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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#2256 More options for extra voices section new jteh enhancement NVDA web site
#1584 More work on supporting Skype new enhancement Core
#3494 Mouse echo feature seems inaccurate in Internet Explorer 9 new defect Core
#1464 Mouse selection is not read in Internet Browsers new defect Browse mode
#2660 Mouse tracking broken for Internet Explorer 9 new defect Core
#3591 Mouse Tracking: Bullet And Number Bug new defect Core
#3478 Mouse tracking does not work in Skype's "Home" window new defect Core
#3589 Mouse Tracking Glitches new defect Core
#3590 Mouse Tracking Glitch: Wrapped Hyperlinks new defect Core
#2727 Mouse tracking issues in internet explorer 10 on Windows 8 new defect Core
#3592 Mouse Tracking: Textual Layer Bug new defect Core
#3004 Move virtual buffer position to mouse position in browse mode feature new enhancement Browse mode
#2954 MS Excel (braille cursor position incorrect on merged-cell) new jteh defect Braille
#3659 MS Excel: braille display shows hyperlink hint at the end of the cell message new jteh defect Braille
#3771 MSHTML: Exception in isFocusable property new defect Browse mode
#3158 MSHTML: Explicitly map title attribute to description new defect Core
#1387 msn 2009 will say bullet in any message. new enhancement Speech
#2070 MS Outlook 2007: unable to use spell checker new enhancement Core
#3263 MS Word 2007 & 2010, NVDA No Longer Reads All Info On Word Status Line new defect Core
#3018 MSWord 2010-on reaching the last cell in a table user needs to be ifnormed that TAB can result in a new empty row. new defect Core
#3410 MSWord 2013: Report mispelled word in Spell Check new enhancement Core
#3630 MS Word: blank line displayed previous line message new mdcurran defect Core
#3653 MS word: correctly report selected table cells new defect Core
#4010 MS Word: First character outside a table merged into it new defect Core
#3995 MS word: NVDA should announce if the text is in two columns new defect Core
#3168 MS Word: press home, braille cursor could not move to the first cell new jteh defect Braille
#3752 MSWord: some mathematical symbols are not read by NVDA. new defect Core
#2952 MS Word: Stop NVDA from saying the word "style" before it says the style name. new enhancement Core
#3918 Multi-line edit field which contains multi-byte characters cannot handle line ending positions correctly new defect Core
#2044 multiple languages on the braille display new jteh enhancement Braille
#481 Mute automatic speech feedback new enhancement Speech
#247 Name not rendered in virtual buffer for some ARIA roles new defect Browse mode
#447 Native driver for ALVA Satellite braille displays accepted bramd enhancement Braille
#1586 Native driver for the Optelec/Tieman Voyager Braille Display accepted bramd enhancement Braille
#2880 Navigate by sentence during say all new enhancement Speech
#3297 Navigating word with braille display (focus 40 blue) new jteh defect Braille
#498 navigation object should have some sorts of macro new enhancement near-term Core
#3464 navigatorObject_toFocus doesn't send a becomeNavigatorObject event new defect Core
#2194 need support for telugu, panjapi and urudu languages new pvagner defect Localisation
#3470 New braille table in gui (no-no-generic.cbt) new jteh enhancement Braille
#2048 New command for NVDA new enhancement Core
#2704 New espeak variant: Pablo new enhancement Speech
#3112 new ESpeak voice Variant new enhancement Speech
#3251 new speech addon google tts new enhancement Speech synth drivers
#3204 new variant for espeak new enhancement Speech
#3268 new variant for espeak new enhancement Speech
#3593 New Vietnamese Voice Pitch Crash new defect Core
#3884 Next branch crashing windows update in IE8 new defect Core
#3537 No announcements in speech settings ring in GW Connect new defect Core
#2659 No cursor speech feadback in some text fields in Internet Explorer 9 new defect near-term Core
#3044 no ifnormation about the cell border is given in an Excel sheet, if the cell border is different from the adjacent cells. new enhancement Core
#3040 No information about overlapped or cropped data is given in Excel sheets new enhancement Core
#350 Nokia PC Suite application reads random HTML bits new defect Core
#349 Nokia PC Suite reads very poorly new task Core
#608 Nokia Software updater new enhancement Core
#661 Non english version of Adobe reader crashes as soon as reading document window dissapears new defect Browse mode
#2384 Non working nvda menu when nvda starts new defect GUI
#609 no previous object in windows start menu new defect Core
#3678 Normalisation of input gesture identifiers doesn't handle upper case correctly new defect next Core
#2163 Normal user copy of NVDA sometimes speaks when in a secure desktop new defect Core
#2387 not being able to read the windows update in windows 8 new defect Core
#4020 Note in the User Guide About the Update, Concerning Portable Copies new task Documentation
#1701 Notepad++ autocompletion tooltips not announced new enhancement Core
#1547 notepad not reading new defect Core
#2539 No translation for "OK" and "Cancel" assigned MHameed enhancement Localisation
#592 not reading german date format properly new defect Speech
#796 Not receiving files or messages in wlm by pressing enter, also with url adresses reopened defect Core
#178 number reading reopened enhancement Speech
#696 NVDA 2010.1 interaction with web based e-mail service by new defect Browse mode
#3550 NVDA 2011.2 with firefox reads the content of href with javascript new defect Core
#2753 NVDA 2012.2.1 seems to lock-up for Java Access Bridge v2.0.3 on paging new defect Core
#2408 NVDA 2012.2 RC2 installer did not update the autostart path in the registry after having moved the existing installed copy (at a non-standard location) to the standard path new defect Installer
#3252 NVDA2013.1 could not detect some click graphic new defect Browse mode
#3759 NVDA 2013.3 does not read line by line in PowerPoint 2010 slide shows new defect Core
#4053 NVDA 2014.1 can't read documents in Balabolka new mdcurran defect Display model
#3361 NVDA allows to open its dialogs when an wx file or dir dialog is opened new defect GUI
#4007 NVDA and Facebook for Windows 8 new defect Core
#4070 NVDA and Facebook Windows Store app new enhancement Core
#1305 NVDA and Google Voice don't work new defect Browse mode
#3525 Nvda and html5 attributes. new enhancement Core
#1702 NVDA and HTML tables new enhancement Core
#4008 NVDA and metro apps new enhancement Core
#2399 NVDA and Word viewer new defect Core
#2506 NVDA and new defect Browse mode
#2459 NVDA announces 'not selected' for items on the Windows 8 start screen new enhancement Core
#1337 NVDA ARIA alerts omit messages containing HTML new defect Speech
#3894 NVDA becomes silent for more or less than a minute when reading bulleted, lettered, or numbered lists using paragraph reading commands new defect Core
#678 NVDA becomes slightly sluggish. new defect Core
#853 NVDA becomes very sluggish in the Firefox Downloads window new defect near-term Core
#2022 NVDA begins to slow down and/or unload from memory after several hours of use new defect Browse mode
#3547 nvda behaves strangely with multi line edit fields in internet explorer new defect Core
#3309 Nvda browse mode question in internet explorer 10. new defect Browse mode
#2683 NVDA browse table: Move to next column (out of the same row) new defect Core
#692 NVDA can not get text from The object with The class name ATL:0052E590 in The BlockNote.Net application. new core developers enhancement Display model
#3384 nvda can not navigate by character in formfields when internet explorer is first loaded new defect Browse mode
#2053 NVDA cannot read Greek documents with left and right arrow written in the jarte text editor new jteh defect Compound documents
#572 NVDA can not read incoming messages automatically while working with Skype protocol for Miranda IM new Developers of NVDA enhancement Core
#3707 NVDA cannot report position on page is MS Word new enhancement Core
#963 NVDA cannot speak the user interface ofNOD32 Antivirus, nor can it read its warning dialogs, sometimes even causes the NOD32 UI to crash new defect Core
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