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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#49 Announce shortcut keys after the content for some roles reopened enhancement minor
#64 improving keyboard layout managing reopened enhancement minor
#84 Attempt to guess the label for unlabelled form fields on web pages accepted jteh enhancement minor
#96 say all in open office accepted jteh defect minor
#111 Visualizing object hierarchy in treeview new enhancement minor
#124 Quick nav. Key for Next and Previous Clickable Element new enhancement minor
#141 NVDA doesn't know a difference between Links and Same Page Links new hkatic enhancement minor
#152 Maintain cursor position in MSN Messenger history control new enhancement minor
#168 Support for Java web applets new Big.D enhancement minor
#178 number reading reopened enhancement minor
#181 NVDA should highlight or inverse current html object and automatically set cursor to current position for faster navigation new mdcurran enhancement minor
#189 Usability: terminology dictionary needed? accepted Bernd enhancement minor
#190 Typing messages in Miranda, Skype and other applications new enhancement minor
#195 Context-sensitive navigation to webpage regions of given types new enhancement minor
#197 NVDA should have an easy way to put it on a u3drive new enhancement minor
#211 a way to read current page's url when inside virtual buffer without going into location bar new enhancement minor
#212 speech dictionary specific to the synthesizer (all its voices) new aleksey_s enhancement minor
#214 Braille verbosity levels new jteh enhancement minor
#217 To have braille insure that lists and such consistently present the start of items in the same place on the display new jteh enhancement minor
#219 A new, extensible speech dictionary type for nvda new aleksey_s enhancement minor
#225 User-definable NVDA key new enhancement minor
#235 properties for human-readable or custom roles on NVDAObjects new enhancement minor
#236 NVDAObjects should have a way to convey extended/custom states to the user. new defect minor
#245 NVDA should report all selected objects new defect minor
#247 Name not rendered in virtual buffer for some ARIA roles new defect minor
#251 Yahoo Messenger support new enhancement minor
#258 Text from NVDA native dialogs should be placed in separate read-only fields for improved keyboard access new enhancement minor
#275 Activating buttons that do not have one default action assigned jteh defect minor
#279 Virtual synth driver which can automatically recognise and switch between certain languages/synths new enhancement minor
#290 Automatic braille table suggestion based on the user's language new jteh enhancement minor
#291 An easy way for users to select the additional braille translation tables new jteh enhancement minor
#307 Echoing by words does not work in akelpad new defect minor
#308 Support Ease of Access incubating jteh enhancement next minor
#310 inconsistent beeping on capitals when "speak cap for capitals" and "beep for capitals" both are turned on new defect minor
#319 speech.getControlFieldSpeech parts must be translatable new pvagner defect minor
#325 NVDA will not work with the test for Microsoft A+ Network + or any .vce test engine. new defect minor
#347 NVDA keybinding seems unreachable from my Mac Book Pro new enhancement minor
#349 Nokia PC Suite reads very poorly new task minor
#350 Nokia PC Suite application reads random HTML bits new defect minor
#351 with sapi5, 6.1.7100 is read as "June First" new defect minor
#356 log viewer doesn't respect large fonts new defect minor
#360 When loading a URL with a target anchor, NVDA should jump to that anchor new enhancement minor
#374 NVDA should not split a linke into several links inside a virtual buffer when that links contains formatting tags reopened defect minor
#392 Support descriptions of HTML/XML objects new enhancement minor
#395 does not support Aimp2 accepted adpsike enhancement minor
#398 Usability of Thunderbird message viewer new enhancement minor
#400 NVDA prevents automatic system standby new defect minor
#406 Each NVDA language should have a prefered voice new enhancement minor
#407 NVDA does not read selected items in the extended lists (combo boxes with a "multiple" property) when the list is collapsed (Firefox) new defect minor
#416 NVDA should announce first whether a thread is opened or closed. new enhancement minor
#419 Unable to read text in hidden textbox new defect minor
#427 Text is not always read in a text field for a Java application (depends on cursor placement). new defect minor
#428 NVDA reports hierarchy of components in Java application new defect minor
#444 can't use # (or Number) character at the beginning of the speech dictionary pattern new defect minor
#446 When deleting one before the last message in the outlook express message list NVDA fails to announce new item in focus new defect minor
#447 Native driver for ALVA Satellite braille displays accepted bramd enhancement minor
#448 Issue with progress bar in firefox 3.5 html5 audio player new defect minor
#478 Support Glossomathia programming language editor new enhancement minor
#480 Microsoft's Envelope maker does not read with NVDA new enhancement minor
#481 Mute automatic speech feedback new enhancement minor
#487 Problem in AVG's configuration dialog new defect minor
#498 navigation object should have some sorts of macro new enhancement near-term minor
#500 Cdex is not beeping in background new defect minor
#505 Problem with capital letter mark assigned defect minor
#508 Unable to find status bar in Windows Live Mail reopened enhancement near-term minor
#510 Unclear indication of text deletion new defect minor
#543 Unable to read message bodies in Lotus Notes accepted mdcurran enhancement near-term minor
#549 NVDA does not announce bullets in Open Office Writer new defect minor
#550 enhance report formating new enhancement minor
#556 Keyboard layout change is not reported in console windows new defect minor
#572 NVDA can not read incoming messages automatically while working with Skype protocol for Miranda IM new Developers of NVDA enhancement minor
#577 Combine separate NVDA Preferences dialogs into a dialog with several property pages new enhancement near-term minor
#592 not reading german date format properly new defect minor
#598 Abillity to read Skype profiles new enhancement near-term minor
#600 Windows Components Checkbox Status new enhancement minor
#606 Inaccessible features treeview in Microsoft Office 2010 custom setup new defect minor
#608 Nokia Software updater new enhancement minor
#609 no previous object in windows start menu new defect minor
#619 Object navigation via braille display keys new jteh enhancement minor
#638 When using rtl languages, the text in the interface should be right justified. new defect near-term minor
#640 Different message buffers for each window in Miranda chat client assigned aleksey_s enhancement minor
#650 Voice profiles for quickly switching to prefered voices new enhancement minor
#651 make Extensions Manager in OpenOffice accessible new enhancement minor
#657 Virtual buffers not being created in IE7 and IE8 and XP on web pages new defect minor
#659 Say all for displayModelEditable controls assigned enhancement minor
#661 Non english version of Adobe reader crashes as soon as reading document window dissapears new defect minor
#662 NVDA should speak the TITLE of iframes and frames new defect minor
#678 NVDA becomes slightly sluggish. new defect minor
#692 NVDA can not get text from The object with The class name ATL:0052E590 in The BlockNote.Net application. new core developers enhancement minor
#696 NVDA 2010.1 interaction with web based e-mail service by new defect minor
#700 "List with" statement needs revision. new defect minor
#701 Identifying highlighted selection. new defect minor
#709 ARIA tab panels should be handled consistently inside and outside of the virtual buffer new defect minor
#715 NVDA not reading the first shown/highlighted result when typing in "search" box of Win Vista in start menu. new defect minor
#718 NVDA does not announce/read dialog prompt information displayed in Win Live Mail. new defect minor
#733 NVDA is extremely sluggish while using iTunes' cd burning features new defect minor
#743 Suggestion for the UTorrent App Module assigned enhancement minor
#767 Added support to detect grammatical errors in Microsoft Word new enhancement minor
#769 Support edit fields in MS Access new mdcurran enhancement minor
#773 Confusing/not adequate verbosity in ARIA-enabled menus assigned jteh defect minor
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