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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#1814 Occasional loss of functions if booted up at start of windows session new defect Core
#1825 Status Bar Not Detected new defect Core
#1829 The last line of multi-line edit fields in IE8 is skipped or is read as the content of the entire edit field. new defect Core
#1833 Some Thunderbird issues new defect Core
#1839 Global plugin: report selected items in lists new enhancement Core
#1840 Configurable rate for speech in non-default language new enhancement Speech
#1842 Odd behaviour when navigating web pages new defect Browse mode
#1845 Changing the value attribute on a form input field is not announced by NVDA new defect Core
#1847 Issue with braille when reading Outlook 2010 message new defect Core
#1848 Bad cursor position in the cygwin's mintty terminal new defect Core
#1851 NVDA misses focus When opening a new browser window from an existing one reopened defect near-term Core
#1864 Interact with help balloons new enhancement Core
#1873 sentence navigation by Alt up/down arrows new enhancement Core
#1876 When viewing search results for the catalog of my local public library NVDA appears to freeze, not allowing navigation and saying "desktop window" when I exit and re-enter the window. new defect Browse mode
#1878 Flash player based chat is not working correctly while using one system to realize WEBINARS. When first chat message have been sended, user can not jump to The editbox for writing chat message again. Even while triing to jump to The editbox for writing chat messages by disabling virtual browsing temporalily, NVDA is not able to monitor The written text when user is pressing arrow keys. NVDA can work ammazingly, when writting first chat message. But when user press ENter, or when user activate send button even without virtual browser active, new defect Browse mode
#1883 Intermittent error in Outlook Express new defect Core
#1888 NVDA unable to activate links on websites using IE9 new defect Core
#1898 Error in braille and speech regarding selection of text new defect Core
#1899 NVDA should know how to handle soft carriage return (\0xb) in Microsoft Word reopened enhancement Core
#1904 Use Screen Layout Off Has No Effect new defect Browse mode
#1906 Support for code editor in Visual C++ express 2008 and Visual C# express 2008 new enhancement Core
#1909 NVDA not reading characters typed into edit field in IE9. new defect Core
#1910 NVDA is stuttering on parts of the website new defect Browse mode
#1911 feature that allows user to read the whole row/column with a single keystroke new enhancement Core
#1914 tooltips with say all new enhancement Core
#1922 Within Open with dialog, select browse, TAB to search, and NVDA errors new defect Core
#1923 Firefox:While a page is loading or shortly after it's loaded, check status bar, and NVDA errors new defect Core
#1927 Latest Two Female ESpeak Voices Are Missing From Within Varients List. new defect Speech
#1930, navigate to iTuens link, and cannot ENTER to activate new defect Browse mode
#1931 Firefox: Opening link in new tab and switching among tabs sometimes will report incorrect content new defect Browse mode
#1932 Optionally Quieting Graphics Within Browse Mode new enhancement Browse mode
#1935 Word 2010: With a bulletted/numbered list, selected using SHIFT+UP/DOWN ARROWS, NVDA doesn’t speak the bullet/number, where it should new defect Core
#1939 Word 2010: need a way to query cursor position, i.e. how many inches from margin - very useful for formatting new defect Core
#1941 Firefox:, within list of messages, navigate to next column, and NVDA errors new defect Browse mode
#1952 Firefox/IE: move to next/previous paragraph should ignore blank lines and go to text/HTML elements new defect Browse mode
#1958 Randomly switching from focus to browse mode in multi line edit boxes. new defect near-term Browse mode
#1961 Slight lag in Microsoft Speech Platform reopened defect Speech
#1965 Separate the reading of structural elements from the text inside them. new enhancement Browse mode
#1969 jump to selection start marker new enhancement Core
#1970 Review nextLine and previousLine commands does not work for large documents new defect Core
#1972 sentences are joined together when last word in the first is a link. new defect Speech
#1985 different handling of usemaps with different browsers new defect Browse mode
#1994 NVDA's Table Reading Commands with LibreOffice Writer new enhancement Core
#2003 NVDA stops responding to keyboard input new defect Core
#2008 Missing python library modules on binary distribution to be used within plugin new defect Distribution
#2009 added support for the list items when typing NVDA+F7 (Elements list) new enhancement Core
#2010 added support to detect border in word new enhancement Core
#2022 NVDA begins to slow down and/or unload from memory after several hours of use new defect Browse mode
#2024 Ability for NVDA to indicate spell error in real time. new enhancement Core
#2031 Adobe reader X can lock up NVDA new defect Browse mode
#2032 when pressing NVDA+f5, NVDA should update document and put in the same position new enhancement Browse mode
#2036 Support relations providing live updates new enhancement Core
#2037 nvda doesn't move on bullets and numbers new defect Speech
#2039 Browse mode problems with slow/inappropriate focus changes in browsers new defect near-term Browse mode
#2041 Command to reading by line in Microsoft Excel new enhancement Core
#2048 New command for NVDA new enhancement Core
#2050 When entering in mozilla firefox 9 to a webpage, some links directs to the dsktop. new defect Browse mode
#2051 If I wanted to install windows live essentials on my new windows 7 desktop, nvda was crashed, and it will say a part of the things, I navigate on it. new defect Core
#2054 Treat KurzWeil 1000 as a self-voicing application new enhancement Core
#2063 support for HTML 5 audio/video elements new enhancement Core
#2067 Audio output device names truncated to 32 characters new defect Core
#2068 Pitch change for capitals results in a perminent pitch change after reading a single capital letter new defect Speech synth drivers
#2070 MS Outlook 2007: unable to use spell checker new enhancement Core
#2085 NVDA with IE8, browser hang on and forums new defect Core
#2092 problem with NVDA new defect Core
#2093 Winamp Playlist editor title bar does not read correctly, i.e., Winamp Playlist editor. Instead it reads a series of random numbers. new defect Core
#2094 Problems with List box and tree view new defect Core
#2105 an app module for instant bird new enhancement Core
#2108 Status bar text cannot be reviewed with review commands in Firefox new defect Core
#2112 NVDA doesn't read the whole content of the "Confirm deletion" dialog in Win7 new defect Core
#2113 NVDA causes some applications to not close (exit) correctly new defect Core
#2116 In virtual box when a vm is created it is not reported in the list of vms new defect Core
#2118 Thunderbird 10 and searching the web new defect Browse mode
#2119 NVDA should offer to transfer just settings to logon and other secure screens new enhancement Core
#2125 appModules should have a way to override the logic to retrieve status bar text in api.getStatusBar new enhancement Core
#2127 sometimes wrong numbering for footnotes new defect Core
#2129 Improviments for formatting information in applications using java access bridge new enhancement Core
#2132 processFocusWinEvent: force focus-event after a reorder-event was made new defect Core
#2133 Lag/crash when trying read large pages containing changesets new defect Browse mode
#2134 NVDA is not seeing some accessible names used in SWT/Eclipse based applications new defect Core
#2137 Report the Title Attribute on HTML lists and Tables new enhancement Browse mode
#2140 NVDA speech cuts off at end of lines new defect Speech synth drivers
#2149 Silent context menus under Windows 7 x64 (Explorer) new defect Core
#2150 NVDA does not say expected message when trying to type in a locked region with Microsoft Office Word Web App new defect Core
#2156 Support VIM and/or GVIM (command-line and/or graphical version) new enhancement App specific
#2157 Japanese characters in console reported as space new defect Core
#2159 nvda with the new VBT scripts new defect Browse mode
#2160 When navigating with the mouse NVDA reads text on a line up to the first link on a line and stops reading new defect Core
#2163 Normal user copy of NVDA sometimes speaks when in a secure desktop new defect Core
#2167 When audio output device is changed beeps are still beeing played in the previous device new defect near-term Core
#2169 links in interactive elements new defect Browse mode
#2176 Adobe Reader X: when text is highlighted, it should be possible for info to be reported or queried new enhancement Browse mode
#2178 internet explorer9 progress bars new defect Core
#2179 Better support for Adobe Flash installers reopened defect Core
#2186 Improve Support For Google Talk new enhancement Core
#2188 nvda some times crashes when looking at yahoo groups messages on cites new defect Core
#2189 Error on VLC full screen mode new defect Core
#2192 NvDA's Wellcome dialog is not properly sized and centered new defect GUI
#2195 The CapPitchChange setting on the Voice Settings Dialog should only be presented if the synth supports the pitch setting new enhancement GUI
#2196 Some buttons on websites state unavailable in IE8 when they are not new defect Browse mode
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