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#4294 KeyboardInputGesture.send should use SendInput rather than Keybd_event assigned defect minor
#556 Keyboard layout change is not reported in console windows new defect minor
#866 Keystrokes, "anounce last tooltips" should be inserted to NVDA new task minor
#3285 Keystroke to open "Manage Add-ons" dialog new mdcurran enhancement minor
#1428 Keys which produce a compound character spoken as separate typed characters new pvagner defect minor near-term
#3711 label for & button label works improper in IE new defect minor
#2133 Lag/crash when trying read large pages containing changesets new defect minor
#869 Lag when typing web address in location bar in Mozilla Firefox new defect minor
#3642 Lag when using Windows Explorer new enhancement minor
#4692 lag while arrowing in MS Word 2007 in NVDA as compared to JAWS new defect minor
#4693 language detection doesn't work in google chrome new defect minor
#3123 language support new MHameed enhancement trivial
#4642 Language switching for object reporting new enhancement minor
#2812 Large number of spaces in pre tag causes up arrow not to work new defect minor
#1927 Latest Two Female ESpeak Voices Are Missing From Within Varients List. new defect minor
#4712 Latest Version of NVDA crashing Chrome new defect minor
#2257 Less intrusive automatic update notifications new jteh enhancement minor
#4652 Let add-ons get translated messages included in the core new enhancement minor
#4457 Liblouis or nvda bug randomly created a traceback. new jteh defect minor
#2049 Libre office series 4 is broking by reading, and by braille. new jteh defect minor
#4698 Lines are no longer displayed correctly in Email-Software "The Bat!" new defect minor
#3887 Lingobit Localizer translation strings are not accessible with NVDA, it is non standard control of UI of The Lingobit Localizer new mdcurran enhancement trivial
#3483 Links are no longer activable in E-Mails displayed using Outlook Express and other e-Mail clients new mdcurran defect minor
#2169 links in interactive elements new defect minor
#2407 Links in list appear on separate lines when list items are floated new jteh defect minor
#2303 Links presented as tooltips in Elements List when using Firefox new defect minor
#1928 Links to the v11.0 RunTime of the Microsoft Speech Platform Voices Inside The User guide, And Or Free Synths Wiki Page new enhancement minor near-term
#3030 Listboxes don't read with NVDA in visual studio 2012 new defect minor
#2443 List items in firefox have no space between item type and item new defect trivial
#836 list size is incorrectly calculated new defect minor
#700 "List with" statement needs revision. new defect minor
#2908 live region not read in firefox when tabbing - reads when arrowing new defect trivial
#4569 Load specific app modules for apps hosted by wwahost.exe new enhancement minor
#356 log viewer doesn't respect large fonts new defect minor
#3722 logviewer not working properly new defect minor
#1445 Log viewer sometimes does not properly regain focus new defect minor
#2577 loseFocus event fired twice when sleep mode is turned on and then off new defect trivial
#1544 Losing Focus When Using Browse Mode new defect minor
#3029 loss of speech and sluggish in win7 new defect minor
#2542 Lost feedback when the context menu is opened new defect minor
#80 Lotus Notes Freezes NVDA new msuch defect major
#2499 Lotus symphony: review cursor does not follow caret new jteh defect minor near-term
#3920 Mail client in Windows 8 no speech in messagefield new task minor
#152 Maintain cursor position in MSN Messenger history control new enhancement minor
#3003 make advanced system care's interface more accessible new defect trivial
#4097 Make braille_previousLine and braille_nextLine functional outside of text content new jteh enhancement minor
#2973 make conexant smart audio control panel accessible new enhancement trivial
#4599 Make default pronunciation of some symbols more intuitive new enhancement minor
#946 Make elements list resizable and scrollable new enhancement minor
#651 make Extensions Manager in OpenOffice accessible new mdcurran enhancement minor
#1539 Make "line feed" and "carriage return" symbol names more user friendly new enhancement minor
#3930 Make Mouse tracking report the state of controls new enhancement minor
#3929 Make mouse tracking use display model, when other methods of text retrieval fail new enhancement minor
#4444 make states for expanded and collapsed on braille displays shorter. new jteh enhancement minor
#4679 make switching between synthisizers easier new enhancement minor
#1785 Make the Read status bar command copy its contents on third press like Report window title new enhancement minor
#3791 Make Total Commander 64 announce the left and right panes abandoned defect minor next
#4401 making nvda accessible in lotus notes application new jteh enhancement minor
#4216 Malwarebytes new interface is no longer accessible new defect trivial
#537 Many unicode characters are missing from the standard braille table new jteh enhancement trivial near-term
#2818 Media Player Classic Home Cinema can't be closed correctly if NVDA is running new defect minor
#3647 merge configuration related menu items under configuration submenu new enhancement trivial
#4040 Merge the synthesizer settings into the Voice settings. new enhancement trivial
#3927 Message window in thunderbird 27 beta: bottom line not being read new defect minor
#2106 MetecBD 40 braille display driver. new jteh enhancement minor
#4372 Microsoft Excel: Some Characters not Being Read When Editing Formulas new mdcurran defect minor
#480 Microsoft's Envelope maker does not read with NVDA new enhancement minor
#3383 Microsoft Word 2010, NVDA Doesn't Say All Selected Text In Table Cell When Tabbing To It. new defect minor
#4416 Microsoft Word: announce linked picture objects as graphics new enhancement minor
#4596 Microsoft Word: NVDA Doesn't read alt text in canvas object new mdcurran defect minor
#3293 Microsoft Word, Shift + F3 and F8, NVDA Doesn't Read Selected Text new enhancement minor
#3294 Microsoft Word: Synchronize Style Name Speaking When Certain Keys Are Pressed new enhancement minor
#2519 Miranda IM message feedback only given after enitial interaction after NVDA restart new defect minor
#3523 Miranda NG, first message after NVDA load isn't being read. new defect minor
#4456 miscDeps: Make executable files executable in git new defect minor
#4321 Missing fullstops at the end of a help messages new jteh task trivial
#2008 Missing python library modules on binary distribution to be used within plugin new defect minor
#3490 Mixx DJ application crashes when NVDA is running new defect minor
#3182 Modifying text in wordpad crashes NVDA new defect minor
#4636 modify the function assigned to NVDA + F9 and F10 to select the text, instead of copying it new enhancement minor
#1803 More issues relating to currencies new defect minor
#2256 More options for extra voices section new jteh enhancement minor
#1464 Mouse selection is not read in Internet Browsers new defect minor
#2660 Mouse tracking broken for Internet Explorer 9 new defect minor
#3591 Mouse Tracking: Bullet And Number Bug new defect minor
#3589 Mouse Tracking Glitches new defect minor
#3590 Mouse Tracking Glitch: Wrapped Hyperlinks new defect minor
#4385 Mouse Tracking Not always speaking Accurately new defect minor
#3592 Mouse Tracking: Textual Layer Bug new defect minor
#1593 Move "Use spelling functionality if supported" setting into sapi4 and sapi5 new enhancement trivial near-term
#3004 Move virtual buffer position to mouse position in browse mode feature new enhancement minor
#4473 Moving by word broken in Python Console output control when line starts with a space new defect minor
#777 MS Access error when cancel is pressed in data sources wizard new defect trivial
#4414 MS Excel 2010: Caret not tracked when rename worksheet field is initially focused new mdcurran defect minor
#2954 MS Excel (braille cursor position incorrect on merged-cell) new jteh defect minor
#3659 MS Excel: braille display shows hyperlink hint at the end of the cell message new jteh defect minor
#4161 MSHTML browse mode: Activating ARIA menu items on doesn't switch to focus mode new defect minor next
#3771 MSHTML: Exception in isFocusable property new defect minor
#3158 MSHTML: Explicitly map title attribute to description new defect minor
#3776 MSHTML: Hidden content inside button elements incorrectly rendered in browse mode new defect minor
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