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#4498 Braille doesn't follow on LibreOffice new jteh defect Braille
#4801 Braille driver for BraillePen 12 new jteh enhancement Braille
#4802 Braille driver for BraillePen Slim new jteh enhancement Braille
#511 braille in arabic does not display while writting new jteh defect Braille
#1457 Braille issues with libreoffice writer new jteh defect Braille
#2666 Braille it not refresh in windows explorer when you add characters after the last character. new jteh defect Braille
#1250 Braillelite 40 compatibility new jteh enhancement Braille
#3708 Braille not refreshing properly in editable text fields in Explorer shortcut Properties dialog new jteh defect Braille
#2317 Braille: Outlook 2010 Message Cannot be read new jteh defect Braille
#2164 Braille scroll right sometimes stops working at end of line new jteh defect Braille
#3157 Braillesense u2: a lot of shortcuts don't work new jteh defect Braille
#4682 Braille trace to update selected line message new jteh enhancement Braille
#3479 braille user new jteh enhancement Braille
#214 Braille verbosity levels new jteh enhancement Braille
#2033 Braille with BrlTTY freezes new jteh defect Braille
#1948 Braille won't scroll sometimes if tethered to focus in Microsoft Word new jteh defect near-term Braille
#5195 Brailliant BI driver does not work over Bluetooth in Windows 10 new defect Untriaged
#4177 Brltty and NVDA Interaction; only some buttons on Braille display recognized as NVDA input gestures. new jteh defect Braille
#5029 Browse mode: Braille tethered to focus, does not update messages in say all new defect Untriaged
#5082 browse mode does not start when using chromeless firefox new defect Untriaged
#5390 Browse mode elements list initial selection logic is broken incubating Michael Curran <> defect 2015.4 Browse mode
#2039 Browse mode problems with slow/inappropriate focus changes in browsers incubating Michael Curran <> defect near-term Browse mode
#5239 Browse mode: provide braille feedback while pressing NVDA+space new enhancement Browse mode
#3611 Browse mode: When tabbing through, when an iFrame is encountered, NVDA speaks the content when using IE whereas it does not in Firefox new defect Browse mode
#5184 BSTR memory leaks new defect Untriaged
#4318 Buffers not Being Completely Loaded in Some Pages When Using Recent Compilations of Chrome new defect Browse mode
#4560 [bug report] gridcell and columnheader in html table. new defect Core
#1211 Bug when correcting spelling error in IBM Lotus Symphony Documents new defect Core
#1210 Bug when deleting line break character in IBM Lotus Symphony Documents new defect Core
#2566 Bug with NVDA reading website: coursera new defect Core
#2508 Building NVDA for 64 bit fails on Windows 7 32 bit, MSVC 2010 new jteh defect near-term Distribution
#1557 built-in function "jump to" . allowing you to move the review/mouse cursor to a saved position on the: flatreviewscreen/window/object. asociate saved positions with a program e.g. "paint". creating/viewing/deleting such positions. new enhancement Core
#3745 Button: Title attribute is not properly conveyed as an explicit label when no innerText is present new defect Browse mode
#3565 Button with aria-disabled="false" still announced as "unavailable" new defect Browse mode
#3450 Calling nvdacontrollerclient32.dll freezes NVDA new defect Speech synth drivers
#2476 Cancelling download of update intermittently fails new jteh defect near-term Update check
#4545 candidateList error. new mdcurran defect Asian character input
#2436 Cannot activate links in a given web page by any ways new defect Browse mode
#2783 Can not control alt down arrow in Thunderbird To field new defect Core
#3914 cannot read first search result on windows 8 start screen! new defect Core
#1301 Cannot restart NVDA after unloading it in XP and Windows 7 new defect Core
#4050 Cannot use the numpad7 key to go up line by line in the reader new defect Browse mode
#4677 canot edit number formatting in Word 2010 numbering configuration dialog new mdcurran defect Microsoft Office support
#2360 can't access menu bar in windows explorer or mozzilla firefox new defect Core
#3440 Can't access the new Outlook website with NVDA new defect Browse mode
#1740 Can't quit NVDA while modal dialog is open new defect GUI
#1534 Can't review message body when composing a message in Thunderbird new defect Core
#4827 can't select audio device for some synths new defect Speech synth drivers
#5385 Can't use Numpad Enter to switch to focus mode new enhancement Browse mode
#3984 Can you offer some variables to set the reading order of the WEBSite controls? new defect Speech
#4145 Caret move not responding after input method candidate window closed assigned mdcurran defect Core
#1533 Caret navigation does not work fully in ThinBasic's ThinAir editor new mdcurran defect Display model
#4537 Caret navigation problems when editing or browsing formulas in Excel assigned mdcurran defect Microsoft Office support
#5319 Carousel not reading for next or previous page contents on mouse hover in chrome new defect Untriaged
#4288 CCleaner - unnecessary announcement when focus is moved to its Window new defect Speech
#500 Cdex is not beeping in background or foreground progress bars new defect Core
#2381 Cells, in calc, and excell spreadshees new jteh defect Compound documents
#3570 Central Window to Dispatch windows messages new enhancement Core
#5098 certain controls not gaining focus when firefox window is restored new defect Untriaged
#3571 Certain nesting of ARIA attributes causes NVDA to ignore active elements in the tab order in IE new defect Core
#5272 change default NVDA voice and variant new enhancement Untriaged
#5382 change different auditory indications or sounds of NVDA new enhancement Untriaged
#1707 Change the order in which highlighting is spoken. new enhancement Speech
#2514 change the voice of language Sinhalese(ISO 639-2 code sin) new task Speech
#1611 Changing from Business to Home address in Outlook 2007 problem new defect Core
#2226 Changing settings for NVDA in secure mode new defect GUI
#4738 Changing speeds for different languages new enhancement Speech
#1007 Changing the sound effects for NVDA new enhancement Core
#1845 Changing the value attribute on a form input field is not announced by NVDA new defect Core
#5375 Character description feature not working new jteh defect 2015.4 Localisation
#3502 Check for update error new defect Core
#4579 Check for updates: an instance of this dialog is shown each time a user selects Check for Updates from NVDA help menu new defect GUI
#4080 Chrome: Exceptions when entering east Asian characters assigned jteh defect Browse mode
#3451 Chrome treeInterceptor isn't initialized on simple web pages new defect Core
#3932 Chromium: Enable forcing of browse mode in applications/dialogs new enhancement next Browse mode
#5386 Clarify that MathType needs to be installed to read MathType expressions new defect 2015.4 Documentation
#3976 "Clickable" reported for each SVG element inside a clickable element. new defect Browse mode
#4896 Click to move focus & system carat in web pages new enhancement Browse mode
#1010 Closeing nvda and opening system access causes skype 5 to crash new defect Core
#1682 Closing command prompt windows with object nav or mouse causes nvda to exit new defect Windows command console
#5352 Color not reported in RichEdit documents new defect Core
#5141 Column Spans Not Properly Accounted For in Row Headers new defect Untriaged
#3515 Column's Skip from table when there is no value new defect Browse mode
#3255 Combine Design Overview With Developer Guide And Other Info From User Guide new enhancement Documentation
#577 Combine separate NVDA Preferences dialogs into a dialog with several property pages new enhancement near-term GUI
#4357 combining three modifier key selection check boxes into one combo box new enhancement GUI
#2918 Command for jumping to a specific line new enhancement Core
#5193 Command Prompt: Extraneous Information Spoken when Typing new defect Untriaged
#957 Commands to facilitate navigation on the tables new enhancement Core
#4133 Commands to Navigate trhough tables Should Work in OpenOffice and LibreOffice. new enhancement Core
#4100 Command to Jump to the Last Object When Using Object Navigation new enhancement Core
#2041 Command to reading by line in Microsoft Excel new enhancement Core
#347 Compensate for lack of insert key/problem with caps lock key on Macbook reopened enhancement Core
#5340 Computers freeze up at random times new defect Untriaged
#4941 Config.conf: If an invalid value string is found for a setting, NVDA throws errors and does not reset the setting to its default value new defect Untriaged
#1840 Configurable rate for speech in non-default language new enhancement Speech
#773 Confusing/not adequate verbosity in ARIA-enabled menus assigned jteh defect Core
#1648 Consider the addition of a NVDA shortcut key, to present further information. new enhancement Speech
#5201 Consistency in configuration dialog options capitalisation new defect Untriaged
#3199 Constant errors when moving around files in Studio recorder new mdcurran defect Display model
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