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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Type Milestone
#1356 crashing windows live 2011 appcrash reopened jteh defect near-term
#661 Non english version of Adobe reader crashes as soon as reading document window dissapears appCrash new defect
#3024 NVDA makes Windows Explorer crash in the Windows Action Center appCrash new defect
#3102 NVDA crashes MS Word when you print complex document via PDF creator appCrash new defect near-term
#3306 NVDA causing CHTMLView Applications not to exit appCrash new defect
#3308 MS Outlook 2007 crashes when NVDA is loaded appCrash new defect
#3581 Acess violation appCrash new jteh defect
#3601 win 32 exception error when using outlook 2007 appCrash new mdcurran defect
#4615 TencentQQ crash by using NVDA. appCrash new defect
#4891 NVDA causes a crash in Word Preview Touch appCrash new mdcurran defect
#5367 Flash crashing on certain websites when using NVDA and Firefox appCrash new defect
#964 User Accounts in Control Panel suddenly exits appCrash regression new defect
#3884 Next branch crashing windows update in IE8 appCrash regression new defect
#5208 Navigating an item list in 1Password 4 with the arrow keys causes the application to crash freeze appCrash new defect
#4712 Latest Version of NVDA crashing Chrome Google appCrash new defect
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