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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#4620 GUI: A base dialog for general-purpose dialogs with multiple settings new enhancement GUI
#812 gvim support new mdcurran enhancement Display model
#2776 Half shape symbols may not be announced within candidate words new mdcurran defect Asian character input
#3094 Handle the case where another AT has hooked touch in a user friendly way new enhancement Core
#931 Have a selection of sounds for caps new enhancement Core
#3433 Header landmark announcing problem new defect Speech
#2824 Heading reading in IE not working properly, ie as it does in firefox new defect Browse mode
#3284 Hebrew braille display new defect Core
#3281 Hidden elements read out in IE8 new defect Browse mode
#2949 Hide undefined Braille Opcodes new enhancement Core
#3462 Hotkey for reporting useful table cell info like coordinates new enhancement Core
#727 Hotkeys to report playing track information in Winamp new enhancement Core
#1487 Hot Key to get line and percent statistics in virtual buffers new enhancement Browse mode
#4748 hot key to move system focus to Skype's edit area new jteh enhancement App specific: Skype for Desktop
#3552 hover a image link with a mouse. NVDA reads the content of src of image new defect Core
#2585 How to possibly implement a "simple" diagram reader new task Core
#4676 hpsf window is inaccessible new defect App specific
#4396 HTML lang tag is not respected in aria-live regions. new defect Speech
#4893 html: NVDA does not recognize the <Q> tag as a quote delimiter new defect Browse mode
#1657 Hyphenated words reported incorrectly in standard Windows Edit controls on Win XP with East Asian langs installed new defect Core
#2893 I am noticing when closing with Alt Plus f4 out of folders that a lot of times NVDA loses focus and sometimes does not continue reading the list box of folders. This procedure seems to happen on a regular basis. Here are the steps. new defect Speech
#4671 I can't navigate the youtube web site on windows 8.1 and windows 7 assigned mdcurran defect Browse mode
#3228 identifying empty cells in microsoft word table new enhancement Speech
#3812 IDLE (Python GUI) new enhancement Core
#1809 IE10 crash and then bad UIA state of address bar after typing certain addresses in address bar with multiple tabs new defect Core
#3660 IE 11: Form navigation in Browse mode new defect Core
#1627 IE8 and FF7: should recognize the datalist item as an edit combo because you can type text, or use UP or DOWN ARROW to move to the list box and change values. new jteh defect Browse mode
#3677 IE8: "Report table row/column headers" could not match with the content new defect Browse mode
#2627 IE8 speaking language and input details every time its run reopened defect near-term Speech
#3883 IE8: Web Page Freezed Case new defect Core
#3352 IE 9: NVDA Stops On Something Other Than Form Fields When I Press F new defect near-term Browse mode
#3362 IE script error on help balloons new defect Core
#4655 If file list in file explorer include more files, NVDA will become slow. new defect Core
#2051 If I wanted to install windows live essentials on my new windows 7 desktop, nvda was crashed, and it will say a part of the things, I navigate on it. new defect Core
#3230 If Try to Use Routing Keys in Thunderbird Subject Field of Message, kicks you all the way to from new jteh defect Braille
#3657 If you navigate the “Drop-Down” box using “Arrow Key”, labeling of combo box is not readable new defect Browse mode
#4721 Ignore static text parent of add to favorites button and profile link new jteh defect App specific: Skype for Desktop
#2261 I have to restart NVDA to make him working as usual new mdcurran defect Core
#3167 Implement an option on braille preferences to not interrupt speech when pressing braille keys new enhancement Core
#1260 Implement copy HTML format new enhancement Core
#3562 Implement different profiles new enhancement Speech
#1977 Improuving NVDA's navegation with ABBYY FineReader 11 Corporate Edition new defect Core
#856 Improve accessibility of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware with NVDA new mdcurran enhancement Display model
#3983 Improve announcing of input method of pinyin input in Chinese. new mdcurran defect Asian character input
#4085 Improved Handling of Elipsis new enhancement Speech
#3829 Improve KeyboardInputGesture.send new enhancement Core
#4336 Improvement for reading comments in MS Word new mdcurran enhancement Microsoft Office support
#4467 improvement in NVDA recovery new enhancement Core
#4519 improvement in update checking new jteh enhancement Update check
#3152 Improvements (enhancements) for Windows Explorer new enhancement Core
#2835 Improvements for Danish liblouis braille table new MHameed defect Braille
#4540 Improvements in 9.3. Add-ons Manager documentation new enhancement Documentation
#4504 improvements in Punctuation/Symbol documentation in User Guide assigned jteh enhancement next Documentation
#4769 improvements in support of touch screen NVDA new mdcurran enhancement Touch screen support
#2894 Improvements on editing Messages in Windows Live Mail new enhancement Core
#2278 Improve reading of tables in microsoft word. new defect Core
#2186 Improve Support For Google Talk new enhancement Core
#4046 Improve support for HTML5 Player new defect Core
#2187 Improve Support For ooVoo new enhancement Core
#2129 Improviments for formatting information in applications using java access bridge new enhancement Core
#852 improving current access to QT applications new task Core
#4271 inability to remember the e-mail last viewed when user presses Alt + left arrow to go back to the Inbox new defect GUI
#3970 Inability to select line by line or by paragraph in a notepad new enhancement Core
#606 Inaccessible features treeview in Microsoft Office 2010 custom setup new defect Core
#2752 in a Windows 8 Data grid, only the first column is announced. new defect Core
#3975 In Braille, landmark indications should be abbreviated new jteh enhancement Braille
#4943 Inclusion of Rupee sign in symbols.dic new enhancement Speech
#2279 inconsistancy when reading excel spreadsheets new defect Core
#3780 Inconsistencies between "mouse tracking" and object navigation on a touch screen new mdcurran defect Touch screen support
#310 inconsistent beeping on capitals when "speak cap for capitals" and "beep for capitals" both are turned on new defect Speech
#976 Incorrect Adding of Messages to the Message Stack in Miranda new defect Core
#4353 incorrect announcement of the Desktop as Explorer in some cases new defect Core
#3600 Incorrect headers-id associations in tables new defect Core
#3935 Incorrect reading of Unicode text in menu items of some applications new defect Core
#4388 incorrect speaking of progress bar updates new enhancement Speech
#3685 Incorrect table reading in Microsoft Word 2007 new defect Core
#4291 Incorrect text being typed in some text fields with braille on assigned jteh defect Core
#4987 Indentation level not reported in Microsoft powerPoint 2013 new mdcurran enhancement Microsoft Office support
#1953 Indicate if focused item is selected using dots 7 and 8 reopened jteh enhancement Braille
#3022 Indicate spelling errors in braille new jteh enhancement Braille
#4328 Indication of focusmode erratic when new page loaded new jteh defect Official builds
#4932 Indic Input 2 and 3 tools available for typing in Indian languages are not accessible with NVDA. new defect App specific
#3219 IN edit field, NVDA mixing letters in IE10. new defect Core
#3575 In Firefox, NVDA causes the first link in the DOM to be skipped intermittently (the second link/focusable element is focused) new defect Core
#3520 In Firefox,text written in multiline edit fields is not read with ARROWS in Gmail. new defect Core
#4202 Infragistic Controls not supported by NVDA assigned mdcurran defect Core
#4796 In Internet Explorer 11, NVDA can't activate links on a particular website new defect Browse mode
#3080 In Internet Explorer the graphical links are repeated twice and are listed with twice in the elements list. new defect Core
#4251 In JAWS, Insert+Delete announces the line number and the character number in MS Word. Such a system is missing in NVDA. If this facility is created in NVDA, it will be a step forward towards putting NVDA at par with JAWS. reopened enhancement Core
#2244 in microsoft access2007 the selected fields are not appointed new defect GUI
#4224 In MICROSOFT excel: executing event: typedCharacter on <NVDAObjects.window.excel.ExcelCell object at 0x0835D9F0> with extra args of {'ch': u'\x1a'} new mdcurran defect Microsoft Office support
#3650 In mozilla applications, nvda fails to speak, or speaks incorrectly the text backspaced new defect Core
#4417 in Mozilla Firefox Downloads window, NVDA repeats the information associated to the file being downloaded each time the download progress is updated new defect Core
#2404 In mozilla headingsd of tables that repete through the page repete. new defect Browse mode
#3797 in mozilla thunderbird, emails with long descriptions trigger an error. new defect Browse mode
#3621 In mozilla thunderbird, pressing control plus backspace triggers an error rather than reading the correct word new defect Core
#4394 in MS Word 2007, NVDA does not say context menu before the item in the context menu gaining focus new mdcurran defect Microsoft Office support
#2754 In notepad, only first character is announced when moving by word with multi-byte chars such as Asian words (specifically, Korean words) new defect Speech
#4792 In notepad++ spelling errors are not reported. new defect Untriaged
#5168 In Office 2013. In Outlook 2013 and when you creat a new email message and you have more than two people in the CC field, and you move back to the CC edit field to get NVDA to read the CC field to you. NVDA will only allow me to read the first persons name and not all of the people in that CC field and will not allow me to review what is in this CC field with my up and down errow keys? new defect Untriaged
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