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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#875 Unexpected reading of console output new defect minor
#1475 Dot spoken with symbol level some at the end of a sentense new defect minor
#1677 NVDA prevents mp3tag from exiting new defect minor
#2157 Japanese characters in console reported as space new defect minor
#2341 SAPI4: rate setting in settings ring doesn't adjust for some synthesizers new defect minor
#2443 List items in firefox have no space between item type and item new defect trivial
#2457 Windows 8 start screen search doesn't read the first selected item new defect minor
#2713 Sysinternals DBGView is slow to respond when NVDA is running under xp new defect minor
#2812 Large number of spaces in pre tag causes up arrow not to work new defect minor
#3138 Over time, NVDA lags with firefox open new defect minor
#3182 Modifying text in wordpad crashes NVDA new defect minor
#3339 WindowsError in VirtualAllocEx for 64-bit programs new defect minor
#4413 eSpeak Chinese crash new defect major
#4669 Speaking long string freezes NVDA new defect minor
#4886 Unable to use the enter key in 魔法物語 「ALTERNATIVE new defect trivial
#4889 Default rules in builtin.dic interferes with Chinese new defect trivial
#4890 Cursor jumps twice in consoles new defect minor
#4922 NVDA renders invisible objects as frames new defect minor
#4967 Start menu sometimes doesn't speak new defect minor
#5023 tones.beep broken incubating mdcurran defect trivial
#3609 Enable ASLR when building dlls new enhancement minor
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