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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#398 Usability of Thunderbird message viewer new enhancement Browse mode
#400 NVDA prevents automatic system standby new defect Core
#406 Each NVDA language should have a prefered voice new enhancement Speech
#407 NVDA does not read selected items in the extended lists (combo boxes with a "multiple" property) when the list is collapsed (Firefox) new defect Browse mode
#416 NVDA should announce first whether a thread is opened or closed. new enhancement Core
#419 Unable to read text in hidden textbox new defect Core
#427 Text is not always read in a text field for a Java application (depends on cursor placement). new defect Core
#428 NVDA reports hierarchy of components in Java application new defect Core
#444 can't use # (or Number) character at the beginning of the speech dictionary pattern new defect Speech
#446 When deleting one before the last message in the outlook express message list NVDA fails to announce new item in focus new defect Core
#448 Issue with progress bar in firefox 3.5 html5 audio player new defect Browse mode
#478 Support Glossomathia programming language editor new enhancement Core
#480 Microsoft's Envelope maker does not read with NVDA new enhancement Browse mode
#481 Mute automatic speech feedback new enhancement Speech
#487 Problem in AVG's configuration dialog new defect Core
#498 navigation object should have some sorts of macro new enhancement near-term Core
#500 Cdex is not beeping in background new defect Core
#505 Problem with capital letter mark assigned defect Braille
#508 Unable to find status bar in Windows Live Mail reopened enhancement near-term Core
#510 Unclear indication of text deletion new defect Core
#549 NVDA does not announce bullets in Open Office Writer new defect Core
#550 enhance report formating new enhancement Core
#556 Keyboard layout change is not reported in console windows new defect Core
#577 Combine separate NVDA Preferences dialogs into a dialog with several property pages new enhancement near-term GUI
#592 not reading german date format properly new defect Speech
#598 Abillity to read Skype profiles new enhancement near-term Core
#600 Windows Components Checkbox Status new enhancement GUI
#606 Inaccessible features treeview in Microsoft Office 2010 custom setup new defect Core
#608 Nokia Software updater new enhancement Core
#609 no previous object in windows start menu new defect Core
#638 When using rtl languages, the text in the interface should be right justified. new defect near-term GUI
#650 Voice profiles for quickly switching to prefered voices new enhancement Speech
#651 make Extensions Manager in OpenOffice accessible new enhancement Core
#657 Virtual buffers not being created in IE7 and IE8 and XP on web pages new defect Core
#659 Say all for displayModelEditable controls assigned enhancement Display model
#661 Non english version of Adobe reader crashes as soon as reading document window dissapears new defect Browse mode
#662 NVDA should speak the TITLE of iframes and frames new defect Browse mode
#678 NVDA becomes slightly sluggish. new defect Core
#696 NVDA 2010.1 interaction with web based e-mail service by new defect Browse mode
#700 "List with" statement needs revision. new defect Core
#701 Identifying highlighted selection. new defect Core
#709 ARIA tab panels should be handled consistently inside and outside of the virtual buffer new defect Browse mode
#715 NVDA not reading the first shown/highlighted result when typing in "search" box of Win Vista in start menu. new defect Core
#718 NVDA does not announce/read dialog prompt information displayed in Win Live Mail. new defect Core
#733 NVDA is extremely sluggish while using iTunes' cd burning features new defect Speech
#743 Suggestion for the UTorrent App Module assigned enhancement Display model
#767 Added support to detect grammatical errors in Microsoft Word new enhancement Core
#788 Automatically move mouse with flat review new enhancement Core
#791 NVDA could properly read the option to install the Ask Toolbar when installing UTorrent new enhancement Core
#796 Not receiving files or messages in wlm by pressing enter, also with url adresses reopened defect Core
#822 NVDA doesn't read some checkboxes in miranda's import wizard new defect Core
#829 Winword/Nvda no interaction with fields in protected doc files new defect near-term Core
#835 nvda does not correctly identify status update field on facebook new defect Browse mode
#836 list size is incorrectly calculated new defect Browse mode
#840 Slow performance in AutoIt Graphical User Interfaces new defect Core
#847 Controling menu voice and reading voice new defect Core
#848 Difficulties operating in a website: new defect Core
#852 improving current access to QT applications new task Core
#853 NVDA becomes very sluggish in the Firefox Downloads window new defect near-term Core
#860 NVDA doesn’t Detect and Announce the Presence of Formulas in Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets new defect GUI
#866 Keystrokes, "anounce last tooltips" should be inserted to NVDA new task Speech
#867 NVDA should support chitchat for facebook new defect Core
#869 Lag when typing web address in location bar in Mozilla Firefox new defect Core
#875 Unexpected reading of console output new defect Core
#949 NVDA causes word 2007 and older versions too, assume that document is modified while it is not new defect Core
#1196 appModule for Jaba MUD Client new enhancement Core
#1348 NVDA doesn't announce typed characters in putty new defect Core
#1351 Exclude unnecessary modules from py2exe bundle new enhancement Core
#1358 NVDA reports selection incorectly in VS 2008 code editor new defect Core
#1557 built-in function "jump to" . allowing you to move the review/mouse cursor to a saved position on the: flatreviewscreen/window/object. asociate saved positions with a program e.g. "paint". creating/viewing/deleting such positions. new enhancement Core
#1657 Hyphenated words reported incorrectly in standard Windows Edit controls on Win XP with East Asian langs installed new defect Core
#2409 When pressing up or down on the arrow keys to read a web page nvda will freeze. new defect Browse mode
#2559 Option to play audio coordinate when using object navigation new enhancement Core
#195 Context-sensitive navigation to webpage regions of given types new enhancement Browse mode
#279 Virtual synth driver which can automatically recognise and switch between certain languages/synths new enhancement Speech synth drivers
#351 with sapi5, 6.1.7100 is read as "June First" new defect Speech synth drivers
#891 NVDA should read whatever text on the screen using object navigation especially in media player classic. reopened defect Core
#892 The ability to change the volume of NVDA's sounds new enhancement Core
#897 Problem with windows vista and reading windows new defect Speech
#902 Voice clips cannot be played back with enter key new defect Core
#904 When performing a say all on webpages, the screen should scroll along with the speech new enhancement Browse mode
#905 When in a sayall on webpages or in other html documents, nvda should be able to produce beeps when indicating links new enhancement Browse mode
#912 Access to the text editor in SQL Server Management Studio new enhancement Core
#913 aria-valuetext for progress bars not working new defect Browse mode
#914 Allow NVDA to indicate capital letters when it reads words with control arrow keys or lines with up and down arrows, and in say all . new enhancement Core
#925 rowgroup role causes NVDA to incorrectly announce the size of a grid new defect Core
#927 tabindex of -1 causes grid size to be incorrectly announced new defect Core
#929 Some flash objects are not usable on new defect near-term Core
#931 Have a selection of sounds for caps new enhancement Core
#943 Reading Tips in Visual Studio Express 2010 new enhancement Core
#946 Make elements list resizable and scrollable new enhancement GUI
#960 NVDA on IE7 with Outlook express as default email client does not read field descriptions or contents of cc and to fields during send link or page by email action new defect Core
#963 NVDA cannot speak the user interface ofNOD32 Antivirus, nor can it read its warning dialogs, sometimes even causes the NOD32 UI to crash new defect Core
#964 User Accounts in Control Panel suddenly exits new defect Browse mode
#965 NVDA does not see the majority of content on the Web site new defect Browse mode
#967 Tree of roles not tracking properly new defect Core
#971 Visual highlight of focus, browse or caret location being read. new enhancement Core
#972 Virtual buffer does not process the entire page with Seamonkey new defect Browse mode
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