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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2832 Focus and browse mode do not behave reliably. new defect minor
#2835 Improvements for Danish liblouis braille table new MHameed defect minor
#2839 Using Festival Synth, NVDA not continuing reading when nvda+down is pressed new defect minor
#2841 NVDA loses focus and position in editable field and forms. new defect minor
#2842 Unable to access/interact with combo boxes in certain web sites. new defect minor
#2844 On certain web pages especially those with a test format NVDA runs very slow and uses a lot of CPU power new defect minor
#2846 Unread message counts in Outlook 2010 not spoken new defect minor
#2847 Update related dialogs unexpectedly get focus new defect minor
#2849 Search in windows 8, number of results for apps, setting and files not read new defect minor
#2861 Punctuation repeating over three times is not sent to the synthesizer even if the 'preserve' field is set to "always" new defect minor
#2862 some iTunes 11 checkboxes always reporting not checked new defect minor
#2863 Problematic behavior by NVDA when changing password for Microsoft account in Windows Eight. new defect minor
#2866 NVDA fails to read correct page numbers in the pages option (thumbnail images) in Adobe Reader 8 new defect minor
#2868 NVDA stops reading sentences following full stop in a paragraph when using the mouse in Google Chrome new defect minor
#2872 NVDA fails to run and causes WerFault exceptions new defect minor
#2873 Unregister .nvda-addon file association upon uninstallation new defect minor
#2874 When braille display is tethered to focus current position is not refreshed properly new jteh defect minor near-term
#2875 The NVDA cursor moves top of the page when clicking on "continue" button in a news articles of BBC. new defect minor
#2876 NVDA does not interact very well in IE ten if compatibility mode is turned off. new defect minor
#2878 NVDA not reading all menu items with Classic Shell in Windows 8 new defect minor
#2881 NVDA stops working in windows store new defect minor
#2886 NVDA navigational key behaving strangely. new defect minor
#2887 "Report text formatting" could not work on merge cell new defect minor
#2890 Allow eSpeak to be used for the entirety of uninstallation new defect minor
#2891 userConfig directory automatically gets copied to installation directory for non-portable installs new defect minor
#2892 NVDA quits working with new tabs in IE and Firefox after reloading plugins new defect minor
#2893 I am noticing when closing with Alt Plus f4 out of folders that a lot of times NVDA loses focus and sometimes does not continue reading the list box of folders. This procedure seems to happen on a regular basis. Here are the steps. new defect minor
#2907 NVDA doesn't read properly PPT files witch contain text with transition effects new defect minor
#2908 live region not read in firefox when tabbing - reads when arrowing new defect trivial
#2911 Flat review doesn't work in Magic DVD Ripper new mdcurran defect minor
#2912 NVDA doesn't read tabs in powerpoint new defect minor
#2915 unknown error with start menu on a portible coppy. new defect minor
#2917 Nvda doesn't work with flash player installer. new defect minor
#2919 first-line css selector nvda font information not reportd new defect minor
#2920 Excel: Reading and editing of comments currently not possible new defect minor
#2925 NVDA Dialog focusing issues new defect minor
#2936 - unhandled exception in Winamp when looking up cddb new mdcurran defect minor
#2937 NVDA skipps parts of the text new defect minor
#2940 text under the mouse is not being read by paragraph reopened defect minor
#2941 Issue with Outlook profile change while using NVDA new defect minor
#2943 Outlook 2007: calendar When Focused on Appointment - NVDA Does NOT Read new defect minor
#2946 NVDA does not track text selection when editing cells in Microsoft Excel new defect minor
#2953 When typing a message in Outlook 2003 letters get mixed up new defect minor
#2954 MS Excel (braille cursor position incorrect on merged-cell) new jteh defect minor
#2960 Nvda freezes in the save as dialog in microsoft office 2010 new defect minor
#2972 Problems When Using Down or Up Arrow Keys when Crossing Page Boundaries in Microsoft word 2003 new defect minor
#2987 NVDA does not honour time and date format when the time or date is announced new defect minor
#2988 Double announcing of desktop icons when alt+tab is pressed. new defect trivial
#2998 NVDA causes duplicate letters in words typed with onscreen keyboard new defect minor
#3001 When Outlook 2010 gets the focussed application the whole computer gets very slow new defect minor
#3003 make advanced system care's interface more accessible new defect trivial
#3008 NVDA doesn't switch between different keyboard layouts in windows 7 ultimate new defect minor
#3015 Nvda is muted in the edit field new defect minor
#3018 MSWord 2010-on reaching the last cell in a table user needs to be ifnormed that TAB can result in a new empty row. new defect minor
#3019 Outlook 2010- Message edit is announced on reaching the uneditable message body of a recieved message when message is opened in a separate window. new defect minor
#3020 Outlook 2010-complete message body of a recieved message is not read automatically, when message opens in a separate window. new defect minor
#3021 Excel 2010-some extraneous text is announced on moving to the first control in fill tab page of format cells dialog. new defect minor
#3024 NVDA makes Windows Explorer crash in the Windows Action Center new defect major
#3029 loss of speech and sluggish in win7 new defect minor
#3030 Listboxes don't read with NVDA in visual studio 2012 new defect minor
#3031 Title of NVDA documentation pages is h2 instead of h1 new defect minor
#3034 nvda reads entire text when moving the mouse to an empty spot on a web page in internet explorer new defect minor
#3041 Extreneous speech on reaching the filter button in define name range dialog in Excel. new defect trivial
#3045 Instead of reading the color names, NVDA announces the RGB values of the colors in the fill tab page of format cells dialog in Excel. new defect minor
#3046 NVDA announces "not selected" after each list items in amny combo boxes in MS Word such as in ose commands from combo in customize dialog. new defect trivial
#3047 Extraneous dialog text in Ms Word font dialog new defect minor
#3048 NVDA announces selection removed before announcing the next list item in focus everytime one moves with ARROWS in font and font style controls in font dialog in MS Word. new defect trivial
#3051 Document content not updated when going back to previous page in Firefox new defect minor
#3052 In Outlook, context menu items that have the submenus are not read with NVDA KEY+UP ARROW, instead NVDA announces "blank" new defect trivial
#3053 extraneous message is given on reaching the address boook control in envelops and albels dialog in MS Word. new defect trivial
#3055 Error when trying to run IVONA Voices through NVDA. Also IVONA Voices are very sluggish. new defect minor
#3057 Firefox: Keyboard shortcuts in View -> Sidebar menu reported twice new defect minor
#3058 on opening bookmarks dialog in MS Word, NVDA gives irrelevant message about the errors in word file in the bookmark name edit field. new defect minor
#3069 The new rules dialog in Outlook that can help set some rules for maintaining messages is not accesible completely with NVDA. new defect minor
#3070 Prevent reading of background live regions new defect minor near-term
#3072 Copy To Clipboard Failing In Firefox E-mail, HTML View new defect minor
#3078 XFA PDF Listbox reading Id of item not the display text new defect minor
#3079 XFA PDF RadioButton custom reader text ignored new defect minor
#3080 In Internet Explorer the graphical links are repeated twice and are listed with twice in the elements list. new defect minor
#3083 XFA PDF CheckBox checked state not reported new defect minor
#3087 Routing off with Pacmate Display and Routing Keys new jteh defect minor
#3093 Fail to copy text from some menu-items with NVDA+NumPad5 new defect minor
#3095 Selections should be brailled in review mode new jteh defect minor
#3096 Elements with tabindex higher than 0 are pushed to the end of the tab order new defect minor
#3098 Reading in Word 2010 directly after opening a file new defect minor
#3102 NVDA crashes MS Word when you print complex document via PDF creator new defect major near-term
#3109 NVDA won't work with my RefreshaBraille 18. new jteh defect minor
#3111 NVDA not rendering some contents in browse mode with firefox. new defect minor
#3131 NVDA doesn't read the WindowsLiveMail arabic message content accurately. new defect minor
#3133 eOn opening untitled new dialogs in Outlook 2010 such as new contact/appointment dialogs, some irrelevant speech is given by NVDA. new defect minor
#3138 Over time, NVDA lags with firefox open new defect minor
#3139 NVDA makes error sound in save as/exiting power point dialogues new defect minor
#3142 NVDA incorrectly reporting links when editing in Apache Openoffice Calc ia2 branch new jteh defect minor
#3148 All dialogs and windows of NVDA should be centered on the screen new defect minor
#3149 NVDA doesn't read the description text in the "Options for managing of volume control" dialog of Windows 7 new defect minor
#3150 NVDA doesn't read the "Windows protection" dialogs new defect minor
#3156 firefox edit fields: duplicate llines and words accepted jteh defect minor near-term
#3157 Braillesense u2: a lot of shortcuts don't work new jteh defect minor
#3158 MSHTML: Explicitly map title attribute to description new defect minor
#3159 Adobe Flash Player installer and some other program installers not accessible new defect minor
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