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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#2224 error during say all in virtual buffers using eSpeak new defect near-term Speech synth drivers
#2707 Error heard when switching input languages in Windows 8 new defect Core
#1898 Error in braille and speech regarding selection of text new defect Core
#4960 Error in Braille with liblouis new jteh defect Braille
#2081 Error in IBM Lotus Symphony new jteh defect Braille
#4004 Error is produced in OpenOffice Writer 4.1 Beta after selecting some text, accessing applications menu, changing an attribute and attempting to move by word once returned to the document new defect Core
#4384 Error messages for setting row/column headers should note that report tables must be enabled too new defect next Core
#2732 Error on progress bar updates new defect Core
#2189 Error on VLC full screen mode new defect Core
#2747 Errors durring update new defect Installer
#3654 Errors in Mozilla Firefox with mouse tracking enabled new defect Core
#2547 Error sound en pressing NVDA+control+r twice new defect near-term Core
#1268 Error sounds in input to main message window in Outlook Express new defect Core
#5256 Errors when browsing with Google Chrome with NVDA. This is the latest version of Google Chrome. new defect Untriaged
#4749 error when outlook 2010 is starting new mdcurran defect Microsoft Office support
#3055 Error when trying to run IVONA Voices through NVDA. Also IVONA Voices are very sluggish. new defect Speech synth drivers
#1742 Error with console window on NVDA R4619 new defect Windows command console
#4544 error with using firefox. new defect Core
#5095 Espeak changing speech rate when navigating math content new defect Untriaged
#4413 eSpeak Chinese crash new defect Speech synth drivers
#3417 eThe Bullets and numberingdialog in MS Word 2013 is anounced in a vague manner new defect Core
#5242 Excel 2003: Arrow keys can't be used to read charts new defect Documentation
#1786 excel 2010: copy from word, paste into cell, NVDA speaks cell coordinates, but not pasted content new defect Browse mode
#3021 Excel 2010-some extraneous text is announced on moving to the first control in fill tab page of format cells dialog. new defect Core
#5384 Excel 2013: formula bar is inaccessible new defect Untriaged
#5248 Excel 2013:Pivot tables cannot be created with the help of NVDA. new defect Untriaged
#5249 Excel 2013: the edit field in create pivot table dialog is not readbale with LEFT OR RIGHT ARROWS. new defect Untriaged
#3583 Excel: detect more formatting information in Excel new enhancement Core
#3738 Excel: if an email address present in a sentence in an excel cell, NvDA announces link at the end of the sentence. new defect Core
#3737 Excel: if a web address is present within a sentence, it is not identified as a link by NVDA. new defect Core
#4630 Excel-Keystroke for Sheet Navigation new mdcurran enhancement Microsoft Office support
#4905 Excel: NVDA does not read the sheet for inputting values in a formula in a different sheet. new defect Untriaged
#2575 Excel: Report The Presence Of Drop Down Lists When Focus Lands On Cells That Contain Them new jteh enhancement Compound documents
#3576 Excel: Speak More information about cell ( formula, comment etc) new enhancement Core
#3679 Excel suggestion: a way should be avialable to reach out to the objects on a sheet new enhancement Core
#5089 Excel suggestion: it will be useful to have the focus set on the previously selected item in elements list dialog in Excel. reopened defect Untriaged
#5132 Excel suggestion: provide a way to reach out to the data presented in a scattered format on a sheet. new defect Untriaged
#3682 Excel suggestion: there should be a quick way of navigating all the contents on a sheet that are visible on the screen. new enhancement Core
#3681 Excel Suggestion: there should be a quick way to find out about the comments on a sheet new enhancement Core
#3680 Excel suggestion: there should be a quick way to read all the formulas present in a large sheet. new mdcurran enhancement Microsoft Office support
#3683 Excel: there is no way one can find out about the cell shading. new defect Core
#3885 Exception thrown when unlocking the computer new defect Browse mode
#1351 Exclude unnecessary modules from py2exe bundle new enhancement Core
#1529 Experimental class to support speaking of typed characters when this is broken in application new enhancement Core
#3264 explorer: labels of edt not brailled when tethered to review new jteh defect Braille
#5210 Explorer: NVDA announces "Alt +" when gaining focus on a folder name with the "&" character new defect Untriaged
#3047 Extraneous dialog text in Ms Word font dialog new defect Core
#3053 extraneous message is given on reaching the address boook control in envelops and albels dialog in MS Word. new defect Core
#1836 extraneous verbosity in Word 2010 new jteh defect Core
#5112 extra quick nav keystrokes new enhancement Untriaged
#3041 Extreneous speech on reaching the filter button in define name range dialog in Excel. new defect Core
#4293 Facilitate control of the cursor position iwhen editing files new defect Core
#3093 Fail to copy text from some menu-items with NVDA+NumPad5 new defect Core
#5199 Faster add-on development workflow new enhancement Untriaged
#3262 Feature request: NVDA doesn't read items in Sam Broadcaster's list views new mdcurran enhancement Display model
#5194 Feature request: Please add Greek alphabet to symbols file new enhancement Untriaged
#2336 Feature request: The ability to jump to table boundaries new enhancement Browse mode
#2382 Features in open office, or libre office new enhancement Core
#1911 feature that allows user to read the whole row/column with a single keystroke new enhancement Core
#2764 Ffirefox won't stay focused. new defect Browse mode
#5291 Fieldset issue - Legend not read by NVDA new defect Untriaged
#3321 Fieldsets that contain a checkbox grouping does not read the legend at times new defect Core
#4929 Find functionality for log viewer new enhancement GUI
#4708 find messages in thunderbird. new defect App specific
#2245 Firefox 11 - no more paragraph reading on mouse over new defect Core
#4337 Firefox 32 beta is slower than previous versions in nvda new defect Core
#1438 Firefox 4.X: Logging into secure page, NVDA doesn't have focus in virtual document new defect Browse mode
#1581 Firefox 6 Nightly: Notifications partially/double-speak new defect Core
#1784 Firefox 9 Nightly: Upon moving to book text heading, DOWN ARROW - NVDA freezes Read All, and many other attempts in arrowing around all do not work new defect Browse mode
#4386 Firefox and IE (but not Chrome) "remember" last tab order even after hard refresh, but only with NVDA running. new defect Browse mode
#2601 Firefox and NVDA only: Image buttons read incorrectly new defect Core
#4296 Firefox does not gain focus when started from xp with latest snapshots new defect Core
#3156 firefox edit fields: duplicate llines and words accepted jteh defect near-term Core
#1941 Firefox:, within list of messages, navigate to next column, and NVDA errors new defect Browse mode
#4276 Firefox goes blank when an application is closed and focus goes onto it new defect GUI
#5321 Firefox how to prevent voice read out of link url along with link text new defect Untriaged
#1952 Firefox/IE: move to next/previous paragraph should ignore blank lines and go to text/HTML elements new defect Browse mode
#4855 Firefox - in some edit fields, braille routing does not work new defect Browse mode
#3057 Firefox: Keyboard shortcuts in View -> Sidebar menu reported twice new defect Core
#1647 Firefox menu bar drop-down option list problem using mouse pointer with NVDA new defect Core
#1619 Firefox menus activate but are invisible in full screen mode new defect Browse mode
#3337 Firefox: moving by word does not say punctuation immediately proceeding words new defect Core
#2002 Firefox Nightly: tabbing fails when hitting an IFrame accepted mehgcap defect Core
#1931 Firefox: Opening link in new tab and switching among tabs sometimes will report incorrect content new defect Browse mode
#1582 Firefox: Reviewing characters in edit field Sometimes Repeat new defect Core
#3266 Firefox: some pages cause NVDA to jump to the top new defect Core
#4032 Firefox textfield typeing and erasing causing lag. new defect Core
#1626 Firefox: Text of toggle buttons not announced. new jteh defect near-term Core
#2392 First available SAPI5 voice is used on secure screens new defect Speech synth drivers
#5077 First character after the cursor is dropped for Unicode not in braille table new defect Untriaged
#2919 first-line css selector nvda font information not reportd new defect Browse mode
#3766 Flash and other embedded objects contents can't be read on win xp service pack 3. new defect Browse mode
#5367 Flash crashing on certain websites when using NVDA and Firefox new defect Untriaged
#1878 Flash player based chat is not working correctly while using one system to realize WEBINARS. When first chat message have been sended, user can not jump to The editbox for writing chat message again. Even while triing to jump to The editbox for writing chat messages by disabling virtual browsing temporalily, NVDA is not able to monitor The written text when user is pressing arrow keys. NVDA can work ammazingly, when writting first chat message. But when user press ENter, or when user activate send button even without virtual browser active, new defect Browse mode
#2911 Flat review doesn't work in Magic DVD Ripper new mdcurran defect Display model
#2158 Flat review seems to mix up different tabs new mdcurran defect Display model
#3273 Focus 40 blue braille keyboard single letter navigation in browse mode new jteh defect Braille
#2161 focus 40 blue do'nt works with bluetooth new jteh defect Braille
#2004 Focus 40 USB braille display : "Unable to load freedomScientific teminal" new jteh defect Braille
#2832 Focus and browse mode do not behave reliably. new defect Core
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