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#1533 Caret navigation does not work fully in ThinBasic's ThinAir editor new mdcurran defect trivial
#500 Cdex is not beeping in background new defect minor
#2381 Cells, in calc, and excell spreadshees new jteh defect minor
#3570 Central Window to Dispatch windows messages new enhancement minor
#3571 Certain nesting of ARIA attributes causes NVDA to ignore active elements in the tab order in IE new defect minor
#1707 Change the order in which highlighting is spoken. new enhancement minor
#2514 change the voice of language Sinhalese(ISO 639-2 code sin) new task minor
#1611 Changing from Business to Home address in Outlook 2007 problem new defect minor
#2226 Changing settings for NVDA in secure mode new defect minor
#1007 Changing the sound effects for NVDA new enhancement trivial
#1845 Changing the value attribute on a form input field is not announced by NVDA new defect minor
#3502 Check for update error new defect minor
#635 Chinese Character Descriptions and Definitions new enhancement major
#4066 Chrome and Opera speak words in alert twice when semantic elements like <strong> and <em> are included. new defect minor next
#3451 Chrome treeInterceptor isn't initialized on simple web pages new defect minor
#3932 Chromium: Enable forcing of browse mode in applications/dialogs new enhancement minor next
#3976 "Clickable" reported for each SVG element inside a clickable element. new defect minor
#1010 Closeing nvda and opening system access causes skype 5 to crash new defect trivial
#1682 Closing command prompt windows with object nav or mouse causes nvda to exit new defect minor
#3515 Column's Skip from table when there is no value new defect minor
#3255 Combine Design Overview With Developer Guide And Other Info From User Guide new enhancement minor
#577 Combine separate NVDA Preferences dialogs into a dialog with several property pages new enhancement minor near-term
#2918 Command for jumping to a specific line new enhancement trivial
#957 Commands to facilitate navigation on the tables new enhancement trivial
#2041 Command to reading by line in Microsoft Excel new enhancement minor
#1840 Configurable rate for speech in non-default language new enhancement minor
#773 Confusing/not adequate verbosity in ARIA-enabled menus assigned jteh defect minor
#1648 Consider the addition of a NVDA shortcut key, to present further information. new enhancement minor
#3199 Constant errors when moving around files in Studio recorder new mdcurran defect minor
#195 Context-sensitive navigation to webpage regions of given types new enhancement minor
#3540 Continuous reading not stop when using new configurations and vocalizer voices new defect minor
#847 Controling menu voice and reading voice new defect minor
#2671 Copying an HTML table new enhancement minor
#3014 Copy log from temperary copy to nvda-temp.log new enhancement minor
#3072 Copy To Clipboard Failing In Firefox E-mail, HTML View new defect minor
#3573 Correctly handle ARIA tree controls in browse mode when the tree isn't focusable new defect minor
#3867 Crash due to double free of OLE VARIANT data new defect minor
#1356 crashing windows live 2011 reopened jteh defect major near-term
#3911 Crash without restart as Thunderbird receives mail new defect minor
#1884 Create an option to reduce braille output while tethered to focus new jteh enhancement minor
#2696 Create snapshot branch built with svn espeak/liblouis new jteh enhancement minor
#3717 creating driver for braille notetaker Pronto from Baum new jteh enhancement minor
#901 Criating commands in Excel new enhancement trivial
#1615 Currencies incorrectly read if a letter is positioned streight after new defect minor
#3304 Custom braille tables new jteh enhancement minor
#1708 custom symbol groupings new enhancement trivial
#3740 Dash symbols should be passed through to the synthesizer if not spoken as words new enhancement minor
#2020 decrease nvda verbosity in the windows 7 start search area new enhancement trivial
#3858 Definition lists not exposed correctly new defect minor
#3500 Deleting a configuration profile does not take complete effect until configurations are saved new defect minor
#1541 detecting shapes and charts in Microsoft Word new enhancement minor
#4039 Developer Guide: Clarify how to leave scripts unbound in ScriptableObject.__gestures new enhancement minor
#1985 different handling of usemaps with different browsers new defect minor
#640 Different message buffers for each window in Miranda chat client assigned aleksey_s enhancement minor
#4086 Different Voice Contexts new enhancement minor
#1185 Difficulties mooving between historic field and typing field in Windows Live Messenger 2011 new defect minor
#848 Difficulties operating in a website: new defect minor
#2552 Difficult to know where a message has been sent via Faceboook new defect minor
#1222 Difficulty in reaching lower rule conditions to edit them in Outlook Express/Live mail message rules new defect minor
#4026 Difficulty navigating between paragraphs in the CKEditor WYSIWYG editor new defect minor
#588 Direct Jump To Specific Element, Inside Elements List Dialog, and Elements List Enhanscement new enhancement trivial
#1617 disable screen saver while NVDA is reading longer pages new enhancement minor
#1997 Disabling of speaking of "space" while typing new enhancement trivial
#3051 Document content not updated when going back to previous page in Firefox new defect minor
#395 does not support Aimp2 accepted adpsike enhancement minor
#2591 Don't announce end-of-container when quick navigation keys are used in browse mode new defect minor
#3798 Don't assume that python is registered with .py files new defect minor
#3831 Don't handle most events from background processes by default incubating jteh enhancement minor next
#1475 Dot spoken with symbol level some at the end of a sentense new defect minor
#2988 Double announcing of desktop icons when alt+tab is pressed. new defect trivial
#2579 Drag and Drop Addons into the Addonsmanager to install them new mdcurran enhancement minor
#2200 Dragging And Dropping In HTML Tables Breaks NVDA Table Navigation new defect minor
#1755 Drag Mouse Feature reopened jteh enhancement trivial
#2395 Dubbal Speaking in the New Add-On manager new mdcurran defect minor near-term
#2153 Dubbal Speaking in the Office 2010 Pro spelling Dyalog Box When Bringing it up with the Application’s Key. assigned defect minor
#3413 During page load, NVDA queries all of the math on a page for speech 3 times new defect minor
#4047 Dynamic ARIA Tooltips aren't being announced when aria-describedby points to new tooltip ID refs on the same element new defect minor
#2632 Dynamic file version for launcher reopened enhancement minor near-term
#406 Each NVDA language should have a prefered voice new enhancement minor
#307 Echoing by words does not work in akelpad new defect minor
#670 Edit areas in Goldwave behaving strangely in recent snaps new defect trivial near-term
#3363 Edsharp and braille display problems with fast typing new defect minor
#589 Elements List: Exception when moving to/activating an element or changing element type if the document has died assigned jteh defect trivial near-term
#3096 Elements with tabindex higher than 0 are pushed to the end of the tab order new defect minor
#1282 Embedded control's value not announced new defect minor
#3530 Emoticon reading dictionaries for NVDA new enhancement minor
#1608 Emoticons, Don't Speak, but instead punctuations/symbols new defect minor
#3886 Emulate mouse on touch screens new mdcurran enhancement minor
#3987 emulate the right click of mouse on review cursor. new enhancement minor
#3993 Emulating backspace key in Handy Tech Braille Displays new jteh enhancement minor
#3609 Enable ASLR when building dlls new enhancement minor
#1316 Enabling tor using addon for firefox is not possible new defect minor
#2757 enhance braille scroll in multiline controls new jteh enhancement minor
#1680 Enhancement NVDA+F to detect more information in Microsoft Word and Excel new enhancement minor
#3554 Enhancement: NVDA should read the nearest heading for an item /element in browse mode new enhancement minor
#2202 Enhancement to toggle exposure of long graphical link description new enhancement minor
#550 enhance report formating new enhancement minor
#3133 eOn opening untitled new dialogs in Outlook 2010 such as new contact/appointment dialogs, some irrelevant speech is given by NVDA. new defect minor
#2224 error during say all in virtual buffers using eSpeak new defect minor near-term
#2707 Error heard when switching input languages in Windows 8 new defect minor
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