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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#2677 NVDA on IE8: upload file (editable button ...) new defect Browse mode
#2683 NVDA browse table: Move to next column (out of the same row) new defect Core
#2685 NVDA Reporting Contents of Combo Boxes with High Verbosity new defect Core
#2690 Support to reloadplugin and check sleep mode for an application using controller client new mdcurran enhancement Controller
#2693 Gracefully handle VirtualAllocEx failure for sysListView32 new defect Core
#2696 Create snapshot branch built with svn espeak/liblouis new jteh enhancement Official builds
#2697 NVDA+end doesn't read status bar in Thunderbird new defect Core
#2699 ;INSERT+F1 help message capability new mdcurran task Add-on management
#2702 Routing navigator object to mouse pointer misbehaves when mouse tracking is disabled new defect Core
#2704 New espeak variant: Pablo new enhancement Speech
#2707 Error heard when switching input languages in Windows 8 new defect Core
#2708 Row and Column Headers in IBM Lotus Symphony new jteh enhancement Compound documents
#2713 Sysinternals DBGView is slow to respond when NVDA is running under xp new defect Core
#2723 NVDA doesn't want to be updated... but sometimes agrees new jteh defect Update check
#2728 NVDA will not read the Windows XP Security screen new jteh defect Service
#2730 Japanese input method is not reported correctly new mdcurran defect Asian character input
#2736 support for Japanese braille new MHameed enhancement Braille
#2738 support for Nepali braille accepted MHameed enhancement Braille
#2739 Start menu doesn't read at all new defect Speech
#2744 Possibility of translating OcR addon new jteh enhancement OCR add-on
#2745 NVDA + Firefox alerts not working properly new defect Core
#2746 In Windows 8, some programs such as Outlook, Skype and others crash while using NVDA for a while new defect Core
#2747 Errors durring update new defect Installer
#2749 Please point out the significant difference between the ordinary color lime and the web color lime in the translators' comment for lime in so that "lime" does not get mistranslated reopened defect Localisation
#2752 in a Windows 8 Data grid, only the first column is announced. new defect Core
#2753 NVDA 2012.2.1 seems to lock-up for Java Access Bridge v2.0.3 on paging new defect Core
#2754 In notepad, only first character is announced when moving by word with multi-byte chars such as Asian words (specifically, Korean words) new defect Speech
#2755 nvda does not report the justification in Jarte new defect Core
#2757 enhance braille scroll in multiline controls new jteh enhancement Braille
#2762 "Speak typed words" behaves like "speak typed characters" when entering Asian text in Notepad and other edit fields and documents new mdcurran defect near-term Asian character input
#2764 Ffirefox won't stay focused. new defect Browse mode
#2767 NVDA does not read members of distribution lists in Outlook 2007 new mdcurran defect Microsoft Office support
#2773 'Speak typed words' does not work correctly with MS Excel new defect Speech
#2774 request support urdu language again new task Speech
#2776 Half shape symbols may not be announced within candidate words new mdcurran defect Asian character input
#2777 In start screen Modern UI, NVDA doesn't announce the selected candidate during a search. new enhancement Core
#2779 NVDA mixing letters in the Windows Store app comment. new defect Core
#2782 Reading pdf documents new defect Core
#2787 Problem - could not load the festival synthesizer in NVDA_2012.3beta1 new defect Speech synth drivers
#2789 NVDA's autoupdate conflicts with Avira's scanner new jteh defect Update check
#2791 Better support for handling compound characters in languages such as Korean and Tamil new MHameed enhancement Localisation
#2792 NVDA could not completely support the input method New Phonetic 2010 new mdcurran defect Asian character input
#2794 Support for Presentation, specifically Writing and Editing Slides in IBM Lotus Symphony new jteh enhancement Compound documents
#2795 suppressing of blank lines when reading online new enhancement Speech
#2796 Freezing and slowing when exiting applications or switching areas in desktop new defect Core
#2797 Support for reading subtitles in videos new enhancement Core
#2801 Progressive MS Excel Enhancements new jteh enhancement Compound documents
#2802 Back space not readout in Turbo C Editor new task Speech
#2803 NVDA not read out the options in Kaspersky antivirus new defect Speech
#2806 In ProcessExplorer from sysinternals, the process list cannot be read with NVDA new defect Core
#2807 NVDA stops reading webpages in all browser - saying "unknown" or "pane" new defect Core
#2811 reader stops at end of sentence new defect Core
#2812 Large number of spaces in pre tag causes up arrow not to work new defect Browse mode
#2817 Possibility of intercepting BRLTTY macros to be used by NVDA new jteh enhancement Braille
#2818 Media Player Classic Home Cinema can't be closed correctly if NVDA is running new defect Core
#2819 Use gettext natively for add-on manifest localisation new mdcurran enhancement Add-on management
#2821 Nvda completely stops working on some websites. new defect Core
#2823 Table Navigation Broken on iTunes pages in web browsers new defect Browse mode
#2824 Heading reading in IE not working properly, ie as it does in firefox new defect Browse mode
#2825 nvda fails to see displayed emails in email clients if there is a short delay in displaying the email new defect Core
#2826 NVDA does not accurately identify the e-mail providers listed in Windows 8 mail configuration setup. new defect Core
#2827 NVDA fails to behave properly when opening MS DOC/DOCX password protected files in MS Word 2010. new defect GUI
#2828 While typing in Turbo C editor NVDA not read out the # as hash symbol as it is. It read out as 2 new task Speech
#2829 Some web pages create strange effects and error sound new defect Speech
#2830 IE, GMail sign in page, NVDA error sound new defect Browse mode
#2832 Focus and browse mode do not behave reliably. new defect Core
#2833 NVDA should announce the document information such as title bar current page number etc new enhancement Distribution
#2835 Improvements for Danish liblouis braille table new MHameed defect Braille
#2836 Add Windows PowerShell ISE support for NVDA new mdcurran enhancement Display model
#2839 Using Festival Synth, NVDA not continuing reading when nvda+down is pressed new defect Speech
#2841 NVDA loses focus and position in editable field and forms. new defect Core
#2842 Unable to access/interact with combo boxes in certain web sites. new defect Core
#2844 On certain web pages especially those with a test format NVDA runs very slow and uses a lot of CPU power new defect Browse mode
#2846 Unread message counts in Outlook 2010 not spoken new defect Core
#2847 Update related dialogs unexpectedly get focus new defect GUI
#2849 Search in windows 8, number of results for apps, setting and files not read new defect Core
#2861 Punctuation repeating over three times is not sent to the synthesizer even if the 'preserve' field is set to "always" new defect Speech
#2862 some iTunes 11 checkboxes always reporting not checked new defect Core
#2863 Problematic behavior by NVDA when changing password for Microsoft account in Windows Eight. new defect Core
#2866 NVDA fails to read correct page numbers in the pages option (thumbnail images) in Adobe Reader 8 new defect Core
#2867 NVDA recognizes the position bar only in the folders window. new enhancement Core
#2868 NVDA stops reading sentences following full stop in a paragraph when using the mouse in Google Chrome new defect Core
#2872 NVDA fails to run and causes WerFault exceptions new defect Core
#2873 Unregister .nvda-addon file association upon uninstallation new defect Installer
#2874 When braille display is tethered to focus current position is not refreshed properly new jteh defect near-term Braille
#2875 The NVDA cursor moves top of the page when clicking on "continue" button in a news articles of BBC. new defect Core
#2876 NVDA does not interact very well in IE ten if compatibility mode is turned off. new defect Core
#2878 NVDA not reading all menu items with Classic Shell in Windows 8 new defect Core
#2880 Navigate by sentence during say all new enhancement Speech
#2881 NVDA stops working in windows store new defect Core
#2882 Sluggish response with audio indication of focus and browse mode on/off. new enhancement Browse mode
#2883 NVDA not indicating unread/unseen e-mails in Windows 8 mail app. new enhancement Core
#2884 Appmodule for teamtalk4classic allowing to obtain some controls's label new enhancement Core
#2886 NVDA navigational key behaving strangely. new defect Browse mode
#2887 "Report text formatting" could not work on merge cell new defect Speech
#2889 Announcing spelling Errors In IE 10 Preview And Later new enhancement Core
#2890 Allow eSpeak to be used for the entirety of uninstallation new defect Installer
#2891 userConfig directory automatically gets copied to installation directory for non-portable installs new defect Installer
#2892 NVDA quits working with new tabs in IE and Firefox after reloading plugins new defect Browse mode
#2893 I am noticing when closing with Alt Plus f4 out of folders that a lot of times NVDA loses focus and sometimes does not continue reading the list box of folders. This procedure seems to happen on a regular basis. Here are the steps. new defect Speech
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