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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2186 Improve Support For Google Talk new enhancement minor
#2187 Improve Support For ooVoo new enhancement trivial
#2188 nvda some times crashes when looking at yahoo groups messages on cites new defect minor
#2189 Error on VLC full screen mode new defect minor
#2192 NvDA's Wellcome dialog is not properly sized and centered new defect minor
#2195 The CapPitchChange setting on the Voice Settings Dialog should only be presented if the synth supports the pitch setting new enhancement minor
#2196 Some buttons on websites state unavailable in IE8 when they are not new defect minor
#2198 NVDA file will not open new defect minor
#2200 Dragging And Dropping In HTML Tables Breaks NVDA Table Navigation new defect minor
#2202 Enhancement to toggle exposure of long graphical link description new enhancement minor
#2204 NVDA Should Announces Alignment in IBM Lothus Symphony new jteh enhancement minor
#2214 user configuration directory accessible from NVDA's menu new enhancement minor
#2216 nvda's autorun does not works new defect minor
#2222 user not being notified of installed/completed update new enhancement minor
#2224 error during say all in virtual buffers using eSpeak new defect minor near-term
#2226 Changing settings for NVDA in secure mode new defect minor
#2229 NVDA speaks 2 colons instead of only one in Foobar2000's baloon tooltips new defect minor
#2232 Add ability for users to vote on tickets. new jteh enhancement minor
#2233 Support for visual studio breakpoints, etc. new enhancement minor
#2243 AVG thinks that the NVDA update is a threat new defect minor
#2244 in microsoft access2007 the selected fields are not appointed new defect minor
#2245 Firefox 11 - no more paragraph reading on mouse over new defect minor
#2246 Vertical/horizontal hold for mouse pointer new enhancement minor
#2250 Option to disable the "out of element" messages in web pages new enhancement minor
#2255 Add an option to keep the update in installation version of updater new jteh enhancement trivial
#2256 More options for extra voices section new jteh enhancement minor
#2257 Less intrusive automatic update notifications new jteh enhancement minor
#2261 I have to restart NVDA to make him working as usual new mdcurran defect minor
#2268 Add ability to read the current paragraph and the current, next and previous sentence new enhancement minor
#2278 Improve reading of tables in microsoft word. new defect minor
#2279 inconsistancy when reading excel spreadsheets new defect minor
#2281 NVDA doesn't read selected content in microsoft access new enhancement minor
#2283 Word: NVDA+END does not report info in status bar, e.g. page x of y, total word count, etc. new defect minor
#2285 Report when a text is copyed in other documents new enhancement minor
#2292 Problems with object navigation new defect minor
#2293 NVDA doesn't detect labels in certain controls new defect minor
#2296 NVDA Sluggish In Microsoft Word new defect minor
#2299 NVDA doesn't read paragraph correctly in open/libre/br office new jteh defect minor
#2303 Links presented as tooltips in Elements List when using Firefox new defect minor
#2308 add option to skip layout/formatting information when tabbing through content. new enhancement minor
#2310 stay in the same place on the page when content is refreshed. new enhancement minor
#2313 Add standard progress bar beeps to installer new enhancement minor
#2315 Braille does not work on secure Windows screens while normal copy of NVDA is running new jteh defect minor
#2317 Braille: Outlook 2010 Message Cannot be read new jteh defect minor
#2320 When changing between SAPI 5 voices the selected voice rate is lost and reset to 50. new defect minor
#2321 Windows displays error when inserting CD with portable copy of NVDA installed and configured to autostart new defect minor near-term
#2331 Using The NVDA OCR plugg-in! new jteh defect minor
#2334 STRANGE SYMBOK problem with systray nvda icon when activated by simulated or real mouse clickS new defect minor
#2336 Feature request: The ability to jump to table boundaries new enhancement trivial
#2338 NVDA+TAB reports some items strangely in Browse Mode new defect minor
#2341 SAPI4: rate setting in settings ring doesn't adjust for some synthesizers new defect minor
#2349 NVDA fail to bring mouse pointer to the cursor navigator object with nvda+numpad divide after one time. new defect minor
#2353 Allow the automatic check frequency of updates to be set new jteh enhancement minor
#2355 nvda having issues when updating because of viper antivirus 2012 new jteh defect minor
#2357 Trouble using Browse Mode in IE8. reopened jteh defect minor
#2360 can't access menu bar in windows explorer or mozzilla firefox new defect minor
#2362 Unexpected table boundary condition on news.ycombinator while using Firefox assigned jteh defect minor
#2364 NVDA doesn't read the subscribe button on new defect minor
#2371 issue with the everything search program new defect trivial
#2381 Cells, in calc, and excell spreadshees new jteh defect minor
#2382 Features in open office, or libre office new enhancement minor
#2383 NVDA doesn't allow braille scrolling in Eclipse new jteh defect minor
#2384 Non working nvda menu when nvda starts new defect minor
#2385 Automatically switch braille tethering between review and focus reopened jteh enhancement minor
#2387 Windows Update control panel list items not reported until focus moved away from list once new defect minor
#2389 allow user to add their own punctuation substitutions new enhancement minor
#2392 First available SAPI5 voice is used on secure screens new defect minor
#2395 Dubbal Speaking in the New Add-On manager new mdcurran defect minor near-term
#2396 anouncing of tab in ms word new enhancement minor
#2399 NVDA and Word viewer new defect minor
#2403 NVDA stops reading elements like the start menu, text in notepad, etc at random times. new defect minor
#2404 In mozilla headingsd of tables that repete through the page repete. new defect minor
#2407 Links in list appear on separate lines when list items are floated new jteh defect minor
#2408 NVDA 2012.2 RC2 installer did not update the autostart path in the registry after having moved the existing installed copy (at a non-standard location) to the standard path new defect minor
#2409 When pressing up or down on the arrow keys to read a web page nvda will freeze. new defect minor
#2413 NVDA is unable to gain focus on new pages when form data has been previously entered reopened defect minor
#2416 NVDA crash when playing sounds in GoldWave new task minor
#2420 Updating NVDA 2012.2 RC2 to NVDA 2012.2 takes a significant amount of time then displays a message new defect minor
#2423 NVDA doesn't read status of live icons in Windows 8 RP new defect minor
#2429 reporting combo boxes/radio buttons position new enhancement minor
#2431 nvda reporting repeated links in firefox. new defect minor
#2432 wrong reading compound words and sites new mdcurran defect minor
#2433 Option to just once report position information new enhancement minor
#2436 Cannot activate links in a given web page by any ways new defect minor
#2439 Support for entry of contracted braille via a braille keyboard new jteh enhancement minor
#2441 NVDA read the web pages to fast or to slow new defect minor
#2442 Support role=alert in MSHTML new enhancement minor
#2443 List items in firefox have no space between item type and item new defect trivial
#2445 Alert of a change in system tray content. new enhancement minor
#2446 Allow NVDA to speak the bullets and numbering, and list levels in Microsoft Word lists new enhancement minor
#2456 All NVDA 2012 releases disables Dragon 11.5 Custom Voice Commands new defect minor
#2457 Windows 8 start screen search doesn't read the first selected item new defect minor
#2459 NVDA announces 'not selected' for items on the Windows 8 start screen new enhancement minor
#2461 blue screen of death when using nvda 2012.2.1 new defect minor
#2462 Unable to access all of the menu's on the main Facebook Page with NVDA-2012.2.1 new defect minor
#2464 NVDA's Sapi driver reacts a lot slower in windows 8 new defect minor
#2467 A checkbox to also coppy installed add-ons when creating a portable coppy of NVDA new mdcurran enhancement minor
#2470 Visual Studio 2010 Getting Speech Feedback on Cursor Movement Not Involving Arrow Keys new enhancement minor
#2471 Visual Studio 2010 Open Code Editor File Name Not Reported new enhancement minor
#2476 Cancelling download of update intermittently fails new jteh defect minor near-term
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