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#1922 Within Open with dialog, select browse, TAB to search, and NVDA errors new defect Core
#1927 Latest Two Female ESpeak Voices Are Missing From Within Varients List. new defect Speech
#1930, navigate to iTuens link, and cannot ENTER to activate new defect Browse mode
#1931 Firefox: Opening link in new tab and switching among tabs sometimes will report incorrect content new defect Browse mode
#1932 Optionally Quieting Graphics Within Browse Mode new enhancement Browse mode
#1935 Word 2010: With a bulletted/numbered list, selected using SHIFT+UP/DOWN ARROWS, NVDA doesn’t speak the bullet/number, where it should new defect Core
#1939 Word 2010: need a way to query cursor position, i.e. how many inches from margin - very useful for formatting new defect Core
#1941 Firefox:, within list of messages, navigate to next column, and NVDA errors new defect Browse mode
#1952 Firefox/IE: move to next/previous paragraph should ignore blank lines and go to text/HTML elements new defect Browse mode
#1958 Randomly switching from focus to browse mode in multi line edit boxes. new defect near-term Browse mode
#1961 Slight lag in Microsoft Speech Platform reopened defect Speech
#1965 Separate the reading of structural elements from the text inside them. new enhancement Browse mode
#1969 jump to selection start marker new enhancement Core
#1970 Review nextLine and previousLine commands does not work for large documents new defect Core
#1972 sentences are joined together when last word in the first is a link. new defect Speech
#1985 different handling of usemaps with different browsers new defect Browse mode
#1994 NVDA's Table Reading Commands with LibreOffice Writer new enhancement Core
#2003 NVDA stops responding to keyboard input new defect Core
#2008 Missing python library modules on binary distribution to be used within plugin new defect Distribution
#2009 added support for the list items when typing NVDA+F7 (Elements list) new enhancement Core
#2010 added support to detect border in word new enhancement Core
#2022 NVDA begins to slow down and/or unload from memory after several hours of use new defect Browse mode
#2024 Ability for NVDA to indicate spell error in real time. new enhancement Core
#2031 Adobe reader X can lock up NVDA new defect Browse mode
#2032 when pressing NVDA+f5, NVDA should update document and put in the same position new enhancement Browse mode
#2036 Support relations providing live updates new enhancement Core
#2037 nvda doesn't move on bullets and numbers new defect Speech
#2039 Browse mode problems with slow/inappropriate focus changes in browsers new defect near-term Browse mode
#2041 Command to reading by line in Microsoft Excel new enhancement Core
#2048 New command for NVDA new enhancement Core
#2050 When entering in mozilla firefox 9 to a webpage, some links directs to the dsktop. new defect Browse mode
#2051 If I wanted to install windows live essentials on my new windows 7 desktop, nvda was crashed, and it will say a part of the things, I navigate on it. new defect Core
#2054 Treat KurzWeil 1000 as a self-voicing application new enhancement Core
#2063 support for HTML 5 audio/video elements new enhancement Core
#2067 Audio output device names truncated to 32 characters new defect Core
#2068 Pitch change for capitals results in a perminent pitch change after reading a single capital letter new defect Speech synth drivers
#2070 MS Outlook 2007: unable to use spell checker new enhancement Core
#2085 NVDA with IE8, browser hang on and forums new defect Core
#2092 problem with NVDA new defect Core
#2093 Winamp Playlist editor title bar does not read correctly, i.e., Winamp Playlist editor. Instead it reads a series of random numbers. new defect Core
#2094 Problems with List box and tree view new defect Core
#2105 an app module for instant bird new enhancement Core
#2112 NVDA doesn't read the whole content of the "Confirm deletion" dialog in Win7 new defect Core
#2113 NVDA causes some applications to not close (exit) correctly new defect Core
#2116 In virtual box when a vm is created it is not reported in the list of vms new defect Core
#2118 Thunderbird 10 and searching the web new defect Browse mode
#2119 NVDA should offer to transfer just settings to logon and other secure screens new enhancement Core
#2125 appModules should have a way to override the logic to retrieve status bar text in api.getStatusBar new enhancement Core
#2127 sometimes wrong numbering for footnotes new defect Core
#2129 Improviments for formatting information in applications using java access bridge new enhancement Core
#2132 processFocusWinEvent: force focus-event after a reorder-event was made new defect Core
#2133 Lag/crash when trying read large pages containing changesets new defect Browse mode
#2134 NVDA is not seeing some accessible names used in SWT/Eclipse based applications new defect Core
#2137 Report the Title Attribute on HTML lists and Tables new enhancement Browse mode
#2140 NVDA speech cuts off at end of lines new defect Speech synth drivers
#2149 Silent context menus under Windows 7 x64 (Explorer) new defect Core
#2150 NVDA does not say expected message when trying to type in a locked region with Microsoft Office Word Web App new defect Core
#2156 Support VIM and/or GVIM (command-line and/or graphical version) new enhancement App specific
#2157 Japanese characters in console reported as space new defect Windows command console
#2159 nvda with the new VBT scripts new defect Browse mode
#2160 When navigating with the mouse NVDA reads text on a line up to the first link on a line and stops reading new defect Core
#2163 Normal user copy of NVDA sometimes speaks when in a secure desktop new defect Core
#2167 When audio output device is changed beeps are still beeing played in the previous device new defect near-term Core
#2169 links in interactive elements new defect Browse mode
#2176 Adobe Reader X: when text is highlighted, it should be possible for info to be reported or queried new enhancement Browse mode
#2178 internet explorer9 progress bars new defect Core
#2179 Better support for Adobe Flash installers reopened defect Core
#2186 Improve Support For Google Talk new enhancement Core
#2188 nvda some times crashes when looking at yahoo groups messages on cites new defect Core
#2189 Error on VLC full screen mode new defect Core
#2192 NvDA's Wellcome dialog is not properly sized and centered new defect GUI
#2195 The CapPitchChange setting on the Voice Settings Dialog should only be presented if the synth supports the pitch setting new enhancement GUI
#2196 Some buttons on websites state unavailable in IE8 when they are not new defect Browse mode
#2198 NVDA file will not open new defect Core
#2200 Dragging And Dropping In HTML Tables Breaks NVDA Table Navigation new defect Browse mode
#2202 Enhancement to toggle exposure of long graphical link description new enhancement Browse mode
#2214 user configuration directory accessible from NVDA's menu new enhancement Core
#2216 nvda's autorun does not works new defect Core
#2222 user not being notified of installed/completed update new enhancement Installer
#2224 error during say all in virtual buffers using eSpeak new defect near-term Speech synth drivers
#2226 Changing settings for NVDA in secure mode new defect GUI
#2229 NVDA speaks 2 colons instead of only one in Foobar2000's baloon tooltips new defect Core
#2233 Support for visual studio breakpoints, etc. new enhancement App specific: Microsoft Visual Studio
#2243 AVG thinks that the NVDA update is a threat new defect Installer
#2244 in microsoft access2007 the selected fields are not appointed new defect GUI
#2245 Firefox 11 - no more paragraph reading on mouse over new defect Core
#2246 Vertical/horizontal hold for mouse pointer new enhancement Core
#2250 Option to disable the "out of element" messages in web pages new enhancement Browse mode
#2268 Add ability to read the current paragraph and the current, next and previous sentence new enhancement Core
#2278 Improve reading of tables in microsoft word. new defect Core
#2279 inconsistancy when reading excel spreadsheets new defect Core
#2281 NVDA doesn't read selected content in microsoft access new enhancement Core
#2283 Word: NVDA+END does not report info in status bar, e.g. page x of y, total word count, etc. new defect Core
#2285 Report when a text is copyed in other documents new enhancement Core
#2292 Problems with object navigation new defect Core
#2293 NVDA doesn't detect labels in certain controls new defect Browse mode
#2296 NVDA Sluggish In Microsoft Word new defect Core
#2303 Links presented as tooltips in Elements List when using Firefox new defect Core
#2308 add option to skip layout/formatting information when tabbing through content. new enhancement Browse mode
#2310 stay in the same place on the page when content is refreshed. new enhancement Browse mode
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