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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#852 improving current access to QT applications new task minor
#853 NVDA becomes very sluggish in the Firefox Downloads window new defect near-term minor
#856 Improve accessibility of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware with NVDA new mdcurran enhancement minor
#860 NVDA doesn’t Detect and Announce the Presence of Formulas in Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets new defect minor
#866 Keystrokes, "anounce last tooltips" should be inserted to NVDA new task minor
#867 NVDA should support chitchat for facebook new defect minor
#869 Lag when typing web address in location bar in Mozilla Firefox new defect minor
#875 Unexpected reading of console output new defect minor
#891 NVDA should read whatever text on the screen using object navigation especially in media player classic. reopened defect minor
#897 Problem with windows vista and reading windows new defect minor
#902 Voice clips cannot be played back with enter key new defect minor
#904 When performing a say all on webpages, the screen should scroll along with the speech new enhancement minor
#905 When in a sayall on webpages or in other html documents, nvda should be able to produce beeps when indicating links new enhancement minor
#912 Access to the text editor in SQL Server Management Studio new enhancement minor
#913 aria-valuetext for progress bars not working new defect minor
#925 rowgroup role causes NVDA to incorrectly announce the size of a grid new defect minor
#927 tabindex of -1 causes grid size to be incorrectly announced new defect minor
#931 Have a selection of sounds for caps new enhancement minor
#942 NVDA Should Announce Tracked Changes in Microsoft Office Word accepted rameshwar.nagar enhancement minor
#943 Reading Tips in Visual Studio Express 2010 new enhancement minor
#946 Make elements list resizable and scrollable new enhancement minor
#949 NVDA causes word 2007 and older versions too, assume that document is modified while it is not new defect minor
#960 NVDA on IE7 with Outlook express as default email client does not read field descriptions or contents of cc and to fields during send link or page by email action new defect minor
#963 Accessibility quirks in various versions of Eset NOD32 with NVDA new defect minor
#964 User Accounts in Control Panel suddenly exits new defect minor
#965 NVDA does not see the majority of content on the Web site new defect minor
#967 Tree of roles not tracking properly new defect minor
#971 Visual highlight of focus, browse or caret location being read. new enhancement minor
#972 Virtual buffer does not process the entire page with Seamonkey new defect minor
#976 Incorrect Adding of Messages to the Message Stack in Miranda new defect minor
#980 NVDA doesn't really work all the way with audacity new enhancement minor
#987 NVDA double-speaking profiles when using FB with arrow keys new defect minor
#995 Open office, and braille new jteh enhancement minor
#997 NVDA LinkedIn problems new defect minor
#1001 option to report bottom or top of text new enhancement minor
#1185 Difficulties mooving between historic field and typing field in Windows Live Messenger 2011 new defect minor
#1191 NVDA very sluggish in a long list items new defect minor
#1193 nvda double speaks option names in preferences dialog of lotus symphony new defect minor
#1196 appModule for Jaba MUD Client new enhancement minor
#1203 nvda randomly looses focus in virtual buffers in latest firefox 4 nighly new defect minor
#1207 NVDA With Microsoft office Outlook 2007 new defect minor
#1210 Bug when deleting line break character in IBM Lotus Symphony Documents new defect minor
#1211 Bug when correcting spelling error in IBM Lotus Symphony Documents new defect minor
#1216 NVDA ignoring line breaks in PDF documents with left-to-right, top-to-bottom reading order new defect minor
#1222 Difficulty in reaching lower rule conditions to edit them in Outlook Express/Live mail message rules new defect minor
#1227 Svox Pico synthesiser doesn't load (Affects some other third party synth drivers also) assigned aleksey_s defect minor
#1228 NVDA causing CPU usage spikes when some particular applications are running new defect minor
#1229 Problem spelling things when speaking of tooltips is turn on. new defect near-term minor
#1257 Internet Explorer and Firefox cannot agree if some links exist or not, but they do.. new defect minor
#1259 Selection + Speak Typed Words issue new defect near-term minor
#1260 Implement copy HTML format new enhancement minor
#1261 AOL 9.6 With NVDA Main 2011.1 new mdcurran defect minor
#1268 Error sounds in input to main message window in Outlook Express new defect minor
#1269 Some buttons in calculator are inaccessible new defect minor
#1271 Give NVDA the ability to automatically detect braille displays. accepted jteh enhancement minor
#1273 Windows xp, windows vista, and windows7 speech recognition accepted jscuster enhancement minor
#1282 Embedded control's value not announced new defect minor
#1283 Aria-labelledby should precede aria-label attribute new defect minor
#1296 The new version of uTorrent doesn't work with NVDA new defect minor
#1298 Some mouse over dropdown menus not updating the buffer in IE new defect minor
#1301 Cannot restart NVDA after unloading it in XP and Windows 7 new defect minor
#1305 NVDA and Google Voice don't work new defect minor
#1312 Repetition in items list with java software new defect minor
#1314 NVDA loosing focus when opening a document in IBM Lotus Symphony new defect minor
#1318 Tab announcement when reading changes new defect minor
#1319 NVDA says clipboard empty when a message opened in outlook 2007 or a document in word 2007 new defect minor
#1327 Provide a way to avoid loading incompatible app modules new enhancement minor
#1337 NVDA ARIA alerts omit messages containing HTML new defect minor
#1348 NVDA doesn't announce typed characters in putty new defect minor
#1351 Exclude unnecessary modules from py2exe bundle new enhancement minor
#1358 NVDA reports selection incorectly in VS 2008 code editor new defect minor
#1371 problem with numbers in windows live messenger new defect minor
#1376 Provide access to graphics written to the screen new mdcurran enhancement minor
#1380 NVDA crashes in Visual Studio 2010 Professional new defect minor
#1382 "Speack Typed Characters, NVDA+2" can not work while enabled as using Microsoft New Phonetic IME in Microsoft Office Word Tranditional Chinese version new pvagner defect minor
#1384 It is sometimes not possible to complete certain HTML forms, such as activating a button to complete a search when using NVDA and Seamonkey. new defect minor
#1398 an independent option for spelling rate new enhancement minor
#1410 Provide comments for translators alongside messages to be localized. new pvagner enhancement near-term minor
#1412 NVDA reads text in a standard WPF text box incorrectly new defect minor
#1428 Keys which produce a compound character spoken as separate typed characters new pvagner defect near-term minor
#1431 NVDA not working with some edit controls in Firefox new defect minor
#1438 Firefox 4.X: Logging into secure page, NVDA doesn't have focus in virtual document new defect minor
#1442 Some progressbars in thunder bird are not automaticalli reported new defect minor
#1445 Log viewer sometimes does not properly regain focus new defect minor
#1457 Braille issues with libreoffice writer new jteh defect minor
#1464 Mouse selection is not read in Internet Browsers new defect minor
#1466 Symbol speaking verbosity while cursoring and say all new enhancement minor
#1468 Punctuation when you read per word new enhancement minor
#1471 problem with reading miranda messages new defect minor
#1473 NVDA is unable to read several pieces of information in File Zilla new mdcurran enhancement minor
#1474 installer should check state of Windows Audio service. new enhancement minor
#1475 Dot spoken with symbol level some at the end of a sentense new defect minor
#1481 NVDA should have the ability to report changes in an object new enhancement near-term minor
#1486 NVDA Fails To Read Anything In Windows Disk Management Graphical View new defect minor
#1487 Hot Key to get line and percent statistics in virtual buffers new enhancement minor
#1488 Support for Microsoft Silverlight new enhancement minor
#1490 NVDA should announce opening/closing a tab in IE or FF new enhancement minor
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