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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1864 Interact with help balloons new enhancement minor
#1883 Intermittent error in Outlook Express new defect minor
#3890 Intermittently when updating NVDA, nvda_slave.exe sometimes does not exit new defect minor
#2922 International Phonetic Alphabet new enhancement trivial
#3618 Internet Explorer 11 causes WindowsError new defect minor
#3850 Internet Explorer 11: items in favorites list is not announced in next.10304 assigned jteh defect minor
#2178 internet explorer9 progress bars new defect minor
#1257 Internet Explorer and Firefox cannot agree if some links exist or not, but they do.. new defect minor
#4970 interpret #d0ffd0 color hex as green instead of white new defect trivial
#4317 in the Start Menu when focus is on the search box and user presses up arrow to go to All Programs, NVDA says blank All Programs (and all the information with it) new defect trivial
#3779 Introduce a "pass through" mode for touch gestures new mdcurran enhancement minor
#4838 Introduce new DocumentTreeInterceptor class as base for any TreeInterceptor that supports document review incubating Michael Curran <> enhancement minor
#4105 Introduce role-based braille mapper new jteh enhancement minor
#4263 introduse the ability to postpone a downloaded update new jteh enhancement minor
#2116 In virtual box when a vm is created it is not reported in the list of vms new defect minor
#4333 In virtual buffers, definition lists render with double the correct amount of items there actually are. new defect minor
#4729 In VLC Media Player, when focus is on Open File... in Media submenu, and user presses right arrow and then left arrow NVDA behaves strangely new defect trivial
#3699 In VMware Player, NVDA does not echo the characters typed in edit fields new defect minor
#2746 In Windows 8, some programs such as Outlook, Skype and others crash while using NVDA for a while new defect minor
#4854 In Word, NVDA repeats last context change when going in and out of browse mode new mdcurran defect trivial
#3220 In Wordpad, ctrl+arrow down doesn't read paragraphs. new defect minor
#3824 Is NVDA Compatible with Rational Quality Manager? new enhancement trivial
#4732 issues in Windows 7 Disk Defragmenter utility new defect minor
#4025 Issues navigating multi-page word documents new defect minor
#2500 Issues reading in windows media center new defect minor
#4063 Issues with NVDA on eBay new defect minor
#1847 Issue with braille when reading Outlook 2010 message new defect minor
#2941 Issue with Outlook profile change while using NVDA new defect minor
#448 Issue with progress bar in firefox 3.5 html5 audio player new defect minor
#2371 issue with the everything search program new defect trivial
#4077 It is for Virtual audio cable. new enhancement trivial
#1384 It is sometimes not possible to complete certain HTML forms, such as activating a button to complete a search when using NVDA and Seamonkey. new defect minor
#3966 It reads first line only new defect minor
#2620 It's not possible navigate using table commands in IBM Lotus Symphony and openOffice new jteh enhancement minor
#4678 It's not Possible to Read Typed Content in Editable Combo Boxes When Using Google Chrome new defect minor
#2641 iTunes Downloads listview enhancement new enhancement minor
#2489 I wish to support tencent qq. new mdcurran enhancement trivial
#1904 Use Screen Layout Off Has No Effect new defect minor
#2157 Japanese characters in console reported as space new defect minor
#2730 Japanese input method is not reported correctly new mdcurran defect minor
#4345 Java Access Bridge: Support function and additional keys in key bindings new enhancement minor
#4770 Javaw: command line parser routine returns full path of a jar file new defect minor
#4962 jump elements using quick navigation in word new mdcurran enhancement trivial
#1969 jump to selection start marker new enhancement minor
#4977 Key Activated Mouse Tracking new enhancement trivial
#3808 Keyboard help for keypad plus does not change if review mode has been changed new defect minor
#4294 KeyboardInputGesture.send should use SendInput rather than Keybd_event assigned defect minor
#556 Keyboard layout change is not reported in console windows new defect minor
#866 Keystrokes, "anounce last tooltips" should be inserted to NVDA new task minor
#1428 Keys which produce a compound character spoken as separate typed characters new pvagner defect minor near-term
#2133 Lag/crash when trying read large pages containing changesets new defect minor
#869 Lag when typing web address in location bar in Mozilla Firefox new defect minor
#3642 Lag when using Windows Explorer new enhancement minor
#4692 lag while arrowing in MS Word 2007 in NVDA as compared to JAWS new defect minor
#4693 language detection doesn't work in google chrome new defect minor
#3123 language support new MHameed enhancement trivial
#4642 Language switching for object reporting new enhancement minor
#2812 Large number of spaces in pre tag causes up arrow not to work new defect minor
#1927 Latest Two Female ESpeak Voices Are Missing From Within Varients List. new defect minor
#4712 Latest Version of NVDA crashing Chrome new defect minor
#2257 Less intrusive automatic update notifications new jteh enhancement minor
#4652 Let add-ons get translated messages included in the core new enhancement minor
#4457 Liblouis or nvda bug randomly created a traceback. new jteh defect minor
#2049 Libre office series 4 is broking by reading, and by braille. new jteh defect minor
#4698 Lines are no longer displayed correctly in Email-Software "The Bat!" new defect minor
#3887 Lingobit Localizer translation strings are not accessible with NVDA, it is non standard control of UI of The Lingobit Localizer new mdcurran enhancement trivial
#3483 Links are no longer activable in E-Mails displayed using Outlook Express and other e-Mail clients new mdcurran defect minor
#2169 links in interactive elements new defect minor
#2407 Links in list appear on separate lines when list items are floated new jteh defect minor
#2303 Links presented as tooltips in Elements List when using Firefox new defect minor
#3030 Listboxes don't read with NVDA in visual studio 2012 new defect minor
#2443 List items in firefox have no space between item type and item new defect trivial
#4810 List Navigation in MS Word new mdcurran enhancement trivial
#836 list size is incorrectly calculated new defect minor
#2908 live region not read in firefox when tabbing - reads when arrowing new defect trivial
#4569 Load specific app modules for apps hosted by wwahost.exe new enhancement minor
#356 log viewer doesn't respect large fonts new defect minor
#3722 logviewer not working properly new defect minor
#1445 Log viewer sometimes does not properly regain focus new defect minor
#2577 loseFocus event fired twice when sleep mode is turned on and then off new defect trivial
#3029 loss of speech and sluggish in win7 new defect minor
#2542 Lost feedback when the context menu is opened new defect minor
#80 Lotus Notes Freezes NVDA new msuch defect major
#2499 Lotus symphony: review cursor does not follow caret new jteh defect minor near-term
#3920 Mail client in Windows 8 no speech in messagefield new task minor
#3003 make advanced system care's interface more accessible new defect trivial
#4097 Make braille_previousLine and braille_nextLine functional outside of text content new jteh enhancement minor
#2973 make conexant smart audio control panel accessible new enhancement trivial
#4599 Make default pronunciation of some symbols more intuitive new enhancement minor
#946 Make elements list resizable and scrollable new enhancement minor
#651 make Extensions Manager in OpenOffice accessible new mdcurran enhancement minor
#1539 Make "line feed" and "carriage return" symbol names more user friendly new enhancement minor
#3930 Make Mouse tracking report the state of controls new enhancement minor
#3929 Make mouse tracking use display model, when other methods of text retrieval fail new enhancement minor
#4679 make switching between synthisizers easier new enhancement minor
#1785 Make the Read status bar command copy its contents on third press like Report window title new enhancement minor
#3791 Make Total Commander 64 announce the left and right panes abandoned defect minor next
#4401 making nvda accessible in lotus notes application new jteh enhancement minor
#4216 Malwarebytes new interface is no longer accessible new defect trivial
#537 Many unicode characters are missing from the standard braille table new jteh enhancement trivial near-term
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