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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#2792 NVDA could not completely support the input method New Phonetic 2010 new mdcurran defect minor
#2794 Support for Presentation, specifically Writing and Editing Slides in IBM Lotus Symphony new jteh enhancement minor
#2795 suppressing of blank lines when reading online new enhancement minor
#2796 Freezing and slowing when exiting applications or switching areas in desktop new defect minor
#2797 Support for reading subtitles in videos new enhancement minor
#2801 Progressive MS Excel Enhancements new jteh enhancement minor
#2802 Back space not readout in Turbo C Editor new task minor
#2803 NVDA not read out the options in Kaspersky antivirus new defect minor
#2806 In ProcessExplorer from sysinternals, the process list cannot be read with NVDA new defect minor
#2807 NVDA stops reading webpages in all browser - saying "unknown" or "pane" new defect minor
#2811 reader stops at end of sentence new defect minor
#2812 Large number of spaces in pre tag causes up arrow not to work new defect minor
#2817 Possibility of intercepting BRLTTY macros to be used by NVDA new jteh enhancement minor
#2818 Media Player Classic Home Cinema can't be closed correctly if NVDA is running new defect minor
#2819 Use gettext natively for add-on manifest localisation new mdcurran enhancement minor
#2821 Nvda completely stops working on some websites. new defect minor
#2823 Table Navigation Broken on iTunes pages in web browsers new defect minor
#2824 Heading reading in IE not working properly, ie as it does in firefox new defect minor
#2825 nvda fails to see displayed emails in email clients if there is a short delay in displaying the email new defect minor
#2826 NVDA does not accurately identify the e-mail providers listed in Windows 8 mail configuration setup. new defect minor
#2827 NVDA fails to behave properly when opening MS DOC/DOCX password protected files in MS Word 2010. new defect minor
#2828 While typing in Turbo C editor NVDA not read out the # as hash symbol as it is. It read out as 2 new task minor
#2829 Some web pages create strange effects and error sound new defect minor
#2832 Focus and browse mode do not behave reliably. new defect minor
#2833 NVDA should announce the document information such as title bar current page number etc new enhancement minor
#2835 Improvements for Danish liblouis braille table new MHameed defect minor
#2836 Add Windows PowerShell ISE support for NVDA new mdcurran enhancement minor
#2839 Using Festival Synth, NVDA not continuing reading when nvda+down is pressed new defect minor
#2841 NVDA loses focus and position in editable field and forms. new defect minor
#2842 Unable to access/interact with combo boxes in certain web sites. new defect minor
#2844 On certain web pages especially those with a test format NVDA runs very slow and uses a lot of CPU power new defect minor
#2846 Unread message counts in Outlook 2010 not spoken new defect minor
#2847 Update related dialogs unexpectedly get focus new defect minor
#2849 Search in windows 8, number of results for apps, setting and files not read new defect minor
#2861 Punctuation repeating over three times is not sent to the synthesizer even if the 'preserve' field is set to "always" new defect minor
#2862 some iTunes 11 checkboxes always reporting not checked new defect minor
#2863 Problematic behavior by NVDA when changing password for Microsoft account in Windows Eight. new defect minor
#2866 NVDA fails to read correct page numbers in the pages option (thumbnail images) in Adobe Reader 8 new defect minor
#2867 NVDA recognizes the position bar only in the folders window. new enhancement minor
#2868 NVDA stops reading sentences following full stop in a paragraph when using the mouse in Google Chrome new defect minor
#2872 NVDA fails to run and causes WerFault exceptions new defect minor
#2873 Unregister .nvda-addon file association upon uninstallation new defect minor
#2874 When braille display is tethered to focus current position is not refreshed properly new jteh defect near-term minor
#2875 The NVDA cursor moves top of the page when clicking on "continue" button in a news articles of BBC. new defect minor
#2876 NVDA does not interact very well in IE ten if compatibility mode is turned off. new defect minor
#2878 NVDA not reading all menu items with Classic Shell in Windows 8 new defect minor
#2880 Navigate by sentence during say all new enhancement minor
#2881 NVDA stops working in windows store new defect minor
#2882 Sluggish response with audio indication of focus and browse mode on/off. new enhancement minor
#2883 NVDA not indicating unread/unseen e-mails in Windows 8 mail app. new enhancement minor
#2884 Appmodule for teamtalk4classic allowing to obtain some controls's label new enhancement minor
#2886 NVDA navigational key behaving strangely. new defect minor
#2887 "Report text formatting" could not work on merge cell new defect minor
#2889 Announcing spelling Errors In IE 10 Preview And Later new enhancement minor
#2890 Allow eSpeak to be used for the entirety of uninstallation new defect minor
#2891 userConfig directory automatically gets copied to installation directory for non-portable installs new defect minor
#2892 NVDA quits working with new tabs in IE and Firefox after reloading plugins new defect minor
#2893 I am noticing when closing with Alt Plus f4 out of folders that a lot of times NVDA loses focus and sometimes does not continue reading the list box of folders. This procedure seems to happen on a regular basis. Here are the steps. new defect minor
#2894 Improvements on editing Messages in Windows Live Mail new enhancement minor
#2901 Application support list for nvda. new enhancement minor
#2903 Reconsider presentationType for IAccessible.ContentGenericClient new enhancement near-term minor
#2907 NVDA doesn't read properly PPT files witch contain text with transition effects new defect minor
#2911 Flat review doesn't work in Magic DVD Ripper new mdcurran defect minor
#2912 NVDA doesn't read tabs in powerpoint new defect minor
#2915 unknown error with start menu on a portible coppy. new defect minor
#2917 Nvda doesn't work with flash player installer. new defect minor
#2919 first-line css selector nvda font information not reportd new defect minor
#2925 NVDA Dialog focusing issues new defect minor
#2935 The notification of browse mode updates should be anounced by sound signal while working with Gecko based WEB browsers new enhancement minor
#2936 - unhandled exception in Winamp when looking up cddb new mdcurran defect minor
#2937 NVDA skipps parts of the text new defect minor
#2940 text under the mouse is not being read by paragraph reopened defect minor
#2941 Issue with Outlook profile change while using NVDA new defect minor
#2942 Outlook 2007: Calendar Should Provide Summary of X appointments on Specified Date new enhancement minor
#2944 TeamViewer 8 GUI elements are not accessible with NVDA when user join a meeting new enhancement minor
#2945 Global bindings for space+dots braille keyboard gestures new jteh enhancement minor
#2946 NVDA does not track text selection when editing cells in Microsoft Excel new defect minor
#2949 Hide undefined Braille Opcodes new enhancement minor
#2952 MS Word: Stop NVDA from saying the word "style" before it says the style name. new enhancement minor
#2954 MS Excel (braille cursor position incorrect on merged-cell) new jteh defect minor
#2955 Show control type state on the lefthand side or make it at least configurable new jteh enhancement minor
#2960 Nvda freezes in the save as dialog in microsoft office 2010 new defect minor
#2961 report line spacing in valid locations new enhancement minor
#2965 re-assigning the navigatorObject_moveFocus script to nvda+numpadplus for one-hand handling of the navigator new enhancement minor
#2972 Problems When Using Down or Up Arrow Keys when Crossing Page Boundaries in Microsoft word 2003 new defect minor
#2990 Automatic language detection based on unicode ranges new enhancement near-term minor
#2992 An ability to report Unicode name of a currently selected character new enhancement minor
#2998 NVDA causes duplicate letters in words typed with onscreen keyboard new defect minor
#3002 The KMPlayer :a VideoPlayer maybe can help Nvda to read the Subtitles new jteh enhancement minor
#3004 Move virtual buffer position to mouse position in browse mode feature new enhancement minor
#3008 NVDA doesn't switch between different keyboard layouts in windows 7 ultimate new defect minor
#3014 Copy log from temperary copy to nvda-temp.log new enhancement minor
#3015 Nvda is muted in the edit field new defect minor
#3016 Visibility hidden and aural media properity. new enhancement minor
#3018 MSWord 2010-on reaching the last cell in a table user needs to be ifnormed that TAB can result in a new empty row. new mdcurran defect minor
#3019 Outlook 2010- Message edit is announced on reaching the uneditable message body of a recieved message when message is opened in a separate window. new defect minor
#3020 Outlook 2010-complete message body of a recieved message is not read automatically, when message opens in a separate window. new defect minor
#3021 Excel 2010-some extraneous text is announced on moving to the first control in fill tab page of format cells dialog. new defect minor
#3022 Indicate spelling errors in braille new jteh enhancement minor
#3025 Visual studio 2012 quick info new enhancement minor
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