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#2561 Auto Language Switching in Microsoft Speech Platform new enhancement 3 years
#3450 Calling nvdacontrollerclient32.dll freezes NVDA new defect 2 years
#4827 can't select audio device for some synths new defect 7 months
#2224 error during say all in virtual buffers using eSpeak new defect near-term 3 years
#3055 Error when trying to run IVONA Voices through NVDA. Also IVONA Voices are very sluggish. new defect 2 years
#4413 eSpeak Chinese crash new defect 12 months
#2392 First available SAPI5 voice is used on secure screens new defect 3 years
#1593 Move "Use spelling functionality if supported" setting into sapi4 and sapi5 new enhancement near-term 4 years
#3251 new speech addon google tts new enhancement 2 years
#1510 NVDA crashes when IBM ViaVoice crashes new defect 4 years
#3986 NVDA crashes with a specific SAPI5 synthesizer new defect 18 months
#4956 NVDA reads 1,,2 as 1 for German new jteh defect 6 months
#2140 NVDA speech cuts off at end of lines new defect 3 years
#3173 NVDA with Espeak Switches To Another Language or dialect with the string "30th" (without the quotes) new defect near-term 2 years
#2068 Pitch change for capitals results in a perminent pitch change after reading a single capital letter new defect 4 years
#1009 Problems using SAPI4 with NVDA new defect 5 years
#3729 Request: Automatic synthesizer switching base on unicode charachters new defect 21 months
#4799 Sapi4 icon won't go away from the synth menu new defect 8 months
#2341 SAPI4: rate setting in settings ring doesn't adjust for some synthesizers new defect 3 years
#1227 Svox Pico synthesiser doesn't load (Affects some other third party synth drivers also) assigned aleksey_s defect 5 years
#279 Virtual synth driver which can automatically recognise and switch between certain languages/synths new enhancement 7 years
#4365 WINDOWS 8.1 new defect 13 months
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