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#1745 Support for Gedite text editor new jteh enhancement Core
#1755 Drag Mouse Feature reopened jteh enhancement Core
#2204 NVDA Should Announces Alignment in IBM Lothus Symphony new jteh enhancement Compound documents
#2256 More options for extra voices section new jteh enhancement NVDA community website
#2620 It's not possible navigate using table commands in IBM Lotus Symphony and openOffice new jteh enhancement Compound documents
#2708 Row and Column Headers in IBM Lotus Symphony new jteh enhancement Compound documents
#2794 Support for Presentation, specifically Writing and Editing Slides in IBM Lotus Symphony new jteh enhancement Compound documents
#3142 NVDA incorrectly reporting links when editing in Apache Openoffice Calc ia2 branch new jteh defect Compound documents
#3942 Strange Error when reading with sayAll Command in Symphony Editable Text Based Documents. new jteh defect Compound documents
#3993 Emulating backspace key in Handy Tech Braille Displays new jteh enhancement Braille
#1522 Some controls cannot be found in photo-filme-strip new mdcurran defect Display model
#4307 Donation Page Should Be Translated new mdcurran task NV Access website
#4372 Microsoft Excel: Some Characters not Being Read When Editing Formulas new mdcurran defect Microsoft Office support
#4497 Several Problems With the new klatt engine assigned mdcurran defect Speech
#2111 Graphics Labeler Functionality accepted MHameed enhancement Core
#1506 A command key that are not mentioned in the documentation: NVDA+control+f1 new defect Documentation
#1736 Using eSpeak sapi5, when spelling a capital letter, it doesn't back to normal pitch. new defect Speech
#1746 Support for a free and advanced Text Editor caled Abiword new enhancement Core
#2041 Command to reading by line in Microsoft Excel new enhancement Core
#2129 Improviments for formatting information in applications using java access bridge new enhancement Core
#2133 Lag/crash when trying read large pages containing changesets new defect Browse mode
#2144 Sound error and log error when deleting an iten on windows explorer new defect Core
#2216 nvda's autorun does not works new defect Core
#2285 Report when a text is copyed in other documents new enhancement Core
#2433 Option to just once report position information new enhancement Core
#2561 Auto Language Switching in Microsoft Speech Platform new enhancement Speech synth drivers
#2685 NVDA Reporting Contents of Combo Boxes with High Verbosity new defect Core
#2884 Appmodule for teamtalk4classic allowing to obtain some controls's label new enhancement Core
#2894 Improvements on editing Messages in Windows Live Mail new enhancement Core
#2918 Command for jumping to a specific line new enhancement Core
#2988 Double announcing of desktop icons when alt+tab is pressed. new defect Core
#3111 NVDA not rendering some contents in browse mode with firefox. new defect Browse mode
#4020 Note in the User Guide About the Update, Concerning Portable Copies new task Documentation
#4093 Ability to Automatically Turn Off the Numlock new enhancement Core
#4100 Command to Jump to the Last Object When Using Object Navigation new enhancement Core
#4318 Buffers not Being Completely Loaded in Some Pages When Using Recent Compilations of Chrome new defect Browse mode
#4331 Toggling Announcement of Controls new enhancement Core
#4341 Double Announcing of Comma in Decimal Numbers When Punctuation Level is Set to All new defect next Speech
#4678 It's not Possible to Read Typed Content in Editable Combo Boxes When Using Google Chrome new defect Core
#4948 Quick Navigation Keye for Jumping to Menu Items. new enhancement Browse mode
#4949 E-mail Clients Should be Mentioned in Browse Mode Section. new task Documentation
#4975 NVDA Announcing Spelling ?Errors in Chrome new enhancement Untriaged
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