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#980 NVDA doesn't really work all the way with audacity new enhancement minor
#1007 Changing the sound effects for NVDA new enhancement trivial
#1009 Problems using SAPI4 with NVDA new defect trivial
#1186 NVDA should support Windows Frotz new enhancement trivial
#1296 The new version of uTorrent doesn't work with NVDA new defect minor
#1305 NVDA and Google Voice don't work new defect minor
#1409 Ability to adjust volume of sounds new enhancement trivial
#1431 NVDA not working with some edit controls in Firefox new defect minor
#1508 Tab control in Dropbox Preferences dialog inaccessible new defect minor
#1961 Slight lag in Microsoft Speech Platform reopened defect minor
#2226 Changing settings for NVDA in secure mode new defect minor
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