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#965 NVDA does not see the majority of content on the Web site new defect minor
#972 Virtual buffer does not process the entire page with Seamonkey new defect minor
#1384 It is sometimes not possible to complete certain HTML forms, such as activating a button to complete a search when using NVDA and Seamonkey. new defect minor
#1578 NVDA's Read Title command does not read the title of the active or open Web page in Seamonkey 2.1 new defect minor
#1623 When using Thunderbird 5.0 it is difficult to hear information being read when sending an email message to more than one recipient new defect minor
#1651 NVDA Does Not Track the Cursor in the Atlantis Word Processor new defect minor
#1705 Speech Stops when I Open a Folder located on a Thumb Drive new defect minor
#1851 NVDA misses focus When opening a new browser window from an existing one reopened defect near-term minor
#1858 NVDA does not read the text contained within the "save as" dialog box in Microsoft Word 2010 when the ctrl-S hotkey is pressed assigned krish defect minor
#1876 When viewing search results for the catalog of my local public library NVDA appears to freeze, not allowing navigation and saying "desktop window" when I exit and re-enter the window. new defect minor
#2972 Problems When Using Down or Up Arrow Keys when Crossing Page Boundaries in Microsoft word 2003 new defect minor
#3173 NVDA with Espeak Switches To Another Language or dialect with the string "30th" (without the quotes) new defect near-term minor
#3430 With keyboard echo enabled, pressing the Plus key on the numeric keypad within Calculator does not speak new defect minor
#3498 When using arrow keys to move through a spreadsheet in Libreoffice Calc, NVDA reads too much information. new defect minor
#3605 When using the "input gestures" dialog to assign a function to a hotkey, NVDA allows the user to assign to a hotkey already being used by another function new enhancement minor
#3633 When Using NVDA with Internet explorer 11 on, a specific section of the page is identified as an edit box when it is really a heading with an access key new defect minor
#3898 Outlook 2010: When entering an email address in the new message dialog, NVDA does not always speak the address, although it eventually does after typing enough characters. This seems to happen if there are multiple suggestions while typing an address. new defect minor
#4119 When Performing a Continuous Read Command with OpenOffice 4.1, NVDA Stops Reading After Speaking a Few Lines new defect minor
#4160 NVDA Does Not Allow for Text Reading and Navigation in Windows Live Writer's Edit Boxes new defect minor
#4882 When opening a new page using Firefox, NVDA often says the word "unknown" after speaking the title of the page new defect trivial
#4928 When typing in the search edit box on, NVDA speaks characters when typing echo is off and speaks double characters when typing echo is turned on. new defect trivial
#5033 Starting with Firefox 37 there is more of a delay with speech when typing on the Web with typing echo enabled new defect major
#5035 When using Firefoxx pressing shift-enter to oepn a link in a new window does not always refresh the browse mode buffer when the window opens new defect trivial
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