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#5375 Character description feature not working new jteh defect 2015.4 2 weeks
#1410 Provide comments for translators alongside messages to be localized. new pvagner enhancement near-term 5 years
#1428 Keys which produce a compound character spoken as separate typed characters new pvagner defect near-term 5 years
#319 speech.getControlFieldSpeech parts must be translatable new pvagner defect 6 years
#1382 "Speack Typed Characters, NVDA+2" can not work while enabled as using Microsoft New Phonetic IME in Microsoft Office Word Tranditional Chinese version new pvagner defect 5 years
#1957 for some languages, the adjective must be after the noun new pvagner enhancement 4 years
#2155 Spoken text when activating elements with NVDA+Enter is always in English new pvagner defect 4 years
#2791 Better support for handling compound characters in languages such as Korean and Tamil new MHameed enhancement 3 years
#3123 language support new MHameed enhancement 3 years
#3160 Swahili language addition new MHameed enhancement 2 years
#3246 some of the new lapTop layout keys don't work with the arabic keyboard new MHameed defect 2 years
#3639 request for add-ons and web folder to be included into 'fa' folder new MHameed task 2 years
#4083 Allowance for a character descriptions dictionary in the user config folder new MHameed enhancement 18 months
#4321 Missing fullstops at the end of a help messages new jteh task 15 months
#4478 Defect in the select all command in Spanish versions of MS Office applications new jteh defect 13 months
#4697 add an second (european name of the seika braille displays in the user guide) new jteh task 10 months
#4701 In power point, Nvda does not read current slide (only repeats the first slide) in the slide show view if nvda is running in Nepali locale. new jteh defect 10 months
#5017 NVDA 2015.1 reports locale 'zh_HK' cannot be set at startup new jteh defect 6 months
#5166 NVDA installation may fail with an error if system UI language and language for non-unicode programs don't match new jteh defect 4 months
#5387 Some label text from the gui are not translated new jteh defect 2 weeks
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