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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#543 Unable to read message bodies in Lotus Notes mdcurran enhancement minor Browse mode master
#1668 Support for rich text editing in Mozilla applications jteh enhancement minor Compound documents
#3156 firefox edit fields: duplicate llines and words jteh defect minor Core master

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#589 Elements List: Exception when moving to/activating an element or changing element type if the document has died jteh defect trivial Browse mode master
#779 Problem when deleting a selection in Microsoft Word, NVDA does not announce "Selected deleted" and NVDA does not announce the text that has followed the previously selected the word "Unchecked", when you move the focus mdcurran defect minor Core master

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#717 ARIA alert role read inconsistently mdcurran defect minor Core 2010.1
#751 When selecting an item in the Elements List, with Firefox, NVDA produces an error defect major Browse mode master
#762 addon updates in firefox 3.6 defect minor Core 2010.1
#893 Message body in yahoo isn't spoken! defect minor Browse mode master
#929 Some flash objects are not usable on defect minor Core
#978 Activating a link which contains an off-screen node in Firefox causes NVDA to click on something else defect minor Browse mode
#1277 Problem with automatic reading of header cells in HTML tables when more than one table on the page defect minor Browse mode next
#1281 Skype 5.0 crashes if started while the latest NVDA snapshot is running defect minor Core master
#1332 Windows Explorer crash When interacting with Action Center radio buttons defect major Core master
#1338 NVDA misses text on some pages defect minor Browse mode master
#1394 Publicise nvdaControllerClient defect trivial Documentation
#1405 Treat the IE Information Bar as an alert enhancement minor Core
#1454 Firefox 4.2a1pre x64: virtual buffer always empty defect major Browse mode master
#1553 NVDA crashes with access violation exception defect minor Core 2011.1.1
#1556 NVDA does not recognize the status bar correctly in Thunderbird and Firefox 4 defect minor Core
#1823 Activate objects with braille display routing buttons in browse mode jteh enhancement minor Braille master
#1928 Links to the v11.0 RunTime of the Microsoft Speech Platform Voices Inside The User guide, And Or Free Synths Wiki Page enhancement minor Documentation
#2394 Addons downloaded using Internet explorer aren't easily installable mdcurran enhancement minor Add-on management master
#2414 In Braille Settings Dialog, BrailleSinc Should Be Placed before no Braille enhancement minor GUI master
#2716 Unable to open 2010 Word Documents when they are protected, with a Password on Windows 7 Home 64-Bit mdcurran defect minor Display model 2012.3beta1

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#498 navigation object should have some sorts of macro enhancement minor Core master
#537 Many unicode characters are missing from the standard braille table jteh enhancement trivial Braille master
#577 Combine separate NVDA Preferences dialogs into a dialog with several property pages enhancement minor GUI master
#598 Abillity to read Skype profiles jteh enhancement minor App specific: Skype for Desktop master
#615 Notify users of expanded/collapsed states in virtual buffers defect trivial Core 2010.1
#638 When using rtl languages, the text in the interface should be right justified. defect minor GUI master
#774 Vbuf table navigation commands should exclude layout tables if "Report layout tables" is disabled jteh defect minor Browse mode master
#829 Winword/Nvda no interaction with fields in protected doc files defect minor Core master
#853 NVDA becomes very sluggish in the Firefox Downloads window defect minor Core master
#1229 Problem spelling things when speaking of tooltips is turn on. defect minor Speech master
#1259 Selection + Speak Typed Words issue defect minor Speech 2010.2
#1410 Provide comments for translators alongside messages to be localized. pvagner enhancement minor Localisation master
#1428 Keys which produce a compound character spoken as separate typed characters pvagner defect minor Localisation
#1481 NVDA should have the ability to report changes in an object enhancement minor Core
#1585 Sometimes D3 on the brailliant 80 will not navigate down jteh defect minor Braille 2011.1.1
#1593 Move "Use spelling functionality if supported" setting into sapi4 and sapi5 enhancement trivial Speech synth drivers master
#1626 Firefox: Text of toggle buttons not announced. jteh defect minor Core master
#1650 NVDA repeats input label text defect minor Core 2011.2beta2
#1800 Portable version of NVDA cannot bring up its GUI in Windows 8 metro apps defect major Core master
#1948 Braille won't scroll sometimes if tethered to focus in Microsoft Word jteh defect minor Braille master
#1958 Randomly switching from focus to browse mode in multi line edit boxes. defect minor Browse mode 2011.3rc1
#2039 Browse mode problems with slow/inappropriate focus changes in browsers defect minor Browse mode
#2167 When audio output device is changed beeps are still beeing played in the previous device defect minor Core
#2224 error during say all in virtual buffers using eSpeak defect minor Speech synth drivers
#2321 Windows displays error when inserting CD with portable copy of NVDA installed and configured to autostart defect minor Installer 2012.2beta1
#2395 Dubbal Speaking in the New Add-On manager mdcurran defect minor Add-on management 2012.2rc1
#2476 Cancelling download of update intermittently fails jteh defect minor Update check master
#2494 speech recognition software to operate NVDA-key? enhancement minor Core 2012.2.1
#2497 NVDA doesn't regain focus if the Firefox Save As dialog is invoked defect minor Core master
#2499 Lotus symphony: review cursor does not follow caret jteh defect minor Compound documents 2012.2.1
#2508 Building NVDA for 64 bit fails on Windows 7 32 bit, MSVC 2010 jteh defect minor Distribution master
#2547 Error sound en pressing NVDA+control+r twice defect minor Core master
#2659 No cursor speech feadback in some text fields in Internet Explorer 9 defect minor Core
#2762 "Speak typed words" behaves like "speak typed characters" when entering Asian text in Notepad and other edit fields and documents mdcurran defect minor Asian character input
#2874 When braille display is tethered to focus current position is not refreshed properly jteh defect minor Braille
#2903 Reconsider presentationType for IAccessible.ContentGenericClient enhancement minor Core
#2990 Automatic language detection based on unicode ranges enhancement minor Speech
#3070 Prevent reading of background live regions defect minor Core
#3102 NVDA crashes MS Word when you print complex document via PDF creator defect major Core 2013.1beta1
#3113 nvda didn't create it's own folder on portable copy enhancement minor Installer
#3173 NVDA with Espeak Switches To Another Language or dialect with the string "30th" (without the quotes) defect minor Speech synth drivers 2013.1rc1
#3352 IE 9: NVDA Stops On Something Other Than Form Fields When I Press F defect minor Browse mode 2013.1.1

Status: reopened (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#508 Unable to find status bar in Windows Live Mail enhancement minor Core
#649 Unable to find status bar in Office aplications mdcurran defect trivial Core master
#1356 crashing windows live 2011 jteh defect major Core 2012.2.1
#1676 Announcement of keyboard layout changes depending on context should be optional. enhancement minor Speech master
#1851 NVDA misses focus When opening a new browser window from an existing one defect minor Core 2011.3beta1
#2627 IE8 speaking language and input details every time its run defect minor Speech master
#2632 Dynamic file version for launcher enhancement minor Distribution
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