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#1312 Repetition in items list with java software new defect minor
#1721 Regression with NVDA 2011.2 on Thunderbird 3.1. new defect minor
#1722 With Firefox 4, NVDA doesn't indicate name of certain link. new enhancement minor
#1748 Allow the focus to follow braille cursor. new jteh enhancement minor
#2024 Ability for NVDA to indicate spell error in real time. new enhancement minor
#2349 NVDA fail to bring mouse pointer to the cursor navigator object with nvda+numpad divide after one time. new defect minor
#2666 Braille it not refresh in windows explorer when you add characters after the last character. new jteh defect minor
#2777 In start screen Modern UI, NVDA doesn't announce the selected candidate during a search. new enhancement minor
#2779 NVDA mixing letters in the Windows Store app comment. new defect minor
#3219 IN edit field, NVDA mixing letters in IE10. new defect minor
#3220 In Wordpad, ctrl+arrow down doesn't read paragraphs. new defect minor
#3287 >Braille doesn't follow continuous reading in virtual buffer. new defect minor
#3493 For indicate a specific formating, ability to assignate synthetizor behaviour or a particular sound. new enhancement minor
#3822 Office Word improvement: when meeting embeded graphic, annouce his dimensions. new enhancement minor
#3823 Add a command to read paragraph by paragraph. new enhancement trivial
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