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#1273 Windows xp, windows vista, and windows7 speech recognition needsCodeReview accepted jscuster enhancement minor
#1529 Experimental class to support speaking of typed characters when this is broken in application needsCodeReview new enhancement minor
#1987 Add the ability for NVDA to read charts in Excel needsCodeReview assigned mdcurran enhancement minor
#2156 Support VIM and/or GVIM (command-line and/or graphical version) needsCodeReview new enhancement minor
#3058 on opening bookmarks dialog in MS Word, NVDA gives irrelevant message about the errors in word file in the bookmark name edit field. needsCodeReview assigned mdcurran defect minor
#3473 nvda does not read the group boxes in audacity needsCodeReview new defect minor
#3656 Allow attaching speech dictionaries to profiles needsCodeReview new enhancement minor
#3805 Read HTML entities, unicode characters, other symbols goodForNewDev needsCodeReview new enhancement minor
#4217 copying useless files from wx/locale folder in binary installation. needsCodeReview incubating Michael Curran <> enhancement minor
#4253 Allow cloning of profiles needsCodeReview new jteh enhancement minor
#4263 introduse the ability to postpone a downloaded update needsCodeReview new jteh enhancement minor
#4519 improvement in update checking needsCodeReview new jteh enhancement minor
#4582 On using NUMPAD 2(twice) in desktop layout for character description, the compound character is not described instead only its first contained character is described needsCodeReview new defect minor
#4699 Global commands/touch change mode: look up the new touch mode label from touch handler's labels dictionary needsCodeReview new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4760 Windows 10: Target Windows 10 via app manifest needsCodeReview new jteh enhancement minor
#4778 Enable Liblouis tables for Indian languages needsCodeReview assigned jteh defect minor
#4417 in Mozilla Firefox Downloads window, NVDA repeats the information associated to the file being downloaded each time the download progress is updated needsCodeReview new defect trivial
#4837 Option to disable reporting of graphics goodForNewDev needsCodeReview new enhancement trivial
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