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#1273 Windows xp, windows vista, and windows7 speech recognition needsCodeReview accepted jscuster enhancement minor
#1486 NVDA Fails To Read Anything In Windows Disk Management Graphical View needsCodeReview reopened enhancement minor
#1529 Experimental class to support speaking of typed characters when this is broken in application needsCodeReview new enhancement minor
#2156 Support VIM and/or GVIM (command-line and/or graphical version) needsCodeReview new enhancement minor
#2990 Automatic language detection based on unicode ranges needsCodeReview new enhancement minor
#3304 Custom braille tables needsCodeReview new jteh enhancement minor
#3473 nvda does not read the group boxes in audacity needsCodeReview new defect minor
#3656 Allow attaching speech dictionaries to profiles needsCodeReview new enhancement minor
#4253 Allow cloning of profiles needsCodeReview new jteh enhancement minor
#4263 introduse the ability to postpone a downloaded update needsCodeReview new jteh enhancement minor
#4273 option to read numbers as individual digits needsCodeReview accepted enhancement trivial
#4308 when speak typed words feature is on, pressing the spacebar sometimes wrongly announces words needsCodeReview new defect minor
#4417 in Mozilla Firefox Downloads window, NVDA repeats the information associated to the file being downloaded each time the download progress is updated needsCodeReview new defect trivial
#4519 improvement in update checking needsCodeReview new jteh enhancement minor
#4630 Excel-Keystroke for Sheet Navigation needsCodeReview new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4837 Option to disable reporting of graphics goodForNewDev needsCodeReview new enhancement trivial
#4908 displaying font information in a virtual message will be helpful. needsCodeReview new enhancement trivial
#4935 Gesture for temporary disable all configuration profile triggers needsCodeReview new jteh enhancement trivial
#4952 MS Excel 2010 - cannot read protected cells needsCodeReview new defect trivial
#5050 Option to show Speech Viewer by default (and save dimensions and position of the window) needsCodeReview new enhancement trivial
#5178 Start button in Windows 8.1 and later is recognized as a list and reported as selected needsCodeReview new defect
#5198 Option to toggle the braille cursor on/off needsCodeReview new jteh enhancement
#5206 Update support for the Alva BC6 braille displays needsCodeReview new enhancement
#5231 Windows 10: Time picker values are not announced needsCodeReview new defect
#5234 Make speech symbol preservation configurable from GUI needsCodeReview new enhancement
#5323 App module handler: handle executable names with dots as part of the file name needsCodeReview new enhancement
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