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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#3046 NVDA announces "not selected" after each list items in amny combo boxes in MS Word such as in ose commands from combo in customize dialog. new defect trivial
#3047 Extraneous dialog text in Ms Word font dialog new defect minor
#3048 NVDA announces selection removed before announcing the next list item in focus everytime one moves with ARROWS in font and font style controls in font dialog in MS Word. new defect trivial
#3052 In Outlook, context menu items that have the submenus are not read with NVDA KEY+UP ARROW, instead NVDA announces "blank" new defect trivial
#3053 extraneous message is given on reaching the address boook control in envelops and albels dialog in MS Word. new defect trivial
#3055 Error when trying to run IVONA Voices through NVDA. Also IVONA Voices are very sluggish. new defect minor
#3057 Firefox: Keyboard shortcuts in View -> Sidebar menu reported twice new defect minor
#3058 on opening bookmarks dialog in MS Word, NVDA gives irrelevant message about the errors in word file in the bookmark name edit field. assigned mdcurran defect minor
#3069 The new rules dialog in Outlook that can help set some rules for maintaining messages is not accesible completely with NVDA. new defect minor
#3070 Prevent reading of background live regions new defect minor near-term
#3072 Copy To Clipboard Failing In Firefox E-mail, HTML View new defect minor
#3078 XFA PDF Listbox reading Id of item not the display text new defect minor
#3079 XFA PDF RadioButton custom reader text ignored new defect minor
#3080 In Internet Explorer the graphical links are repeated twice and are listed with twice in the elements list. new defect minor
#3083 XFA PDF CheckBox checked state not reported new defect minor
#3087 Routing off with Pacmate Display and Routing Keys new jteh defect minor
#3093 Fail to copy text from some menu-items with NVDA+NumPad5 new defect minor
#3095 Selections should be brailled in review mode new jteh defect minor
#3096 Elements with tabindex higher than 0 are pushed to the end of the tab order new defect minor
#3098 Reading in Word 2010 directly after opening a file new defect minor
#3102 NVDA crashes MS Word when you print complex document via PDF creator new defect major near-term
#3109 NVDA won't work with my RefreshaBraille 18. new jteh defect minor
#3111 NVDA not rendering some contents in browse mode with firefox. new defect minor
#3131 NVDA doesn't read the WindowsLiveMail arabic message content accurately. new defect minor
#3133 eOn opening untitled new dialogs in Outlook 2010 such as new contact/appointment dialogs, some irrelevant speech is given by NVDA. new defect minor
#3138 Over time, NVDA lags with firefox open new defect minor
#3139 NVDA makes error sound in save as/exiting power point dialogues new defect minor
#3142 NVDA incorrectly reporting links when editing in Apache Openoffice Calc ia2 branch new jteh defect minor
#3149 NVDA doesn't read the description text in the "Options for managing of volume control" dialog of Windows 7 new defect minor
#3150 NVDA doesn't read the "Windows protection" dialogs new defect minor
#3156 firefox edit fields: duplicate llines and words accepted jteh defect minor near-term
#3157 Braillesense u2: a lot of shortcuts don't work new jteh defect minor
#3158 MSHTML: Explicitly map title attribute to description new defect minor
#3159 Adobe Flash Player installer and some other program installers not accessible new defect minor
#3165 nvda settings randomly resetting new defect minor
#3168 MS Word: press home, braille cursor could not move to the first cell new jteh defect minor
#3173 NVDA with Espeak Switches To Another Language or dialect with the string "30th" (without the quotes) new defect minor near-term
#3176 Alert notification are not spoken in IE10. new defect minor
#3178 NVDA not indicating selection in some types of editing controls new mdcurran defect minor
#3179 Portable NVDA does not read when brousing to open a file in Audacity new defect minor
#3180 Portable NVDA not working in several apps new defect minor
#3182 Modifying text in wordpad crashes NVDA new defect minor
#3185 NVDA freezes while arrowing down on certain pages in Firefox new defect minor
#3199 Constant errors when moving around files in Studio recorder new mdcurran defect minor
#3206 powerpoint content not updated when navigating different slides in slideshow view new defect minor
#3215 NVDA is not passing the Escape key in ARIA menus new defect minor
#3219 IN edit field, NVDA mixing letters in IE10. new defect minor
#3220 In Wordpad, ctrl+arrow down doesn't read paragraphs. new defect minor
#3226 NVDA doesn't function properly in Windows-8 mail app. new defect minor
#3227 NVDA lags with complex formatting in microsoft word new defect minor
#3229 Nvda crashes Kindle for PC with Accessibility Plugin new defect minor
#3230 If Try to Use Routing Keys in Thunderbird Subject Field of Message, kicks you all the way to from new jteh defect minor
#3246 some of the new lapTop layout keys don't work with the arabic keyboard new MHameed defect minor
#3252 NVDA2013.1 could not detect some click graphic new defect minor
#3257 Strange error in LibreOffice in XP new defect minor
#3258 nvda doesn't refresh progressbars in braille new jteh defect minor
#3259 Unable to access at all. new defect minor
#3261 Some buttons in Internet Explorer 8 say they are unavailable when they clearly are working new defect minor
#3263 MS Word 2007 & 2010, NVDA No Longer Reads All Info On Word Status Line new defect minor
#3264 explorer: labels of edt not brailled when tethered to review new jteh defect minor
#3265 Sometimes when arrowing down in a website the virtual buffer jumps back at the beginning. new defect minor
#3266 Firefox: some pages cause NVDA to jump to the top new defect minor
#3273 Focus 40 blue braille keyboard single letter navigation in browse mode new jteh defect minor
#3274 When using Windows 7 with Office 2007 installed, NVDA responds slower in dialogs such as file copy while Office supplied IME is in use new defect minor
#3276 Focus braille display and word undo new jteh defect minor
#3277 NVDA crashes in MS Word 2013. new defect minor
#3281 Hidden elements read out in IE8 new defect minor
#3284 Hebrew braille display new defect minor
#3287 >Braille doesn't follow continuous reading in virtual buffer. new defect minor
#3291 NVDA Incompatible with Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking new defect minor
#3297 Navigating word with braille display (focus 40 blue) new jteh defect minor
#3298 Reporting deletes when done using CTRL+DELETE new defect minor
#3299 Occasional character, word and line skips in Adobe Digital Editions new defect minor
#3302 T chord (alt-tab command) doesn't work properly new jteh defect minor
#3306 NVDA causing CHTMLView Applications not to exit new defect minor
#3308 MS Outlook 2007 crashes when NVDA is loaded new defect major
#3309 Nvda browse mode question in internet explorer 10. new defect minor
#3311 NVDA crashes on MozillaFirefox new defect minor
#3313 Tooltips in Firefox and Thunderbird are not read by NVDA new defect minor
#3314 NVDA does not read tooltips in some applications new defect minor
#3316 NVDA freezes when a progress dialog from Audacity is present new defect minor
#3317 Problems with Espeak if trying to run an old installer package new defect minor
#3319 SCR reads title on input field twice new defect minor
#3321 Fieldsets that contain a checkbox grouping does not read the legend at times new defect minor
#3325 Alert notification message not spoken in IE10 metro/modern browser. new defect minor
#3336 NVDA loses track when webpage updates new defect minor
#3337 Firefox: moving by word does not say punctuation immediately proceeding words new defect minor
#3339 WindowsError in VirtualAllocEx for 64-bit programs new defect minor
#3342 n v d a is slow with Microsoft Speech Platform reopened defect minor
#3344 NVDA indicates a landmark where there might not be one. new defect minor
#3352 IE 9: NVDA Stops On Something Other Than Form Fields When I Press F new defect minor near-term
#3361 NVDA allows to open its dialogs when an wx file or dir dialog is opened new defect minor
#3362 IE script error on help balloons new defect minor
#3363 Edsharp and braille display problems with fast typing new defect minor
#3366 Outlook 2010 Calendar: Tab Only Reads First Appointment Automatically In Month View new defect minor
#3376 On Session Restore Page in Firefox, NVDA fails to turn on focus mode for the tab/window tree new defect minor
#3377 NVDA fails to identify the state (checked or unchecked) for each item in the window/tab tree view on Session Restore page in Firefox new defect minor
#3378 NVDA not showing buttons with Sam Broadcaster new defect trivial
#3383 Microsoft Word 2010, NVDA Doesn't Say All Selected Text In Table Cell When Tabbing To It. new defect minor
#3384 nvda can not navigate by character in formfields when internet explorer is first loaded new defect minor
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