configuration when installing enhancement Installer fixed minor
#2287 Quick navigation doesn't work for embedded objects and block quotes in Firefox 14 defect Browse mode fixed major
#2301 Problem with spelling inrevno: 5052 with the word Otherwise. defect Documentation fixed minor
#2302 Alert user as to whether installation directory will be changed enhancement Installer fixed minor
#2309 Improve user friendliness of manual update checks jteh enhancement Update check fixed minor
#2322 Add-on Information dialog: URL displayed as Python "None" if URL not present in manifest defect GUI fixed minor
#2323 Installing the Beta Version of NVDA 2012.2 task Installer fixed minor
#2329 Update of information on the Main NVDA Snapshot Page jteh task NVDA community website fixed minor
#2330 The NVDA Download Page. jteh task NVDA community website fixed minor
#2332 Installer fails if previous program directory is different defect Installer fixed minor
#2333 Devloppers documentation: typo error in the add-on part task Documentation fixed minor
#2347 Update Build and NVDA crashes/errors and have to repeat defect Installer fixed minor
#2352 Updating without administrative privileges fails with some antivirus apps running in background jteh defect Update check fixed minor
#2358 Automatic updating and Add-on Manager heading separation in What's New task Documentation fixed minor
#2391 Embedded installer copies a lot of unneccessary files to the install path and then instalation fails defect Installer fixed critical
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