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#963 Accessibility quirks in various versions of Eset NOD32 with NVDA new defect minor
#1561 NVDA sometimes seems to miss entering spaces in typed text when "Announce formatting changes after the cursor" setting is enabled new defect minor
#1619 Firefox menus activate but are invisible in full screen mode new defect minor
#2108 Status bar text cannot be reviewed with review commands in Firefox new defect minor
#2408 NVDA 2012.2 RC2 installer did not update the autostart path in the registry after having moved the existing installed copy (at a non-standard location) to the standard path new defect minor
#2693 Gracefully handle VirtualAllocEx failure for sysListView32 new defect minor
#2749 Please point out the significant difference between the ordinary color lime and the web color lime in the translators' comment for lime in so that "lime" does not get mistranslated reopened defect minor
#4537 Caret navigation problems when editing formulas in Excel most probably due to too small caret timeout value new mdcurran defect minor
#4619 Powerpoint 2003: serious editing problems in textboxes that contain multiple paragraphs incubating mdcurran defect minor 2015.1
#3893 Please implement a workaround for poorly written HTML form controls which only contain their meaningful name in their name, id or even class attribute new enhancement trivial
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