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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#3178 NVDA not indicating selection in some types of editing controls new mdcurran defect minor
#3199 Constant errors when moving around files in Studio recorder new mdcurran defect minor
#3200 better support for editing characters in the middle of lines in command prompt/terminal new mdcurran enhancement minor
#3208 Ability to automatically update add-ons new mdcurran enhancement minor
#3244 Associating header and data cells in a complex table using headers-id attribute reopened mdcurran enhancement minor
#3245 Recognizing column headers marked up as TH in a table- improvement needed new mdcurran enhancement minor
#3262 Feature request: NVDA doesn't read items in Sam Broadcaster's list views new mdcurran enhancement trivial
#3358 Add the ability to use a Multitouch trackpad with NVDA on Windows 8 and later. new mdcurran enhancement minor
#3412 NVDA not allowing full text expansion new mdcurran defect minor
#3424 Touch gestures: a way to browse the web via elements using touch gestures new mdcurran enhancement minor
#3453 Suppress API calls (during say all) new mdcurran enhancement minor
#3482 word 2010 spell checker enhancements new mdcurran enhancement minor
#3483 Links are no longer activable in E-Mails displayed using Outlook Express and other e-Mail clients new mdcurran defect minor
#3484 Tamil text not read properly in screen review mode new mdcurran defect minor
#3486 A new setting to configure the used review mode new mdcurran enhancement minor
#3497 Screen review doesn't follow context menus and menu bars properly new mdcurran defect minor
#3514 Touch-based object navigation: next/previous object should move by controls, not by deepest object new mdcurran defect minor
#3601 win 32 exception error when using outlook 2007 new mdcurran defect minor
#3630 MS Word: blank line displayed previous line message new mdcurran defect minor
#3680 Excel suggestion: there should be a quick way to read all the formulas present in a large sheet. new mdcurran enhancement trivial
#3697 NVDA randomly speaks spaces instead of chars while arrowing through MS Excel 2003 cells new mdcurran defect minor
#3704 Some BUGs and advises of document reading. new mdcurran defect minor
#3728 portable version of NVDA does not report newly focused unless the previously focused object has been completely reported on system protection dialog box in windows 7 new mdcurran defect minor
#3731 Request to remove superseded addon. new mdcurran enhancement trivial
#3779 Introduce a "pass through" mode for touch gestures new mdcurran enhancement minor
#3780 Inconsistencies between "mouse tracking" and object navigation on a touch screen new mdcurran defect minor
#3887 Lingobit Localizer translation strings are not accessible with NVDA, it is non standard control of UI of The Lingobit Localizer new mdcurran enhancement trivial
#3903 Touch screen support behaves incorrectly on Windows 8.1 logon screen new mdcurran defect minor
#3943 Screen review is not updated properly upon content change new mdcurran defect minor
#3958 Get rid of previous and next review mode commands and replace them with a more intuitive solution. new mdcurran enhancement minor
#3972 Ref bug#1686-Word 2013 docs are not read with UP/DOWN ARROW in protected view. assigned mdcurran defect minor
#3983 Improve announcing of input method of pinyin input in Chinese. new mdcurran defect minor
#3995 MS word: NVDA should announce if the text is in two columns new mdcurran defect minor
#4011 The input method candidate list can not be announce in windows 8.1 new mdcurran defect minor next
#4041 NVDA's sleep functionality does not completely affect touch screen interaction new mdcurran defect minor
#4145 Caret move not responding after input method candidate window closed assigned mdcurran defect minor
#4171 Screen review doesn't work in "modern" apps in Windows 8.1 new mdcurran enhancement trivial
#4195 Announcement of row/column headers to braille display incubating mdcurran enhancement minor
#4202 Infragistic Controls not supported by NVDA assigned mdcurran defect minor
#4224 In MICROSOFT excel: executing event: typedCharacter on <NVDAObjects.window.excel.ExcelCell object at 0x0835D9F0> with extra args of {'ch': u'\x1a'} new mdcurran defect minor
#4227 Nvda throwing errors in Outlook passwords fields, inable to read them assigned mdcurran defect minor
#4237 report line spacing in ms word assigned mdcurran enhancement minor
#4286 Eclipse bug in package explorer new mdcurran defect minor
#4307 Donation Page Should Be Translated new mdcurran task major
#4335 Problems with Reading comments in MS Word new mdcurran defect minor
#4336 Improvement for reading comments in MS Word new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4351 Outlook raises error at opening received mail with Excel/Word attachments assigned mdcurran defect minor
#4372 Microsoft Excel: Some Characters not Being Read When Editing Formulas new mdcurran defect minor
#4380 When in M-S-word 2010 the alinement isnt isn't spoken when pressing insert-f to read the formatting new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4387 When in day view in the calendar of Outlook 2010 if there are appointments that are shared between calendars moving by day using the left and right arrows NVDA does not announce "Has appointment" when it encouters a day with appointments that are shared. new mdcurran defect minor
#4394 in MS Word 2007, NVDA does not say context menu before the item in the context menu gaining focus new mdcurran defect minor
#4414 MS Excel 2010: Caret not tracked when rename worksheet field is initially focused new mdcurran defect minor
#4438 MS Word2010: NVDA skips text in particular page new mdcurran defect minor
#4440 Formula and excell bug new mdcurran defect minor
#4443 Touch gestures: introduce arrows/navigation mode to simulate pressing arrow keys via flick gestures new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4446 announce the line in which the instance of the entered text string from the Find dialog box has been found new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4463 NVDA does not allow for navigation within the misspelled word area of spell checker in outlook 2010 new mdcurran defect minor
#4494 Provide More Feedback on Paragraph Formatting new mdcurran defect minor
#4497 Several Problems With the new klatt engine assigned mdcurran defect minor
#4530 Slow population and navigation of List in Windows Explorer new mdcurran defect minor
#4537 Caret navigation problems when editing or browsing formulas in Excel assigned mdcurran defect minor
#4545 candidateList error. new mdcurran defect minor
#4570 in outlook 2010 when I hit CTRL+R, I hear "Right alined" new mdcurran defect minor
#4571 Difficult to open attachments in Outlook. new mdcurran defect minor
#4596 Microsoft Word: NVDA Doesn't read alt text in canvas object new mdcurran defect minor
#4609 Touch keyboard: announce non-alphanumeric keys with punctuation set to characters new mdcurran defect minor
#4616 Word Column header reading issue. new mdcurran defect minor
#4618 When returning to a folder in Outlook 2010 NVDA provides error new mdcurran defect minor
#4628 nvda no longer able to install Avast on XP new mdcurran defect minor
#4630 Excel-Keystroke for Sheet Navigation new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4631 NVDA does not read the symbols inserted by the word 2013 equation editor new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4634 outlook2010: Include checkbox in list item new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4653 support Microsoft Office Publisher new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4670 when F12 is pressed in Microsoft Word 2007, NVDA repeats File Name (which the field that gets the default focus in the dialog) thrice new mdcurran defect trivial
#4671 I can't navigate the youtube web site on windows 8.1 and windows 7 assigned mdcurran defect major
#4677 canot edit number formatting in Word 2010 numbering configuration dialog new mdcurran defect minor
#4683 Word 2013: Ribbons not announced when accessed via shortcut keys new mdcurran defect minor
#4686 warn the user when they reach the last cell of a table, informing them that pressing a Tab again will create a new row (for MS Word) new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4704 unnecessary announcement while pressing Shift Tab from the Find dialog box in Microsoft Word 2007 new mdcurran defect trivial
#4711 While running NVDA, Hindi Character "े" is not getting typed/sent to the windo new mdcurran defect minor
#4717 Ms Word: Less verbosity when reading editor revisions by character or word new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4745 MSWord 2007 - Did not modify the document when spelling errors are checked, even though the Save As dialog box is displayed new mdcurran defect minor
#4749 error when outlook 2010 is starting new mdcurran defect minor
#4756 NVDA doesn't say selected text in Balabolka and other editors with DisplayModel new mdcurran defect minor
#4769 improvements in support of touch screen NVDA new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4810 List Navigation in MS Word new mdcurran enhancement trivial
#4822 Unable to access the Word office 2013 password message window. new mdcurran defect minor
#4844 Virtual ribbon functionality in NVDA new mdcurran enhancement trivial
#4850 NVDA and Powerpoint slideshow reading new mdcurran defect trivial
#4852 Scrolling issues with NVDA in Microsoft Word assigned mdcurran defect minor next
#4853 Reading tables new mdcurran defect trivial
#4854 In Word, NVDA repeats last context change when going in and out of browse mode new mdcurran defect trivial
#4891 NVDA causes a crash in Word Preview Touch new mdcurran defect major
#4934 Microsoft PowerPoint: Inaccurate reporting of bullets or numbers while editing new mdcurran defect trivial
#4959 NVDA will be crashed when microsoft bing input method is installed and run in the computer in windows 8.1 above. new mdcurran defect trivial
#4962 jump elements using quick navigation in word new mdcurran enhancement trivial
#4971 NVDA does not report status of messages in Outlook 2010 new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4987 Indentation level not reported in Microsoft powerPoint 2013 new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4988 Unable to play a media file in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4992 Word 2010/2013: when navigating list of font names and sizes, NVDA does not announce each option new mdcurran defect trivial
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