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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#4504 improvements in Punctuation/Symbol documentation in User Guide assigned jteh enhancement trivial next
#189 Usability: terminology dictionary needed? abandoned enhancement minor
#1506 A command key that are not mentioned in the documentation: NVDA+control+f1 new defect minor
#3031 Title of NVDA documentation pages is h2 instead of h1 new defect minor
#3193 using table navigation commands in list views should be noted in the user guide new enhancement minor
#3255 Combine Design Overview With Developer Guide And Other Info From User Guide new enhancement minor
#3317 Problems with Espeak if trying to run an old installer package new defect minor
#3775 User Guide: Mention the fact that NVDA must be running before addon installation. new task minor
#3808 Keyboard help for keypad plus does not change if review mode has been changed new defect minor
#3809 Should Drag and Drop be mentioned in the user guide new enhancement minor
#3945 Add "back to top" at the end of each chapter in the user documentation new enhancement minor
#4020 Note in the User Guide About the Update, Concerning Portable Copies new task minor
#4039 Developer Guide: Clarify how to leave scripts unbound in ScriptableObject.__gestures new enhancement minor
#4123 Clarify documentation of "Play audio coordinates when mouse moves" setting new enhancement minor
#4176 Invalid (depricated) link in documentation. new defect minor
#4359 conversion of all NVDA reference documents for e.g. License under Help submenu new enhancement trivial
#4513 improvement in 1.1. General Features documentation new enhancement trivial
#4540 Improvements in 9.3. Add-ons Manager documentation new enhancement trivial
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