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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#2498 NVDA does not see document contents in Reader metro app new defect Core
#2499 Lotus symphony: review cursor does not follow caret new jteh defect near-term Compound documents
#2500 Issues reading in windows media center new defect Speech
#2504 Proxy support for the update feature new enhancement Core
#2506 NVDA and new defect Browse mode
#2508 Building NVDA for 64 bit fails on Windows 7 32 bit, MSVC 2010 new jteh defect near-term Distribution
#2510 when using the insert key to read lines overwrite mode becomes active new defect Core
#2511 NVDA doesn't read some shapes in MS Word 2010 new enhancement Core
#2514 change the voice of language Sinhalese(ISO 639-2 code sin) new task Speech
#2515 Some of the error messages in Windows Live Mail 2009 are not spoken by default new mdcurran defect Core
#2517 NVDA crashed reopened defect Core
#2519 Miranda IM message feedback only given after enitial interaction after NVDA restart new defect Core
#2522 Option to suppress speaking of "blank" for blank lines new enhancement Speech
#2523 Watchdog stopping Outlook express from speaking new defect Core
#2531 NVDA Custom Label Feature for Web Pages, Word and PDF Documents new jteh enhancement Core
#2536 Unable to use The New Braille Sense U2 32-Cell in Excel 2010 Pro new jteh defect Braille
#2542 Lost feedback when the context menu is opened new defect Core
#2547 Error sound en pressing NVDA+control+r twice new defect near-term Core
#2552 Difficult to know where a message has been sent via Faceboook new defect Core
#2557 Remote NVDA like Remote assistance on Windows new jteh enhancement Service
#2559 Option to play audio coordinate when using object navigation new enhancement Core
#2561 Auto Language Switching in Microsoft Speech Platform new enhancement Speech synth drivers
#2565 Allow the creation of portable copies to be canceled new enhancement Installer
#2566 Bug with NVDA reading website: coursera new defect Core
#2568 app module for Lambda math editor new enhancement Core
#2575 Excel: Report The Presence Of Drop Down Lists When Focus Lands On Cells That Contain Them new jteh enhancement Compound documents
#2577 loseFocus event fired twice when sleep mode is turned on and then off new defect Core
#2579 Drag and Drop Addons into the Addonsmanager to install them new mdcurran enhancement Add-on management
#2585 How to possibly implement a "simple" diagram reader new task Core
#2587 NVDA Not Working with the GMAIL Account Creation Page new defect Browse mode
#2590 Allow installed synthesizers to be selected from the Synth Settings Ring new enhancement Speech
#2591 Don't announce end-of-container when quick navigation keys are used in browse mode new defect Browse mode
#2593 NVDA crashes when navigating web pages new defect Browse mode
#2598 Shift-tabbing to an HTML input of type file, nothing is read. IE Only new defect Core
#2599 Add mnemonic for OCR settings in Preferences menu new jteh enhancement OCR add-on
#2601 Firefox and NVDA only: Image buttons read incorrectly new defect Core
#2609 using braille routing keys to move sliders new jteh enhancement Braille
#2610 When I press shift h or h when I want to go back or forward a heading in firefox the history pops up. reopened defect Core
#2614 Unable to tick answers to questions in a Word document given to me by an agency reopened mdcurran defect Microsoft Office support
#2615 Problem with the new google groups layoud and firefox new defect Browse mode
#2616 NVDA unresponsive when auto flash update occurs new defect Core
#2617 Add ability to report exact slider value new enhancement Core
#2619 NVDA makes always a beep in Poedit reopened defect Core
#2620 It's not possible navigate using table commands in IBM Lotus Symphony and openOffice new jteh enhancement Compound documents
#2623 when typing in an address in firefox, the phrase selection removed gets spoken again and again new defect Core
#2624 NVDA reporting uneeded information when loding IE 10 new defect Speech
#2627 IE8 speaking language and input details every time its run reopened defect near-term Speech
#2632 Dynamic file version for launcher reopened enhancement near-term Distribution
#2641 iTunes Downloads listview enhancement new enhancement Core
#2642 The NVDA announcement for merge cells new jteh enhancement Core
#2649 NVDA reports the first character of the line with bullets or numbering twice instead of the bullets or numbering in Word 2007 and Outlook 2010 (Outlook 2010 not confirmed by me) new mdcurran defect Microsoft Office support
#2654 There is a website called Jango that NVDA does not work with very well. NVDA doesn't detect/read some of the buttons. Jango is a music website similar to Pandora, and it is accessible with JAWS, but not NVDA. It is a little more accessible when I use NVDA with Internet Explorer 9, but not Mozilla Firefox. new jteh defect Service
#2659 No cursor speech feadback in some text fields in Internet Explorer 9 new defect near-term Core
#2660 Mouse tracking broken for Internet Explorer 9 new defect Core
#2663 Sapi 4 Error Loading Voice new defect Speech
#2666 Braille it not refresh in windows explorer when you add characters after the last character. new jteh defect Braille
#2670 NVDA does not announce capitalisation of letters when selecting text new defect Speech
#2671 Copying an HTML table new enhancement Browse mode
#2674 Symbols change their dots when the cursor is over them new jteh defect Braille
#2676 Associating a group of symbols (or any symbols in a particular group) with one pronunciation under symbols.dic new enhancement Speech
#2677 NVDA on IE8: upload file (editable button ...) new defect Browse mode
#2682 NVDA and SAP new defect Core
#2683 NVDA browse table: Move to next column (out of the same row) new defect Core
#2685 NVDA Reporting Contents of Combo Boxes with High Verbosity new defect Core
#2690 Support to reloadplugin and check sleep mode for an application using controller client new mdcurran enhancement Controller
#2693 Gracefully handle VirtualAllocEx failure for sysListView32 new defect Core
#2696 Create snapshot branch built with svn espeak/liblouis new jteh enhancement Official builds
#2699 ;INSERT+F1 help message capability new mdcurran task Add-on management
#2702 Routing navigator object to mouse pointer misbehaves when mouse tracking is disabled new defect Core
#2704 New espeak variant: Pablo new enhancement Speech
#2707 Error heard when switching input languages in Windows 8 new defect Core
#2708 Row and Column Headers in IBM Lotus Symphony new jteh enhancement Compound documents
#2713 Sysinternals DBGView is slow to respond when NVDA is running under xp new defect Core
#2723 NVDA doesn't want to be updated... but sometimes agrees new jteh defect Update check
#2728 NVDA will not read the Windows XP Security screen new jteh defect Service
#2730 Japanese input method is not reported correctly new mdcurran defect Asian character input
#2732 Error on progress bar updates new defect Core
#2735 windows mobile device center is unaccessible with Nvda new enhancement Core
#2736 support for Japanese braille new MHameed enhancement Braille
#2739 Start menu doesn't read at all new defect Speech
#2744 Possibility of translating OcR addon new jteh enhancement OCR add-on
#2745 NVDA + Firefox alerts not working properly new defect Core
#2746 In Windows 8, some programs such as Outlook, Skype and others crash while using NVDA for a while new defect Core
#2747 Errors durring update new defect Installer
#2752 in a Windows 8 Data grid, only the first column is announced. new defect Core
#2753 NVDA 2012.2.1 seems to lock-up for Java Access Bridge v2.0.3 on paging new defect Core
#2754 In notepad, only first character is announced when moving by word with multi-byte chars such as Asian words (specifically, Korean words) new defect Speech
#2755 nvda does not report the justification in Jarte new defect Core
#2757 enhance braille scroll in multiline controls new jteh enhancement Braille
#2762 "Speak typed words" behaves like "speak typed characters" when entering Asian text in Notepad and other edit fields and documents new mdcurran defect near-term Asian character input
#2764 Ffirefox won't stay focused. new defect Browse mode
#2767 NVDA does not read members of distribution lists in Outlook 2007 new mdcurran defect Microsoft Office support
#2773 'Speak typed words' does not work correctly with MS Excel new defect Speech
#2774 request support urdu language again new task Speech
#2776 Half shape symbols may not be announced within candidate words new mdcurran defect Asian character input
#2777 In start screen Modern UI, NVDA doesn't announce the selected candidate during a search. new enhancement Core
#2779 NVDA mixing letters in the Windows Store app comment. new defect Core
#2782 Reading pdf documents new defect Core
#2783 Can not control alt down arrow in Thunderbird To field new defect Core
#2789 NVDA's autoupdate conflicts with Avira's scanner new jteh defect Update check
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