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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#577 Combine separate NVDA Preferences dialogs into a dialog with several property pages new enhancement near-term GUI
#829 Winword/Nvda no interaction with fields in protected doc files new defect near-term Core
#2627 IE8 speaking language and input details every time its run reopened defect near-term Speech
#657 Virtual buffers not being created in IE7 and IE8 and XP on web pages new defect Core
#765 tabbed browsing checkbox in IE8/7 status erratic new defect Core
#769 Support edit fields in MS Access new mdcurran enhancement Display model
#777 MS Access error when cancel is pressed in data sources wizard new defect Core
#928 Punctuation checkbox in voices dialogue is global to all synths new enhancement GUI
#931 Have a selection of sounds for caps new enhancement Core
#960 NVDA on IE7 with Outlook express as default email client does not read field descriptions or contents of cc and to fields during send link or page by email action new defect Core
#1222 Difficulty in reaching lower rule conditions to edit them in Outlook Express/Live mail message rules new defect Core
#1257 Internet Explorer and Firefox cannot agree if some links exist or not, but they do.. new defect Core
#1268 Error sounds in input to main message window in Outlook Express new defect Core
#1466 Symbol speaking verbosity while cursoring and say all new enhancement Speech
#1618 On outlook express. Strange window gets focus. new defect Core
#1682 Closing command prompt windows with object nav or mouse causes nvda to exit new defect Windows command console
#1710 Speech stops in Windows 7 systems since nvda 2011.1 new defect Core
#1740 Can't quit NVDA while modal dialog is open new defect GUI
#1814 Occasional loss of functions if booted up at start of windows session new defect Core
#1883 Intermittent error in Outlook Express new defect Core
#2179 Better support for Adobe Flash installers reopened defect Core
#2196 Some buttons on websites state unavailable in IE8 when they are not new defect Browse mode
#2255 Add an option to keep the update in installation version of updater new jteh enhancement Update check
#2384 Non working nvda menu when nvda starts new defect GUI
#2445 Alert of a change in system tray content. new enhancement Core
#2515 Some of the error messages in Windows Live Mail 2009 are not spoken by default new mdcurran defect Core
#2523 Watchdog stopping Outlook express from speaking new defect Core
#2616 NVDA unresponsive when auto flash update occurs new defect Core
#2796 Freezing and slowing when exiting applications or switching areas in desktop new defect Core
#2824 Heading reading in IE not working properly, ie as it does in firefox new defect Browse mode
#2825 nvda fails to see displayed emails in email clients if there is a short delay in displaying the email new defect Core
#2829 Some web pages create strange effects and error sound new defect Speech
#2936 - unhandled exception in Winamp when looking up cddb new mdcurran defect Display model
#3257 Strange error in LibreOffice in XP new defect Core
#3261 Some buttons in Internet Explorer 8 say they are unavailable when they clearly are working new defect Browse mode
#3317 Problems with Espeak if trying to run an old installer package new defect Documentation
#3395 Possible interaction of NVDA with IE8 and Outlook Express in XP new defect Core
#3447 When focus and browse mode are in speak rather than sound, you do not always hear the mode spoken on the change new defect Core
#3459 Oddity in outlook Express message rules - select an action for your rule new defect Core
#3808 Keyboard help for keypad plus does not change if review mode has been changed new defect Documentation
#3809 Should Drag and Drop be mentioned in the user guide new enhancement Documentation
#3884 Next branch crashing windows update in IE8 new defect Core
#4116 Updates attempt to run, even when not downloaded new defect Installer
#4216 Malwarebytes new interface is no longer accessible new defect Core
#4296 Firefox does not gain focus when started from xp with latest snapshots new defect Core
#4328 Indication of focusmode erratic when new page loaded new jteh defect Official builds
#4337 Firefox 32 beta is slower than previous versions in nvda new defect Core
#4379 Audible error or errors in Outlook Express under certain conditions in next branch new defect Core
#4400 New Espeak voices new enhancement Speech
#4595 Add a run new version to the portable updater new jteh enhancement Installer
#4623 Thunderbird and Firefox cannot create virtual buffers when Avast anti virus used new defect Browse mode
#4628 nvda no longer able to install Avast on XP new mdcurran defect Display model
#4771 Some changes between current release and current master causing problems with an add on new defect Untriaged
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