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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#3975 In Braille, landmark indications should be abbreviated new jteh enhancement Braille
#2279 inconsistancy when reading excel spreadsheets new defect Core
#3780 Inconsistencies between "mouse tracking" and object navigation on a touch screen new mdcurran defect Touch screen support
#310 inconsistent beeping on capitals when "speak cap for capitals" and "beep for capitals" both are turned on new defect Speech
#5345 Inconsistent behaviour. Pressing [Enter] or [Space] does not register as a 'click' on some modal windows new defect Untriaged
#976 Incorrect Adding of Messages to the Message Stack in Miranda new defect Core
#4353 incorrect announcement of the Desktop as Explorer in some cases new defect Core
#3600 Incorrect headers-id associations in tables new defect Core
#5287 Incorrect outline levels being read when using ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT/LEFT arrow keys in Microsoft Word 2010 new defect Untriaged
#3935 Incorrect reading of Unicode text in menu items of some applications new defect Core
#4388 incorrect speaking of progress bar updates new enhancement Speech
#3685 Incorrect table reading in Microsoft Word 2007 new defect Core
#4987 Indentation level not reported in Microsoft powerPoint 2013 new mdcurran enhancement Microsoft Office support
#5369 Index page of NVDA Community portal should have main content starting with a heading new defect Untriaged
#1953 Indicate if focused item is selected using dots 7 and 8 reopened jteh enhancement Braille
#3022 Indicate spelling errors in braille new jteh enhancement Braille
#4328 Indication of focusmode erratic when new page loaded new jteh defect Official builds
#4932 Indic Input 2 and 3 tools available for typing in Indian languages are not accessible with NVDA. new defect App specific
#3219 IN edit field, NVDA mixing letters in IE10. new defect Core
#3575 In Firefox, NVDA causes the first link in the DOM to be skipped intermittently (the second link/focusable element is focused) new defect Core
#3520 In Firefox,text written in multiline edit fields is not read with ARROWS in Gmail. new defect Core
#4202 Infragistic Controls not supported by NVDA assigned mdcurran defect Core
#4796 In Internet Explorer 11, NVDA can't activate links on a particular website new defect Browse mode
#3080 In Internet Explorer the graphical links are repeated twice and are listed with twice in the elements list. new defect Core
#4251 In JAWS, Insert+Delete announces the line number and the character number in MS Word. Such a system is missing in NVDA. If this facility is created in NVDA, it will be a step forward towards putting NVDA at par with JAWS. reopened enhancement Core
#2244 in microsoft access2007 the selected fields are not appointed new defect GUI
#4224 In MICROSOFT excel: executing event: typedCharacter on <NVDAObjects.window.excel.ExcelCell object at 0x0835D9F0> with extra args of {'ch': u'\x1a'} new mdcurran defect Microsoft Office support
#3650 In mozilla applications, nvda fails to speak, or speaks incorrectly the text backspaced new defect Core
#4417 in Mozilla Firefox Downloads window, NVDA repeats the information associated to the file being downloaded each time the download progress is updated new defect Core
#2404 In mozilla headingsd of tables that repete through the page repete. new defect Browse mode
#3797 in mozilla thunderbird, emails with long descriptions trigger an error. new defect Browse mode
#3621 In mozilla thunderbird, pressing control plus backspace triggers an error rather than reading the correct word new defect Core
#4394 in MS Word 2007, NVDA does not say context menu before the item in the context menu gaining focus new mdcurran defect Microsoft Office support
#2754 In notepad, only first character is announced when moving by word with multi-byte chars such as Asian words (specifically, Korean words) new defect Speech
#4792 In notepad++ spelling errors are not reported. new defect Untriaged
#5168 In Office 2013. In Outlook 2013 and when you creat a new email message and you have more than two people in the CC field, and you move back to the CC edit field to get NVDA to read the CC field to you. NVDA will only allow me to read the first persons name and not all of the people in that CC field and will not allow me to review what is in this CC field with my up and down errow keys? new defect Untriaged
#4570 in outlook 2010 when I hit CTRL+R, I hear "Right alined" new mdcurran defect Microsoft Office support
#3405 In outlook 2013, misleading msg as not checked is announced in thenavigationmenu when navigating with the ARROWS. new defect Core
#3488 In Outlook 2013, NVDA does not read the list of categories found within the Options dialog. new defect Core
#3052 In Outlook, context menu items that have the submenus are not read with NVDA KEY+UP ARROW, instead NVDA announces "blank" new defect Core
#4701 In power point, Nvda does not read current slide (only repeats the first slide) in the slide show view if nvda is running in Nepali locale. new jteh defect Localisation
#2806 In ProcessExplorer from sysinternals, the process list cannot be read with NVDA new defect Core
#2166 In Process Monitor from SysInternals NVDA announces changes in listview even in the program menu. reopened defect Core
#3687 InputGestures: A facility to allow definition of layered gestures via an input capture method new enhancement Core
#3848 Input Gestures dialog doesn't reflect a built-in gesture that was just overridden new defect GUI
#4900 Input gestures dialog: Filter to only show customised entries new enhancement GUI
#5200 Input Help: Sentence Reading Commands not announced in Microsoft Word new task Untriaged
#5326 input type="file" is only read as "browse button" in firefox new defect Untriaged
#2699 ;INSERT+F1 help message capability new mdcurran task Add-on management
#4731 in Shareit (by Linnovo group), when user presses the Next Page or Previous Page button, NVDA simply announces 'Shareit window' instead of saying the newly appeared help tip new defect App specific
#1474 installer should check state of Windows Audio service. new enhancement Installer
#2777 In start screen Modern UI, NVDA doesn't announce the selected candidate during a search. new enhancement Core
#5122 Interaction with mathematics without having to install software new enhancement Untriaged
#1864 Interact with help balloons new enhancement Core
#1883 Intermittent error in Outlook Express new defect Core
#3890 Intermittently when updating NVDA, nvda_slave.exe sometimes does not exit new defect Installer
#2922 International Phonetic Alphabet new enhancement Speech
#3618 Internet Explorer 11 causes WindowsError new defect Browse mode
#2178 internet explorer9 progress bars new defect Core
#1257 Internet Explorer and Firefox cannot agree if some links exist or not, but they do.. new defect Core
#4970 interpret #d0ffd0 color hex as green instead of white new defect Untriaged
#4317 in the Start Menu when focus is on the search box and user presses up arrow to go to All Programs, NVDA says blank All Programs (and all the information with it) new defect Speech
#3779 Introduce a "pass through" mode for touch gestures new mdcurran enhancement Touch screen support
#4105 Introduce role-based braille mapper new jteh enhancement Braille
#4263 introduse the ability to postpone a downloaded update new jteh enhancement Update check
#2116 In virtual box when a vm is created it is not reported in the list of vms new defect Core
#4333 In virtual buffers, definition lists render with double the correct amount of items there actually are. new defect Browse mode
#4729 In VLC Media Player, when focus is on Open File... in Media submenu, and user presses right arrow and then left arrow NVDA behaves strangely new defect App specific
#3699 In VMware Player, NVDA does not echo the characters typed in edit fields new defect Core
#2746 In Windows 8, some programs such as Outlook, Skype and others crash while using NVDA for a while new defect Core
#4854 In Word, NVDA repeats last context change when going in and out of browse mode new mdcurran defect Microsoft Office support
#3220 In Wordpad, ctrl+arrow down doesn't read paragraphs. new defect Core
#3824 Is NVDA Compatible with Rational Quality Manager? new enhancement Core
#4732 issues in Windows 7 Disk Defragmenter utility new defect Untriaged
#4025 Issues navigating multi-page word documents new defect Core
#2500 Issues reading in windows media center new defect Speech
#5003 Issues using IE 11 with NVDA master-11139. new defect Untriaged
#4063 Issues with NVDA on eBay new defect Browse mode
#5310 Issues with the Camera app in Windows 10 new defect Untriaged
#1847 Issue with braille when reading Outlook 2010 message new defect Core
#2941 Issue with Outlook profile change while using NVDA new defect Core
#448 Issue with progress bar in firefox 3.5 html5 audio player new defect Browse mode
#2371 issue with the everything search program new defect Core
#5202 I think NVDA's logic is wrong on password confirmation & strength new defect Untriaged
#4077 It is for Virtual audio cable. new enhancement Speech
#1384 It is sometimes not possible to complete certain HTML forms, such as activating a button to complete a search when using NVDA and Seamonkey. new defect Browse mode
#3966 It reads first line only new defect Core
#2620 It's not possible navigate using table commands in IBM Lotus Symphony and openOffice new jteh enhancement Compound documents
#4678 It's not Possible to Read Typed Content in Editable Combo Boxes When Using Google Chrome new defect Core
#5191 iTunes 12.2 browse mode is not handled correctly new defect Untriaged
#2641 iTunes Downloads listview enhancement new enhancement Core
#2489 I wish to support tencent qq. new mdcurran enhancement Display model
#1904 Use Screen Layout Off Has No Effect new defect Browse mode
#2157 Japanese characters in console reported as space new defect Windows command console
#2730 Japanese input method is not reported correctly new mdcurran defect Asian character input
#4345 Java Access Bridge: Support function and additional keys in key bindings new enhancement Core
#4770 Javaw: command line parser routine returns full path of a jar file new defect Core
#4962 jump elements using quick navigation in word new mdcurran enhancement Microsoft Office support
#1969 jump to selection start marker new enhancement Core
#4977 Key Activated Mouse Tracking new enhancement Untriaged
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