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#533 NVDA is freezing while activating The dialog window which is awailable in The ffdshow audio decoder. This issue can cause that Nvda can not be used. Or NVDA can respond after 8 or more seconds. The algorithms, which are responsible for getting The text from The dialog Window are very complex and are allocating many system resources until The text from this dialog box is ready for speech synthesizer or Brltty. new defect Core
#572 NVDA can not read incoming messages automatically while working with Skype protocol for Miranda IM new Developers of NVDA enhancement Core
#691 Support for K-Meleon web browser new Core developers enhancement Browse mode
#692 NVDA can not get text from The object with The class name ATL:0052E590 in The BlockNote.Net application. new core developers enhancement Display model
#1878 Flash player based chat is not working correctly while using one system to realize WEBINARS. When first chat message have been sended, user can not jump to The editbox for writing chat message again. Even while triing to jump to The editbox for writing chat messages by disabling virtual browsing temporalily, NVDA is not able to monitor The written text when user is pressing arrow keys. NVDA can work ammazingly, when writting first chat message. But when user press ENter, or when user activate send button even without virtual browser active, new defect Browse mode
#2935 The notification of browse mode updates should be anounced by sound signal while working with Gecko based WEB browsers new enhancement Browse mode
#2944 TeamViewer 8 GUI elements are not accessible with NVDA when user join a meeting new enhancement Core
#3887 Lingobit Localizer translation strings are not accessible with NVDA, it is non standard control of UI of The Lingobit Localizer new mdcurran enhancement Display model
#4592 Brailand 40 touch cursor navigation keys do not work with NVDA at all new jteh defect Braille
#5338 Powerpoint 2003 note wiev while browsing edit box with notes issue new defect Untriaged
#5376 NVDA core stack freeze in Windows 10 when pressing Enter on The mycomputer desktop item new defect Untriaged
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