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#3055 Error when trying to run IVONA Voices through NVDA. Also IVONA Voices are very sluggish. new defect Speech synth drivers
#3057 Firefox: Keyboard shortcuts in View -> Sidebar menu reported twice new defect Core
#3058 on opening bookmarks dialog in MS Word, NVDA gives irrelevant message about the errors in word file in the bookmark name edit field. assigned mdcurran defect Microsoft Office support
#3069 The new rules dialog in Outlook that can help set some rules for maintaining messages is not accesible completely with NVDA. new defect Core
#3070 Prevent reading of background live regions new defect near-term Core
#3072 Copy To Clipboard Failing In Firefox E-mail, HTML View new defect Core
#3078 XFA PDF Listbox reading Id of item not the display text new defect Core
#3079 XFA PDF RadioButton custom reader text ignored new defect Core
#3080 In Internet Explorer the graphical links are repeated twice and are listed with twice in the elements list. new defect Core
#3083 XFA PDF CheckBox checked state not reported new defect Core
#3087 Routing off with Pacmate Display and Routing Keys new jteh defect Braille
#3093 Fail to copy text from some menu-items with NVDA+NumPad5 new defect Core
#3095 Selections should be brailled in review mode new jteh defect Braille
#3096 Elements with tabindex higher than 0 are pushed to the end of the tab order new defect Browse mode
#3098 Reading in Word 2010 directly after opening a file new defect Core
#3102 NVDA crashes MS Word when you print complex document via PDF creator new defect near-term Core
#3109 NVDA won't work with my RefreshaBraille 18. new jteh defect Braille
#3111 NVDA not rendering some contents in browse mode with firefox. new defect Browse mode
#3131 NVDA doesn't read the WindowsLiveMail arabic message content accurately. new defect Core
#3133 eOn opening untitled new dialogs in Outlook 2010 such as new contact/appointment dialogs, some irrelevant speech is given by NVDA. new defect Core
#3138 Over time, NVDA lags with firefox open new defect Browse mode
#3139 NVDA makes error sound in save as/exiting power point dialogues new defect Core
#3142 NVDA incorrectly reporting links when editing in Apache Openoffice Calc ia2 branch new jteh defect Compound documents
#3149 NVDA doesn't read the description text in the "Options for managing of volume control" dialog of Windows 7 new defect Core
#3150 NVDA doesn't read the "Windows protection" dialogs new defect Core
#3156 firefox edit fields: duplicate llines and words accepted jteh defect near-term Core
#3157 Braillesense u2: a lot of shortcuts don't work new jteh defect Braille
#3158 MSHTML: Explicitly map title attribute to description new defect Core
#3159 Adobe Flash Player installer and some other program installers not accessible new defect Core
#3165 nvda settings randomly resetting new defect Core
#3168 MS Word: press home, braille cursor could not move to the first cell new jteh defect Braille
#3173 NVDA with Espeak Switches To Another Language or dialect with the string "30th" (without the quotes) new defect near-term Speech synth drivers
#3176 Alert notification are not spoken in IE10. new defect Core
#3178 NVDA not indicating selection in some types of editing controls new mdcurran defect Display model
#3179 Portable NVDA does not read when brousing to open a file in Audacity new defect Core
#3180 Portable NVDA not working in several apps new defect Core
#3182 Modifying text in wordpad crashes NVDA new defect Core
#3185 NVDA freezes while arrowing down on certain pages in Firefox new defect Core
#3199 Constant errors when moving around files in Studio recorder new mdcurran defect Display model
#3206 powerpoint content not updated when navigating different slides in slideshow view new defect Core
#3215 NVDA is not passing the Escape key in ARIA menus new defect Browse mode
#3219 IN edit field, NVDA mixing letters in IE10. new defect Core
#3220 In Wordpad, ctrl+arrow down doesn't read paragraphs. new defect Core
#3226 NVDA doesn't function properly in Windows-8 mail app. new defect Core
#3227 NVDA lags with complex formatting in microsoft word new defect Speech
#3229 Nvda crashes Kindle for PC with Accessibility Plugin new defect Core
#3230 If Try to Use Routing Keys in Thunderbird Subject Field of Message, kicks you all the way to from new jteh defect Braille
#3246 some of the new lapTop layout keys don't work with the arabic keyboard new MHameed defect Localisation
#3252 NVDA2013.1 could not detect some click graphic new defect Browse mode
#3257 Strange error in LibreOffice in XP new defect Core
#3258 nvda doesn't refresh progressbars in braille new jteh defect Braille
#3259 Unable to access at all. new defect Browse mode
#3261 Some buttons in Internet Explorer 8 say they are unavailable when they clearly are working new defect Browse mode
#3263 MS Word 2007 & 2010, NVDA No Longer Reads All Info On Word Status Line new defect Core
#3264 explorer: labels of edt not brailled when tethered to review new jteh defect Braille
#3265 Sometimes when arrowing down in a website the virtual buffer jumps back at the beginning. new defect Browse mode
#3266 Firefox: some pages cause NVDA to jump to the top new defect Core
#3273 Focus 40 blue braille keyboard single letter navigation in browse mode new jteh defect Braille
#3274 When using Windows 7 with Office 2007 installed, NVDA responds slower in dialogs such as file copy while Office supplied IME is in use new defect Core
#3276 Focus braille display and word undo new jteh defect Braille
#3277 NVDA crashes in MS Word 2013. new defect Core
#3281 Hidden elements read out in IE8 new defect Browse mode
#3284 Hebrew braille display new defect Core
#3287 >Braille doesn't follow continuous reading in virtual buffer. new defect Core
#3291 NVDA Incompatible with Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking new defect Core
#3297 Navigating word with braille display (focus 40 blue) new jteh defect Braille
#3298 Reporting deletes when done using CTRL+DELETE new defect Core
#3299 Occasional character, word and line skips in Adobe Digital Editions new defect Core
#3302 T chord (alt-tab command) doesn't work properly new jteh defect Braille
#3306 NVDA causing CHTMLView Applications not to exit new defect Core
#3308 MS Outlook 2007 crashes when NVDA is loaded new defect Core
#3309 Nvda browse mode question in internet explorer 10. new defect Browse mode
#3311 NVDA crashes on MozillaFirefox new defect Browse mode
#3313 Tooltips in Firefox and Thunderbird are not read by NVDA new defect Core
#3314 NVDA does not read tooltips in some applications new defect Core
#3316 NVDA freezes when a progress dialog from Audacity is present new defect Core
#3317 Problems with Espeak if trying to run an old installer package new defect Documentation
#3319 SCR reads title on input field twice new defect Speech
#3321 Fieldsets that contain a checkbox grouping does not read the legend at times new defect Core
#3325 Alert notification message not spoken in IE10 metro/modern browser. new defect Core
#3336 NVDA loses track when webpage updates new defect Browse mode
#3337 Firefox: moving by word does not say punctuation immediately proceeding words new defect Core
#3339 WindowsError in VirtualAllocEx for 64-bit programs new defect Core
#3342 n v d a is slow with Microsoft Speech Platform reopened defect Speech
#3344 NVDA indicates a landmark where there might not be one. new defect Core
#3352 IE 9: NVDA Stops On Something Other Than Form Fields When I Press F new defect near-term Browse mode
#3361 NVDA allows to open its dialogs when an wx file or dir dialog is opened new defect GUI
#3362 IE script error on help balloons new defect Core
#3363 Edsharp and braille display problems with fast typing new defect Core
#3366 Outlook 2010 Calendar: Tab Only Reads First Appointment Automatically In Month View new defect Core
#3376 On Session Restore Page in Firefox, NVDA fails to turn on focus mode for the tab/window tree new defect Browse mode
#3377 NVDA fails to identify the state (checked or unchecked) for each item in the window/tab tree view on Session Restore page in Firefox new defect Browse mode
#3378 NVDA not showing buttons with Sam Broadcaster new defect Core
#3383 Microsoft Word 2010, NVDA Doesn't Say All Selected Text In Table Cell When Tabbing To It. new defect Core
#3384 nvda can not navigate by character in formfields when internet explorer is first loaded new defect Browse mode
#3386 nvda update hangs if other apps are open new jteh defect Update check
#3395 Possible interaction of NVDA with IE8 and Outlook Express in XP new defect Core
#3405 In outlook 2013, misleading msg as not checked is announced in thenavigationmenu when navigating with the ARROWS. new defect Core
#3406 on navigatingwith ARROWS each itemis announced as not selected in the folders tree view in Outlook. new defect Core
#3408 On using NVDA+F7 IE window looses the focus and one has to ALT+TAB to go back to IE window. new defect Core
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