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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#4689 add an Addons submenu in the NVDA Menu, containing all add-on and add-on settings dialogs new enhancement minor
#1690 Add documentation hints to the welcome dialog new enhancement trivial
#3584 Added NVDA Shortcuts Information to NVDA Menu new enhancement trivial
#2487 Add speech mode beep pitch to Voice Settings Dialog new enhancement trivial
#1951 A hotkey to open NVDA's user guide directly. new jteh enhancement minor
#4898 allow users to set key commands for dialogues which haven't one. incubating James Teh <> enhancement trivial 2015.2
#4532 assign Ctrl S keystroke to Save As command in NVDA Log Viewer new enhancement minor
#465 Braille settings key shortcut new enhancement trivial
#1740 Can't quit NVDA while modal dialog is open new defect minor
#2226 Changing settings for NVDA in secure mode new defect minor
#4579 Check for updates: an instance of this dialog is shown each time a user selects Check for Updates from NVDA help menu new defect minor
#577 Combine separate NVDA Preferences dialogs into a dialog with several property pages new enhancement minor near-term
#4357 combining three modifier key selection check boxes into one combo box new enhancement trivial
#5031 create option to set intervals for progress bar announcement new enhancement trivial
#4228 Disallow multiple find dialogs at once new enhancement minor
#4529 display an error message informing the user about the 250 characters' limit when user enters a value greater than 250 in 'Maximum characters on one line' option in Browse Mode dialog new enhancement minor
#4929 Find functionality for log viewer new enhancement trivial
#4276 Firefox goes blank when an application is closed and focus goes onto it new defect minor
#4648 focus jumps to the NVDA window when an item is pressed in the Elements list dialog new defect minor
#1530 Fourth column of symbols.dic cannot be edited in new Symbol Pronunciation GUI. new defect minor
#4620 GUI: A base dialog for general-purpose dialogs with multiple settings new enhancement minor
#4271 inability to remember the e-mail last viewed when user presses Alt + left arrow to go back to the Inbox new defect minor
#2244 in microsoft access2007 the selected fields are not appointed new defect minor
#3848 Input Gestures dialog doesn't reflect a built-in gesture that was just overridden new defect minor
#4900 Input gestures dialog: Filter to only show customised entries new enhancement trivial
#356 log viewer doesn't respect large fonts new defect minor
#1445 Log viewer sometimes does not properly regain focus new defect minor
#946 Make elements list resizable and scrollable new enhancement minor
#4679 make switching between synthisizers easier new enhancement minor
#3647 merge configuration related menu items under configuration submenu new enhancement trivial
#4040 Merge the synthesizer settings into the Voice settings. new enhancement trivial
#2384 Non working nvda menu when nvda starts new defect minor
#3361 NVDA allows to open its dialogs when an wx file or dir dialog is opened new defect minor
#3961 NVDA cannot interact with the Viber Interface. new enhancement trivial
#4424 NVDA crashes testing to create a plugin with a wx menu new defect minor
#3241 NVDA does not work in Avast 7 antivirus new enhancement minor
#860 NVDA doesn’t Detect and Announce the Presence of Formulas in Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets new defect minor
#4743 NVDA doesn't speak when erranging apps side by side new task minor
#355 nvda.exe icons are awful new enhancement trivial
#2827 NVDA fails to behave properly when opening MS DOC/DOCX password protected files in MS Word 2010. new defect minor
#4637 NVDA Find dialog: if a next occurence of the entered text is not found, ask the user if they would like to begin searching from the top new enhancement minor
#2960 Nvda freezes in the save as dialog in microsoft office 2010 new defect minor
#1821 NVDA should have quick hotkeys to Access the Dictionary Dialogs new enhancement trivial
#3607 NVDA should prompt the user before resetting configuration to defaults. new enhancement minor
#2192 NvDA's Wellcome dialog is not properly sized and centered new defect minor
#4520 option to read capitalized letters individually, as words or let synthesizer handle it new enhancement minor
#4252 Provide more options for manipulating speech dictionary entries new enhancement minor
#928 Punctuation checkbox in voices dialogue is global to all synths new enhancement trivial
#561 Reduce the size of eSpeak Variants menu reopened enhancement trivial
#3081 Repeating the previous List item before announcing the current item in some programs new task minor
#3989 Shorter names for commands in Input Gestures dialog new enhancement trivial
#4269 Speakers/HP Volume % is not announced when slider is edited new defect minor
#2334 STRANGE SYMBOK problem with systray nvda icon when activated by simulated or real mouse clickS new defect minor
#258 Text from NVDA native dialogs should be placed in separate read-only fields for improved keyboard access new enhancement minor
#2195 The CapPitchChange setting on the Voice Settings Dialog should only be presented if the synth supports the pitch setting new enhancement minor
#4561 UI language: when changing NVDA's UI language, clicking cancel button at the warning dialog causes NVDA to present certain messages in the new language new defect minor
#2847 Update related dialogs unexpectedly get focus new defect minor
#225 User-definable NVDA key new enhancement minor
#111 Visualizing object hierarchy in treeview new enhancement minor
#4918 When moving out and back into NVDA prefference dialogs, the focus returns to the first option in tab order new defect minor
#638 When using rtl languages, the text in the interface should be right justified. new defect minor near-term
#3605 When using the "input gestures" dialog to assign a function to a hotkey, NVDA allows the user to assign to a hotkey already being used by another function new enhancement minor
#600 Windows Components Checkbox Status new enhancement minor
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