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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#498 navigation object should have some sorts of macro new enhancement minor near-term
#1521 NVDA doesn't find the cursor in lambda application new defect minor
#1652 NVDA has problem reading information with large dictionaries new defect trivial
#1654 Optional rendering of unlabelled graphics which aren't interactive new enhancement minor
#1693 NVDA doesn't read feeds or rss in Internet Explorer 9 new defect minor
#1956 user should decide if braille symbols are left or right of the element new jteh enhancement minor
#1957 for some languages, the adjective must be after the noun new pvagner enhancement minor
#2032 when pressing NVDA+f5, NVDA should update document and put in the same position new enhancement minor
#2054 Treat KurzWeil 1000 as a self-voicing application new enhancement minor
#2081 Error in IBM Lotus Symphony new jteh defect minor
#2383 NVDA doesn't allow braille scrolling in Eclipse new jteh defect minor
#2619 NVDA makes always a beep in Poedit reopened defect minor
#2674 Symbols change their dots when the cursor is over them new jteh defect minor
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