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#3656 Allow attaching speech dictionaries to profiles needsCodeReview new enhancement
#4253 Allow cloning of profiles needsCodeReview new jteh enhancement
#2446 Allow NVDA to speak the bullets and numbering, and list levels in Microsoft Word lists needsCodeReview new enhancement
#5323 App module handler: handle executable names with dots as part of the file name needsCodeReview new enhancement
#2990 Automatic language detection based on unicode ranges needsCodeReview new enhancement near-term
#5385 Can't use Numpad Enter to switch to focus mode needsCodeReview new enhancement
#3304 Custom braille tables needsCodeReview new jteh enhancement
#4630 Excel-Keystroke for Sheet Navigation needsCodeReview incubating mdcurran enhancement
#1529 Experimental class to support speaking of typed characters when this is broken in application needsCodeReview new enhancement
#4935 Gesture for temporary disable all configuration profile triggers needsCodeReview new jteh enhancement
#4519 improvement in update checking needsCodeReview new jteh enhancement
#4417 in Mozilla Firefox Downloads window, NVDA repeats the information associated to the file being downloaded each time the download progress is updated needsCodeReview new defect
#4263 introduse the ability to postpone a downloaded update needsCodeReview new jteh enhancement
#4952 MS Excel 2010 - cannot read protected cells needsCodeReview new defect
#3473 nvda does not read the group boxes in audacity needsCodeReview new defect
#5267 NVDA doesn't read bullets or auto-numbered lists in Word 2010-2016. needsCodeReview new enhancement
#1486 NVDA Fails To Read Anything In Windows Disk Management Graphical View needsCodeReview reopened enhancement
#2649 NVDA reports the first character of the line with bullets or numbering twice instead of the bullets or numbering in Word 2007 and Outlook 2010 (Outlook 2010 not confirmed by me) needsCodeReview new mdcurran defect
#4837 Option to disable reporting of graphics goodForNewDev needsCodeReview new enhancement
#4273 option to read numbers as individual digits needsCodeReview accepted enhancement
#5050 Option to show Speech Viewer by default (and save dimensions and position of the window) needsCodeReview new enhancement
#5198 Option to toggle the braille cursor on/off needsCodeReview new jteh enhancement
#5051 reading input messages in excel needsCodeReview incubating Michael Curran <> defect
#5313 Ref.: bug #3563. Incorrect cell address is announced when moving column wise in extended selection mode needsCodeReview new defect
#5178 Start button in Windows 8.1 and later is recognized as a list and reported as selected needsCodeReview new defect
#5335 Support for the r gui needsCodeReview new enhancement
#2156 Support VIM and/or GVIM (command-line and/or graphical version) needsCodeReview new enhancement
#5206 Update support for the Alva BC6 braille displays needsCodeReview new enhancement
#4308 when speak typed words feature is on, pressing the spacebar sometimes wrongly announces words needsCodeReview new defect
#5231 Windows 10: Time picker values are not announced needsCodeReview new defect
#1273 Windows xp, windows vista, and windows7 speech recognition needsCodeReview accepted jscuster enhancement
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