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#1648 Consider the addition of a NVDA shortcut key, to present further information. new enhancement minor
#1650 NVDA repeats input label text new defect near-term minor
#1651 NVDA Does Not Track the Cursor in the Atlantis Word Processor new defect minor
#1652 NVDA has problem reading information with large dictionaries new defect trivial
#1654 Optional rendering of unlabelled graphics which aren't interactive new enhancement minor
#1657 Hyphenated words reported incorrectly in standard Windows Edit controls on Win XP with East Asian langs installed new defect minor
#1668 Support for rich text editing in Mozilla applications incubating jteh enhancement 2015.4 minor
#1674 NVDA reads spaces as blank lines in some html form elements. new jteh defect minor
#1676 Announcement of keyboard layout changes depending on context should be optional. reopened enhancement near-term minor
#1677 NVDA prevents mp3tag from exiting new defect minor
#1678 When jumping between headings with lists, nvda lags new defect minor
#1680 Enhancement NVDA+F to detect more information in Microsoft Word and Excel new mdcurran enhancement minor
#1682 Closing command prompt windows with object nav or mouse causes nvda to exit new defect minor
#1690 Add documentation hints to the welcome dialog new enhancement trivial
#1693 NVDA doesn't read feeds or rss in Internet Explorer 9 new defect minor
#1695 Problem Navigating Bookmarks Folder Tree when Adding Bookmark in Firefox 3.6 new defect minor
#1699 Word 2003 status bar not vound new defect minor
#1701 Notepad++ autocompletion tooltips not announced new enhancement minor
#1702 NVDA and HTML tables new enhancement minor
#1705 Speech Stops when I Open a Folder located on a Thumb Drive new defect minor
#1706 nvda seems to lag after a thunderbird dialogue came up asking if I want to retry logging in. new defect minor
#1707 Change the order in which highlighting is spoken. new enhancement minor
#1708 custom symbol groupings new enhancement trivial
#1709 NVDA doesn't read the fields in Windows LiveWriter new defect minor
#1710 Speech stops in Windows 7 systems since nvda 2011.1 new defect minor
#1714 NVDA stops reading the level at which headings appear new defect minor
#1716 white space before a link at the start of a line requires you to tab to the link when navigating around with arrow keys. new enhancement minor
#1721 Regression with NVDA 2011.2 on Thunderbird 3.1. new defect minor
#1722 With Firefox 4, NVDA doesn't indicate name of certain link. new enhancement minor
#1724 NVDA is not able to read the text of list items in Total Commander's 'Change Start Menu' dialogue new mdcurran defect trivial
#1726 Say All Randomly Fails in IE 9/FF 4+ new defect minor
#1729 Getting to the previous page does not jump to the same position in new defect minor
#1732 NVDA+F Text Format Info should report alignment info (left, centered, right-justified) new enhancement minor
#1736 Using eSpeak sapi5, when spelling a capital letter, it doesn't back to normal pitch. new defect minor
#1740 Can't quit NVDA while modal dialog is open new defect minor
#1742 Error with console window on NVDA R4619 new defect minor
#1745 Support for Gedite text editor new jteh enhancement trivial
#1746 Support for a free and advanced Text Editor caled Abiword new enhancement trivial
#1748 Allow the focus to follow braille cursor. new jteh enhancement minor
#1755 Drag Mouse Feature reopened jteh enhancement trivial
#1756 ARIA jQuery Menubar: clickable and menu are spoken each and every time, but menu items are not spoken new defect minor
#1759 ARIA jQuery Carousel: Keyboard nav conflict and several “list blank” new defect minor
#1771 nvda responds slowly on firefox new defect minor
#1772 add option to speak link before or after text new enhancement trivial
#1776 NVDA reads the subject more than once before it starts reading the message in Mozilla Thunderbird and Seamonkey Mail new defect minor
#1784 Firefox 9 Nightly: Upon moving to book text heading, DOWN ARROW - NVDA freezes Read All, and many other attempts in arrowing around all do not work new defect minor
#1785 Make the Read status bar command copy its contents on third press like Report window title new enhancement minor
#1786 excel 2010: copy from word, paste into cell, NVDA speaks cell coordinates, but not pasted content new defect trivial
#1792 unable to activate flat review in some rare cases in firefox new mdcurran defect minor
#1793 When removing items in Windows Explorer, errors occur new mdcurran defect minor
#1797 NVDA stops speking after pressing find now button in message find dialog box of Windows live mail new defect minor
#1800 Portable version of NVDA cannot bring up its GUI in Windows 8 metro apps new defect near-term major
#1802 VMware installer causes NVDA to become extremely sluggish new defect minor
#1803 More issues relating to currencies new defect minor
#1804 there should be an option for disabling reading of messege headers in Windows Live Mail new enhancement minor
#1807 With several Windows 8 Metro apps suspended, ALT+TAB to them and NVDA will make error sound/crash new defect minor
#1809 IE10 crash and then bad UIA state of address bar after typing certain addresses in address bar with multiple tabs new defect minor
#1813 User interface/experience to work with Windows 8 touch redirect new enhancement minor
#1814 Occasional loss of functions if booted up at start of windows session new defect minor
#1820 Say all for table columns new enhancement trivial
#1825 Status Bar Not Detected reopened defect minor
#1829 The last line of multi-line edit fields in IE8 is skipped or is read as the content of the entire edit field. new defect minor
#1832 Support STEM accessibility new enhancement trivial
#1833 Some Thunderbird issues new defect minor
#1836 extraneous verbosity in Word 2010 new jteh defect minor
#1839 Global plugin: report selected items in lists new enhancement minor
#1840 Configurable rate for speech in non-default language new enhancement minor
#1842 Odd behaviour when navigating web pages new defect minor
#1845 Changing the value attribute on a form input field is not announced by NVDA new defect minor
#1847 Issue with braille when reading Outlook 2010 message new defect minor
#1848 Bad cursor position in the cygwin's mintty terminal new defect minor
#1849 An appModule for Delphi 6 new mdcurran enhancement minor
#1851 NVDA misses focus When opening a new browser window from an existing one reopened defect near-term minor
#1858 NVDA does not read the text contained within the "save as" dialog box in Microsoft Word 2010 when the ctrl-S hotkey is pressed assigned krish defect minor
#1862 NVDA should give feedback with FREE Hi-Q Recorder new enhancement trivial
#1864 Interact with help balloons new enhancement minor
#1873 sentence navigation by Alt up/down arrows new enhancement minor
#1876 When viewing search results for the catalog of my local public library NVDA appears to freeze, not allowing navigation and saying "desktop window" when I exit and re-enter the window. new defect minor
#1878 Flash player based chat is not working correctly while using one system to realize WEBINARS. When first chat message have been sended, user can not jump to The editbox for writing chat message again. Even while triing to jump to The editbox for writing chat messages by disabling virtual browsing temporalily, NVDA is not able to monitor The written text when user is pressing arrow keys. NVDA can work ammazingly, when writting first chat message. But when user press ENter, or when user activate send button even without virtual browser active, new defect minor
#1883 Intermittent error in Outlook Express new defect minor
#1884 Create an option to reduce braille output while tethered to focus new jteh enhancement minor
#1885 Separate formatting configuration for speech and braille new jteh enhancement minor
#1888 NVDA unable to activate links on websites using IE9 new defect minor
#1898 Error in braille and speech regarding selection of text new defect minor
#1899 NVDA should know how to handle soft carriage return (\0xb) in Microsoft Word reopened enhancement minor
#1903 Allow NVDA to speak access keys on web links after the link content new enhancement trivial
#1904 Use Screen Layout Off Has No Effect new defect minor
#1906 Support for code editor in Visual C++ express 2008 and Visual C# express 2008 new enhancement minor
#1909 NVDA not reading characters typed into edit field in IE9. new defect minor
#1910 NVDA is stuttering on parts of the website new defect minor
#1911 feature that allows user to read the whole row/column with a single keystroke new enhancement minor
#1914 tooltips with say all new enhancement minor
#1922 Within Open with dialog, select browse, TAB to search, and NVDA errors new defect minor
#1924 PSPad mode problem new defect trivial
#1927 Latest Two Female ESpeak Voices Are Missing From Within Varients List. new defect minor
#1930, navigate to iTuens link, and cannot ENTER to activate new defect minor
#1931 Firefox: Opening link in new tab and switching among tabs sometimes will report incorrect content new defect minor
#1932 Optionally Quieting Graphics Within Browse Mode new enhancement minor
#1935 Word 2010: With a bulletted/numbered list, selected using SHIFT+UP/DOWN ARROWS, NVDA doesn’t speak the bullet/number, where it should new defect minor
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