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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#3972 Ref bug#1686-Word 2013 docs are not read with UP/DOWN ARROW in protected view. assigned mdcurran defect minor
#3983 Can you change the reading way of input method in Chinese? new mdcurran defect minor
#3985 Add new hotkeys to control volumes of the kinds of the applications. new mdcurran enhancement minor
#3995 MS word: NVDA should announce if the text is in two columns new mdcurran defect minor
#4011 The input method candidate list can not be announce in windows 8.1 new mdcurran defect minor next
#4041 NVDA's sleep functionality does not completely affect touch screen interaction new mdcurran defect minor
#4053 NVDA 2014.1 can't read documents in Balabolka new mdcurran defect minor
#4145 Caret move not responding after input method candidate window closed assigned mdcurran defect minor
#4171 Screen review doesn't work in "modern" apps in Windows 8.1 new mdcurran enhancement trivial
#4195 Announcement of row/column headers to braille display incubating mdcurran enhancement minor
#4224 In MICROSOFT excel: executing event: typedCharacter on <NVDAObjects.window.excel.ExcelCell object at 0x0835D9F0> with extra args of {'ch': u'\x1a'} new mdcurran defect minor
#4227 Nvda throwing errors in Outlook passwords fields, inable to read them assigned mdcurran defect minor
#4237 report line spacing in ms word assigned mdcurran enhancement minor
#4286 Eclipse bug in package explorer new mdcurran defect minor
#4335 Problems with Reading comments in MS Word new mdcurran defect minor
#4336 Improvement for reading comments in MS Word new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4351 Outlook raises error at opening received mail with Excel/Word attachments assigned mdcurran defect minor
#4372 Microsoft Excel: Some Characters not Being Read When Editing Formulas new mdcurran defect minor
#4380 When in M-S-word 2010 the alinement isnt isn't spoken when pressing insert-f to read the formatting new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4387 When in day view in the calendar of Outlook 2010 if there are appointments that are shared between calendars moving by day using the left and right arrows NVDA does not announce "Has appointment" when it encouters a day with appointments that are shared. new mdcurran defect minor
#4394 in MS Word 2007, NVDA does not say context menu before the item in the context menu gaining focus new mdcurran defect minor
#4414 MS Excel 2010: Caret not tracked when rename worksheet field is initially focused new mdcurran defect minor
#4438 MS Word2010: NVDA skips text in particular page new mdcurran defect minor
#4440 Formula and excell bug new mdcurran defect minor
#4443 Touch gestures: introduce arrows/navigation mode to simulate pressing arrow keys via flick gestures new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4446 announce the line in which the instance of the entered text string from the Find dialog box has been found new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4463 NVDA does not allow for navigation within the misspelled word area of spell checker in outlook 2010 new mdcurran defect minor
#4494 Provide More Feedback on Paragraph Formatting new mdcurran defect minor
#4497 Several Problems With the new klatt engine assigned mdcurran defect minor
#4510 Ms Word: Support header row specified in table properties new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4528 NVDA Stops Functioning new mdcurran defect minor
#4530 Slow population and navigation of List in Windows Explorer new mdcurran defect minor
#4537 Caret navigation problems when editing formulas in Excel most probably due to too small caret timeout value new mdcurran defect minor
#4545 candidateList error. new mdcurran defect minor
#2002 Firefox Nightly: tabbing fails when hitting an IFrame accepted mehgcap defect minor
#2122 Announcement of capitals while continuous speaking accepted menschomat enhancement minor
#2111 Graphics Labeler Functionality accepted MHameed enhancement minor
#2539 No translation for "OK" and "Cancel" assigned MHameed enhancement minor
#2736 support for Japanese braille new MHameed enhancement minor
#2738 support for Nepali braille accepted MHameed enhancement minor
#2791 Better support for handling compound characters in languages such as Korean and Tamil new MHameed enhancement minor
#2835 Improvements for Danish liblouis braille table new MHameed defect minor
#3123 language support new MHameed enhancement trivial
#3160 Swahili language addition new MHameed enhancement minor
#3246 some of the new lapTop layout keys don't work with the arabic keyboard new MHameed defect minor
#3639 request for add-ons and web folder to be included into 'fa' folder new MHameed task minor
#4083 Allowance for a character descriptions dictionary in the user config folder new MHameed enhancement trivial
#3494 Mouse echo feature seems inaccurate in Internet Explorer 9 incubating Michael Curran <> defect minor
#4173 Labels of buttons in webpages in Internet Explorer are not announced by NVDA's mouse tracking incubating Michael Curran <> defect minor
#4207 Alt must be pressed more than once for MS Office ribbons to gain focus with NVDA reopened Michael Curran <> defect minor
#80 Lotus Notes Freezes NVDA new msuch defect major
#3886 Emulate mouse on touch screens assigned nvdakor enhancement minor
#319 speech.getControlFieldSpeech parts must be translatable new pvagner defect minor
#793 keyboard accelerators missing from Document settings dialog accepted pvagner defect trivial
#1382 "Speack Typed Characters, NVDA+2" can not work while enabled as using Microsoft New Phonetic IME in Microsoft Office Word Tranditional Chinese version new pvagner defect minor
#1410 Provide comments for translators alongside messages to be localized. new pvagner enhancement minor near-term
#1428 Keys which produce a compound character spoken as separate typed characters new pvagner defect minor near-term
#1957 for some languages, the adjective must be after the noun new pvagner enhancement minor
#2155 Spoken text when activating elements with NVDA+Enter is always in English new pvagner defect minor
#942 NVDA Should Announce Tracked Changes in Microsoft Office Word accepted rameshwar.nagar enhancement minor
#49 Announce shortcut keys after the content for some roles reopened enhancement minor
#111 Visualizing object hierarchy in treeview new enhancement minor
#124 Quick nav. Key for Next and Previous Clickable Element new enhancement minor
#152 Maintain cursor position in MSN Messenger history control new enhancement minor
#190 Typing messages in Miranda, Skype and other applications new enhancement minor
#197 NVDA should have an easy way to put it on a u3drive new enhancement minor
#211 a way to read current page's url when inside virtual buffer without going into location bar new enhancement minor
#225 User-definable NVDA key new enhancement minor
#235 properties for human-readable or custom roles on NVDAObjects new enhancement minor
#236 NVDAObjects should have a way to convey extended/custom states to the user. new defect minor
#245 NVDA should report all selected objects new defect minor
#247 Name not rendered in virtual buffer for some ARIA roles new defect minor
#251 Yahoo Messenger support new enhancement minor
#258 Text from NVDA native dialogs should be placed in separate read-only fields for improved keyboard access new enhancement minor
#307 Echoing by words does not work in akelpad new defect minor
#310 inconsistent beeping on capitals when "speak cap for capitals" and "beep for capitals" both are turned on new defect minor
#325 NVDA will not work with the test for Microsoft A+ Network + or any .vce test engine. new defect minor
#347 NVDA keybinding seems unreachable from my Mac Book Pro new enhancement minor
#349 Nokia PC Suite reads very poorly new task minor
#350 Nokia PC Suite application reads random HTML bits new defect minor
#355 nvda.exe icons are awful new enhancement trivial
#356 log viewer doesn't respect large fonts new defect minor
#360 When loading a URL with a target anchor, NVDA should jump to that anchor new enhancement minor
#374 NVDA should not split a linke into several links inside a virtual buffer when that links contains formatting tags reopened defect minor
#392 Support descriptions of HTML/XML objects new enhancement minor
#398 Usability of Thunderbird message viewer new enhancement minor
#400 NVDA prevents automatic system standby new defect minor
#406 Each NVDA language should have a prefered voice new enhancement minor
#407 NVDA does not read selected items in the extended lists (combo boxes with a "multiple" property) when the list is collapsed (Firefox) new defect minor
#416 NVDA should announce first whether a thread is opened or closed. new enhancement minor
#419 Unable to read text in hidden textbox new defect minor
#427 Text is not always read in a text field for a Java application (depends on cursor placement). new defect minor
#428 NVDA reports hierarchy of components in Java application new defect minor
#446 When deleting one before the last message in the outlook express message list NVDA fails to announce new item in focus new defect minor
#448 Issue with progress bar in firefox 3.5 html5 audio player new defect minor
#458 Support for Code::blocks's code window new enhancement trivial
#465 Braille settings key shortcut new enhancement trivial
#478 Support Glossomathia programming language editor new enhancement minor
#480 Microsoft's Envelope maker does not read with NVDA new enhancement minor
#481 Mute automatic speech feedback new enhancement minor
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