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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#1268 Error sounds in input to main message window in Outlook Express new defect Core
#1269 Some buttons in calculator are inaccessible new defect Core
#1279 Wifi signal strenght reading new enhancement Core
#1282 Embedded control's value not announced new defect Core
#1283 Aria-labelledby should precede aria-label attribute new defect Core
#1296 The new version of uTorrent doesn't work with NVDA new defect Core
#1297 Support Microsoft project 2007-2010 new enhancement Core
#1298 Some mouse over dropdown menus not updating the buffer in IE new defect Browse mode
#1301 Cannot restart NVDA after unloading it in XP and Windows 7 new defect Core
#1305 NVDA and Google Voice don't work new defect Browse mode
#1312 Repetition in items list with java software new defect Core
#1314 NVDA loosing focus when opening a document in IBM Lotus Symphony new defect Core
#1318 Tab announcement when reading changes new defect Core
#1319 NVDA says clipboard empty when a message opened in outlook 2007 or a document in word 2007 new defect Core
#1327 Provide a way to avoid loading incompatible app modules new enhancement Core
#1334 UNABLE TO USE ai RoboForm (R) Version 7.1.3 (en-english WITH nvda new defect Core
#1337 NVDA ARIA alerts omit messages containing HTML new defect Speech
#1343 NVDA should have also an object dictionary new enhancement Core
#1371 problem with numbers in windows live messenger new defect Speech
#1380 NVDA crashes in Visual Studio 2010 Professional new defect App specific: Microsoft Visual Studio
#1384 It is sometimes not possible to complete certain HTML forms, such as activating a button to complete a search when using NVDA and Seamonkey. new defect Browse mode
#1398 an independent option for spelling rate new enhancement Speech
#1409 Ability to adjust volume of sounds new enhancement Core
#1412 NVDA reads text in a standard WPF text box incorrectly new defect Core
#1431 NVDA not working with some edit controls in Firefox new defect Browse mode
#1438 Firefox 4.X: Logging into secure page, NVDA doesn't have focus in virtual document new defect Browse mode
#1442 Some progressbars in thunder bird are not automaticalli reported new defect Core
#1445 Log viewer sometimes does not properly regain focus new defect GUI
#1464 Mouse selection is not read in Internet Browsers new defect Browse mode
#1466 Symbol speaking verbosity while cursoring and say all new enhancement Speech
#1468 Punctuation when you read per word new enhancement Speech
#1471 problem with reading miranda messages new defect Core
#1474 installer should check state of Windows Audio service. new enhancement Installer
#1475 Dot spoken with symbol level some at the end of a sentense new defect Speech
#1481 NVDA should have the ability to report changes in an object new enhancement near-term Core
#1486 NVDA Fails To Read Anything In Windows Disk Management Graphical View reopened enhancement App specific
#1487 Hot Key to get line and percent statistics in virtual buffers new enhancement Browse mode
#1488 Support for Microsoft Silverlight new enhancement Core
#1490 NVDA should announce opening/closing a tab in IE or FF new enhancement Browse mode
#1506 A command key that are not mentioned in the documentation: NVDA+control+f1 new defect Documentation
#1508 Tab control in Dropbox Preferences dialog inaccessible new defect Core
#1510 NVDA crashes when IBM ViaVoice crashes new defect Speech synth drivers
#1512 Website behaviour differs when navigating with the keyboard new defect Core
#1521 NVDA doesn't find the cursor in lambda application new defect Core
#1523 NVDA doesn't leave the Adobe Flash buffer when NVDA+ctrl+space is pressed on Windows 7 new defect Browse mode
#1529 Experimental class to support speaking of typed characters when this is broken in application new enhancement Core
#1530 Fourth column of symbols.dic cannot be edited in new Symbol Pronunciation GUI. new defect GUI
#1531 When using Firefox, NVDA sometimes doesn't read the "Search" edit field new defect Speech
#1534 Can't review message body when composing a message in Thunderbird new defect Core
#1539 Make "line feed" and "carriage return" symbol names more user friendly new enhancement Speech
#1541 detecting shapes and charts in Microsoft Word new enhancement Core
#1545 PDF Converter 7 Professional support. new enhancement Core
#1547 notepad not reading new defect Core
#1549 Request for NVDA to track the translated line in Duxbury Braille Translation Software when in the Braille document view new enhancement Core
#1561 NVDA sometimes seems to miss entering spaces in typed text when "Announce formatting changes after the cursor" setting is enabled new defect Core
#1570 NVDA is not reading a complete word new defect Core
#1578 NVDA's Read Title command does not read the title of the active or open Web page in Seamonkey 2.1 new defect Core
#1581 Firefox 6 Nightly: Notifications partially/double-speak new defect Core
#1582 Firefox: Reviewing characters in edit field Sometimes Repeat new defect Core
#1608 Emoticons, Don't Speak, but instead punctuations/symbols new defect Speech
#1609 Add the ability for NVDA to speak a certain number of previously spoken phrases new enhancement Speech
#1611 Changing from Business to Home address in Outlook 2007 problem new defect Core
#1615 Currencies incorrectly read if a letter is positioned streight after new defect Speech
#1617 disable screen saver while NVDA is reading longer pages new enhancement Core
#1618 On outlook express. Strange window gets focus. new defect Core
#1619 Firefox menus activate but are invisible in full screen mode new defect Browse mode
#1623 When using Thunderbird 5.0 it is difficult to hear information being read when sending an email message to more than one recipient new defect Core
#1635 Unable to restart NVDA when in Firefox new defect Core
#1638 NVDA doesn't recognize: ttype="text" with placeholder new defect Browse mode
#1641 Retrieve color in Microsoft Word 2003 new enhancement Speech
#1645 sony Support for SoundForge (v. Pro 10) new enhancement App specific
#1647 Firefox menu bar drop-down option list problem using mouse pointer with NVDA new defect Core
#1648 Consider the addition of a NVDA shortcut key, to present further information. new enhancement Speech
#1650 NVDA repeats input label text new defect near-term Core
#1651 NVDA Does Not Track the Cursor in the Atlantis Word Processor new defect Core
#1652 NVDA has problem reading information with large dictionaries new defect Speech
#1654 Optional rendering of unlabelled graphics which aren't interactive new enhancement Browse mode
#1676 Announcement of keyboard layout changes depending on context should be optional. reopened enhancement near-term Speech
#1677 NVDA prevents mp3tag from exiting new defect Core
#1678 When jumping between headings with lists, nvda lags new defect Browse mode
#1682 Closing command prompt windows with object nav or mouse causes nvda to exit new defect Windows command console
#1690 Add documentation hints to the welcome dialog new enhancement GUI
#1693 NVDA doesn't read feeds or rss in Internet Explorer 9 new defect Browse mode
#1695 Problem Navigating Bookmarks Folder Tree when Adding Bookmark in Firefox 3.6 new defect Core
#1699 Word 2003 status bar not vound new defect Core
#1701 Notepad++ autocompletion tooltips not announced new enhancement Core
#1702 NVDA and HTML tables new enhancement Core
#1705 Speech Stops when I Open a Folder located on a Thumb Drive new defect Core
#1706 nvda seems to lag after a thunderbird dialogue came up asking if I want to retry logging in. new defect Core
#1707 Change the order in which highlighting is spoken. new enhancement Speech
#1708 custom symbol groupings new enhancement Speech
#1709 NVDA doesn't read the fields in Windows LiveWriter new defect Browse mode
#1710 Speech stops in Windows 7 systems since nvda 2011.1 new defect Core
#1714 NVDA stops reading the level at which headings appear new defect Browse mode
#1716 white space before a link at the start of a line requires you to tab to the link when navigating around with arrow keys. new enhancement Core
#1721 Regression with NVDA 2011.2 on Thunderbird 3.1. new defect Core
#1722 With Firefox 4, NVDA doesn't indicate name of certain link. new enhancement Core
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