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#46 Verbosity levels accepted aleksey_s enhancement Core
#49 Announce shortcut keys after the content for some roles reopened enhancement Browse mode
#247 Name not rendered in virtual buffer for some ARIA roles new defect Browse mode
#400 NVDA prevents automatic system standby new defect Core
#673 Problems with command consoles and object navigation new defect Windows command console
#695 Nasty lag in IE 6 when screen is updated new mdcurran defect Display model
#708 Automated system testing framework accepted jteh task Core
#1201 Say all throws an exception in a control that does not support setting the caret new defect Core
#1351 Exclude unnecessary modules from py2exe bundle new enhancement Core
#1657 Hyphenated words reported incorrectly in standard Windows Edit controls on Win XP with East Asian langs installed new defect Core
#2139 Unable to read books in Blio with braille reopened jteh defect Braille
#2439 Support for entry of contracted braille via a braille keyboard new jteh enhancement Braille
#2559 Option to play audio coordinate when using object navigation new enhancement Core
#2577 loseFocus event fired twice when sleep mode is turned on and then off new defect Core
#2696 Create snapshot branch built with svn espeak/liblouis new jteh enhancement Official builds
#2819 Use gettext natively for add-on manifest localisation new mdcurran enhancement Add-on management
#3031 Title of NVDA documentation pages is h2 instead of h1 new defect Documentation
#3393 Reusable hooking mechanism for Python code new enhancement Core
#3504 Split out downloader used by updateCheck so it can be used elsewhere accepted jteh enhancement Core
#3573 Correctly handle ARIA tree controls in browse mode when the tree isn't focusable new defect Browse mode
#3631 OpenOffice IA2: Double reporting of dialog captions new jteh defect Core
#3771 MSHTML: Exception in isFocusable property new defect Browse mode
#3772 Speech Viewer: Indicate when an utterance would interrupt the previous utterance new enhancement Speech
#3795 Retry code signing new enhancement Distribution
#3829 Improve KeyboardInputGesture.send new enhancement Core
#3830 Optional ducking of other audio new enhancement Core
#3843 sysListView32.List.columnCount can send to a null HWND new defect Core
#3848 Input Gestures dialog doesn't reflect a built-in gesture that was just overridden new defect GUI
#3868 Start NVDA on logon screen with a keyboard command new enhancement Core
#3875 Some apps refuse to return physical coordinates for high DPI settings when NVDA is DPI aware new defect Core
#3889 Gecko vbuf backend: Don't fetch stuff that isn't needed for a node accepted jteh enhancement Browse mode
#4194 Switch to new UEB tables new jteh defect Braille
#4300 Tighten top level client check in NVDAObjects.IAccessible.isPresentableFocusAncestor new jteh defect Core
#4301 Report when switching to a new tab if not otherwise reported new enhancement Core
#4345 Java Access Bridge: Support function and additional keys in key bindings new enhancement Core
#4466 Trigger pull of addonFiles repo and sync of crontab via push web hook new jteh enhancement Add-ons repository
#4554 Send liblouis log output to the NVDA log new jteh enhancement Braille
#4569 Load specific app modules for apps hosted by wwahost.exe new enhancement Core
#4599 Make default pronunciation of some symbols more intuitive new enhancement Speech
#4717 Ms Word: Less verbosity when reading editor revisions by character or word new mdcurran enhancement Microsoft Office support
#4841 Skype: Support combined notifications new jteh enhancement App specific: Skype for Desktop
#4878 Report formatting when moving to Excel cells incubating Michael Curran <> enhancement Core
#5241 RichEdit: Don't report hidden hyperlink instruction for friendly name links new defect Core
#3678 Normalisation of input gesture identifiers doesn't handle upper case correctly new defect next Core
#3747 Gracefully handle errors when script category is invalid in an add-on new enhancement next Core
#3932 Chromium: Enable forcing of browse mode in applications/dialogs new enhancement next Browse mode
#4877 Refactor speech to support callbacks, speech commands in control/format fields, priority output, etc. assigned jteh enhancement next Speech
#589 Elements List: Exception when moving to/activating an element or changing element type if the document has died assigned jteh defect near-term Browse mode
#774 Vbuf table navigation commands should exclude layout tables if "Report layout tables" is disabled new jteh defect near-term Browse mode
#1428 Keys which produce a compound character spoken as separate typed characters new pvagner defect near-term Localisation
#1593 Move "Use spelling functionality if supported" setting into sapi4 and sapi5 new enhancement near-term Speech synth drivers
#2903 Reconsider presentationType for IAccessible.ContentGenericClient new enhancement near-term Core
#3070 Prevent reading of background live regions new defect near-term Core
#1668 Support for rich text editing in Mozilla applications incubating jteh enhancement 2015.4 Compound documents
#5234 Make speech symbol preservation configurable from GUI incubating James Teh <> enhancement 2015.4 GUI
#5341 Update liblouis to 2.6.4 incubating jteh enhancement 2015.4 Braille
#5365 Update to new Authenticode certificate new jteh task 2015.4 Official builds
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