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#505 Problem with capital letter mark needsExternalFix assigned defect
#773 Confusing/not adequate verbosity in ARIA-enabled menus needsExternalFix assigned jteh defect
#458 Support for Code::blocks's code window Code::blocks, code window, C++ programming environment, NeedsExternalFix new enhancement
#537 Many unicode characters are missing from the standard braille table needsExternalFix new jteh enhancement near-term
#651 make Extensions Manager in OpenOffice accessible needsExternalFix new mdcurran enhancement
#853 NVDA becomes very sluggish in the Firefox Downloads window performance needsExternalFix new defect near-term
#869 Lag when typing web address in location bar in Mozilla Firefox performance needsExternalFix new defect
#1203 nvda randomly looses focus in virtual buffers in latest firefox 4 nighly needsExternalFix new defect
#1438 Firefox 4.X: Logging into secure page, NVDA doesn't have focus in virtual document needsExternalFix new defect
#1508 Tab control in Dropbox Preferences dialog inaccessible needsExternalFix new defect
#1619 Firefox menus activate but are invisible in full screen mode needsExternalFix new defect
#1623 When using Thunderbird 5.0 it is difficult to hear information being read when sending an email message to more than one recipient needsExternalFix new defect
#1626 Firefox: Text of toggle buttons not announced. needsExternalFix new jteh defect near-term
#1638 NVDA doesn't recognize: ttype="text" with placeholder needsExternalFix new defect
#1647 Firefox menu bar drop-down option list problem using mouse pointer with NVDA needsExternalFix new defect
#1714 NVDA stops reading the level at which headings appear needsExternalFix new defect
#1832 Support STEM accessibility needsExternalFix new enhancement
#1922 Within Open with dialog, select browse, TAB to search, and NVDA errors needsExternalFix new defect
#2033 Braille with BrlTTY freezes needsExternalFix new jteh defect
#2224 error during say all in virtual buffers using eSpeak needsExternalFix new defect near-term
#2383 NVDA doesn't allow braille scrolling in Eclipse needsExternalFix new jteh defect
#2441 NVDA read the web pages to fast or to slow needsExternalFix new defect
#2443 List items in firefox have no space between item type and item needsExternalFix new defect
#2489 I wish to support tencent qq. needsExternalFix new mdcurran enhancement
#2601 Firefox and NVDA only: Image buttons read incorrectly needsExternalFix new defect
#2685 NVDA Reporting Contents of Combo Boxes with High Verbosity needsExternalFix new defect
#2736 support for Japanese braille needsExternalFix new MHameed enhancement
#2835 Improvements for Danish liblouis braille table needsExternalFix new MHameed defect
#2868 NVDA stops reading sentences following full stop in a paragraph when using the mouse in Google Chrome needsExternalFix new defect
#2919 first-line css selector nvda font information not reportd needsExternalFix new defect
#3057 Firefox: Keyboard shortcuts in View -> Sidebar menu reported twice needsExternalFix new defect
#3123 language support needsExternalFix new MHameed enhancement
#3142 NVDA incorrectly reporting links when editing in Apache Openoffice Calc ia2 branch needsExternalFix new jteh defect
#3173 NVDA with Espeak Switches To Another Language or dialect with the string "30th" (without the quotes) needsExternalFix new defect near-term
#3245 Recognizing column headers marked up as TH in a table- improvement needed needsExternalFix new mdcurran enhancement
#3281 Hidden elements read out in IE8 needsExternalFix new defect
#3284 Hebrew braille display needsExternalFix new defect
#3337 Firefox: moving by word does not say punctuation immediately proceeding words needsExternalFix new defect
#3369 Pidgin should be accessible with NVDA needsExternalFix new enhancement
#3451 Chrome treeInterceptor isn't initialized on simple web pages needsExternalFix new defect
#3565 Button with aria-disabled="false" still announced as "unavailable" needsExternalFix new defect
#3619 unable to subscribe to newsgroups using Thunderbird needsExternalFix new defect
#3621 In mozilla thunderbird, pressing control plus backspace triggers an error rather than reading the correct word needsExternalFix new defect
#3742 ARIA Grid: Standard table navigation commands don't work when navigating by cell. needsExternalFix new defect
#3745 Button: Title attribute is not properly conveyed as an explicit label when no innerText is present needsExternalFix new defect
#3813 When a table's caption is positioned absolutely, NVDA incorrectly counts an extra row needsExternalFix new defect
#3814 NVDA next 10237: reading version numbers in commas instead of dots needsExternalFix regression new defect
#3867 Crash due to double free of OLE VARIANT data needsExternalFix crash new defect
#4004 Error is produced in OpenOffice Writer 4.1 Beta after selecting some text, accessing applications menu, changing an attribute and attempting to move by word once returned to the document needsExternalFix new defect
#4047 Dynamic ARIA Tooltips aren't being announced when aria-describedby points to new tooltip ID refs on the same element needsExternalFix new defect
#4073 Blank announced in autocomplete needsExternalFix new defect
#4119 When Performing a Continuous Read Command with OpenOffice 4.1, NVDA Stops Reading After Speaking a Few Lines needsExternalFix new defect
#4144 NVDA fails to read the statusbar in Thunderbird beta needsExternalFix new defect
#4147 Upgrade to BRLTTY 5.1/BRLAPI 0.6.2 needsExternalFix new jteh enhancement
#4216 Malwarebytes new interface is no longer accessible needsExternalFix new defect
#4242 Support for W3C's CSS Speech Module needsExternalFix new enhancement
#4318 Buffers not Being Completely Loaded in Some Pages When Using Recent Compilations of Chrome needsExternalFix Google new defect
#4337 Firefox 32 beta is slower than previous versions in nvda performance needsExternalFix new defect
#4413 eSpeak Chinese crash crash needsExternalFix new defect
#4431 NVDA announces extraneous information while navigating by word in OpenOffice Writer 4.1.0 using CTRL+right arrow. needsExternalFix new defect
#4435 create grade 2 table for Arabic needsExternalFix new jteh enhancement
#4444 Thunderbird: make expanded and collapsed on braille displays shorter needsExternalFix new jteh enhancement
#4553 NVDA crashes when reading some non-latin characters letter by letter crash needsExternalFix new defect
#4560 [bug report] gridcell and columnheader in html table. needsExternalFix new defect
#4564 NVDA does not read cell contents in calc needsExternalFix new defect
#4591 double announcement of hot key in Show All History option in History submenu of Firefox latest stable needsExternalFix new defect
#4608 Repetitive unknown announcement in the list in the Applications page of Firefox Options needsExternalFix new defect
#4658 Support for Firefox Hello needsExternalFix new enhancement
#4662 NVDA screen reader reading Video tag Twice needsExternalFix new defect
#4678 It's not Possible to Read Typed Content in Editable Combo Boxes When Using Google Chrome needsExternalFix Google new defect
#4693 language detection doesn't work in google chrome needsExternalFix Google new defect
#4708 find messages in thunderbird. needsExternalFix new defect
#4826 QT5 TextEdit Results in Crash in NVDA needsExternalFix appFreeze new defect
#4917 rowgroup and colgroup scope attributes not recognized needsExternalFix new defect
#4956 NVDA reads 1,,2 as 1 for German needsExternalFix new jteh defect
#4967 Start menu sometimes doesn't speak needsExternalFix new defect
#4975 NVDA Announcing Spelling ?Errors in Chrome needsExternalFix Google new enhancement
#5006 aria-hidden="true" element in an input's label is read aloud by NVDA needsExternalFix new enhancement
#5009 Support for x64 Firefox and derivatives needsExternalFix new enhancement
#5077 First character after the cursor is dropped for Unicode not in braille table needsExternalFix new defect
#5106 Wrong Greek letter translations in zh-tw.ctb needsExternalFix new jteh defect
#5253 Windows 10: NVDA not compatible warning needsExternalFix new defect
#2179 Better support for Adobe Flash installers needsExternalFix reopened defect
#2413 NVDA is unable to gain focus on new pages when form data has been previously entered needsExternalFix reopened defect
#3244 Associating header and data cells in a complex table using headers-id attribute needsExternalFix reopened mdcurran enhancement
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