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#2112 NVDA doesn't read the whole content of the "Confirm deletion" dialog in Win7 new defect minor
#2113 NVDA causes some applications to not close (exit) correctly new defect minor
#2163 Normal user copy of NVDA sometimes speaks when in a secure desktop new defect minor
#2229 NVDA speaks 2 colons instead of only one in Foobar2000's baloon tooltips new defect minor
#2659 No cursor speech feadback in some text fields in Internet Explorer 9 new defect near-term minor
#2660 Mouse tracking broken for Internet Explorer 9 new defect minor
#2818 Media Player Classic Home Cinema can't be closed correctly if NVDA is running new defect minor
#2907 NVDA doesn't read properly PPT files witch contain text with transition effects new defect minor
#2991 NVDA does not report misspelled words in AkelPad new enhancement trivial
#3024 NVDA makes Windows Explorer crash in the Windows Action Center new defect major
#3093 Fail to copy text from some menu-items with NVDA+NumPad5 new defect minor
#3149 NVDA doesn't read the description text in the "Options for managing of volume control" dialog of Windows 7 new defect minor
#3150 NVDA doesn't read the "Windows protection" dialogs new defect minor
#3152 Improvements (enhancements) for Windows Explorer new enhancement minor
#3283 Formatting attributes should be seperated with a comma sign new enhancement minor
#3313 Tooltips in Firefox and Thunderbird are not read by NVDA new defect minor
#3314 NVDA does not read tooltips in some applications new defect minor
#3316 NVDA freezes when a progress dialog from Audacity is present new defect minor
#3654 Errors in Mozilla Firefox with mouse tracking enabled new defect minor
#3699 In VMware Player, NVDA does not echo the characters typed in edit fields new defect minor
#3700 NVDA does not work properly with the "Alarms" app in Windows 8.1 new defect minor
#3740 Dash symbols should be passed through to the synthesizer if not spoken as words new enhancement minor
#3761 NVDA does not read the file transfer information in Skype new jteh enhancement minor
#3779 Introduce a "pass through" mode for touch gestures new mdcurran enhancement minor
#3780 Inconsistencies between "mouse tracking" and object navigation on a touch screen new mdcurran defect minor
#3853 Support reporting of misspelled words in Windows 8.1 global spellchecker new enhancement minor
#3886 Emulate mouse on touch screens assigned nvdakor enhancement minor
#3903 Touch screen support behaves incorrectly on Windows 8.1 logon screen new mdcurran defect minor
#3929 Make mouse tracking use display model, when other methods of text retrieval fail new enhancement minor
#3930 Make Mouse tracking report the state of controls new enhancement minor
#3931 Simplify object navigation new enhancement minor
#3952 A small regression with list views in Total Commander 8.50 new defect minor
#3953 NVDA does not read some list items in some dialogs of Total Commander new defect minor
#3986 NVDA crashes with a specific SAPI5 synthesizer new defect minor
#4009 Torrents list in latest uTorrent not read correctly by NVDA new defect minor
#4041 NVDA's sleep functionality does not completely affect touch screen interaction new mdcurran defect minor
#4052 NVDA reads Windows 8.1 toast notifications twice when unnecessary animations disabled new defect trivial
#4054 Useless information spoken by NVDA in some Windows 8.1 toast notifications new enhancement trivial
#4144 NVDA fails to read the statusbar in Thunderbird beta new defect minor
#4171 Screen review doesn't work in "modern" apps in Windows 8.1 new mdcurran enhancement trivial
#4178 NVDA stops responding when a bluetooth audio device is connected to the computer new defect minor
#4371 Under certain circumstances, NVDA can't find the "Notes for translators" window in Poedit new defect minor
#4611 NVDA doesn't correctly report the count of treeview items in the Registry Editor new defect minor
#4796 In Internet Explorer 11, NVDA can't activate links on a particular website new defect trivial
#4852 Scrolling issues with NVDA in Microsoft Word assigned mdcurran defect next minor
#4997 Ability to choose what settings and add-ons should be copied for the Windows log on screen and other protected screens new enhancement trivial
#5166 NVDA installation may fail with an error if system UI language and language for non-unicode programs don't match new jteh defect
#5310 Issues with the Camera app in Windows 10 new defect
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