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#963 Accessibility quirks in various versions of Eset NOD32 with NVDA new defect minor
#1561 NVDA sometimes seems to miss entering spaces in typed text when "Announce formatting changes after the cursor" setting is enabled new defect minor
#1619 Firefox menus activate but are invisible in full screen mode new defect minor
#2408 NVDA 2012.2 RC2 installer did not update the autostart path in the registry after having moved the existing installed copy (at a non-standard location) to the standard path new defect minor
#2693 Gracefully handle VirtualAllocEx failure for sysListView32 new defect minor
#3893 Please implement a workaround for poorly written HTML form controls which only contain their meaningful name in their name, id or even class attribute new enhancement trivial
#4537 Caret navigation problems when editing or browsing formulas in Excel assigned mdcurran defect minor
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