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Ticket Summary Version Status Owner Type Priority
#308 Support Ease of Access incubating jteh enhancement major
#511 braille in arabic does not display while writting new jteh defect major
#708 Automated system testing framework accepted jteh task major
#3308 MS Outlook 2007 crashes when NVDA is loaded new defect major
#4307 Donation Page Should Be Translated new mdcurran task major
#4381 Some edit fields in firefox don't show their contents in a consistant manner. accepted jteh defect major
#4413 eSpeak Chinese crash new defect major
#4553 NVDA crashes when reading some non-latin characters letter by letter new defect major
#4877 Refactor speech to support callbacks, speech commands in control/format fields, priority output, etc. assigned jteh enhancement major
#5037 When downgrading, installer should unregister install using previous copy new enhancement major
#5039 NVDA crashes at Startup with BRLTTY enabled new jteh defect major
#225 User-definable NVDA key new enhancement minor
#236 NVDAObjects should have a way to convey extended/custom states to the user. new defect minor
#251 Yahoo Messenger support new enhancement minor
#307 Echoing by words does not work in akelpad new defect minor
#392 Support descriptions of HTML/XML objects new enhancement minor
#395 does not support Aimp2 accepted adpsike enhancement minor
#406 Each NVDA language should have a prefered voice new enhancement minor
#416 NVDA should announce first whether a thread is opened or closed. new enhancement minor
#419 Unable to read text in hidden textbox new defect minor
#427 Text is not always read in a text field for a Java application (depends on cursor placement). new defect minor
#428 NVDA reports hierarchy of components in Java application new defect minor
#505 Problem with capital letter mark assigned defect minor
#508 Unable to find status bar in Windows Live Mail reopened enhancement minor
#549 NVDA does not announce bullets in Open Office Writer new defect minor
#550 enhance report formating new enhancement minor
#692 NVDA can not get text from The object with The class name ATL:0052E590 in The BlockNote.Net application. new core developers enhancement minor
#788 Automatically move mouse with flat review new enhancement minor
#836 list size is incorrectly calculated new defect minor
#847 Controling menu voice and reading voice new defect minor
#848 Difficulties operating in a website: new defect minor
#869 Lag when typing web address in location bar in Mozilla Firefox new defect minor
#891 NVDA should read whatever text on the screen using object navigation especially in media player classic. reopened defect minor
#905 When in a sayall on webpages or in other html documents, nvda should be able to produce beeps when indicating links new enhancement minor
#942 NVDA Should Announce Tracked Changes in Microsoft Office Word accepted rameshwar.nagar enhancement minor
#943 Reading Tips in Visual Studio Express 2010 new enhancement minor
#976 Incorrect Adding of Messages to the Message Stack in Miranda new defect minor
#1185 Difficulties mooving between historic field and typing field in Windows Live Messenger 2011 new defect minor
#1210 Bug when deleting line break character in IBM Lotus Symphony Documents new defect minor
#1211 Bug when correcting spelling error in IBM Lotus Symphony Documents new defect minor
#1216 NVDA ignoring line breaks in PDF documents with left-to-right, top-to-bottom reading order new defect minor
#1228 NVDA causing CPU usage spikes when some particular applications are running new defect minor
#1351 Exclude unnecessary modules from py2exe bundle new enhancement minor
#1376 Provide access to graphics written to the screen new mdcurran enhancement minor
#1398 an independent option for spelling rate new enhancement minor
#1428 Keys which produce a compound character spoken as separate typed characters new pvagner defect minor
#1464 Mouse selection is not read in Internet Browsers new defect minor
#1474 installer should check state of Windows Audio service. new enhancement minor
#1481 NVDA should have the ability to report changes in an object new enhancement minor
#1490 NVDA should announce opening/closing a tab in IE or FF new enhancement minor
#1529 Experimental class to support speaking of typed characters when this is broken in application new enhancement minor
#1557 built-in function "jump to" . allowing you to move the review/mouse cursor to a saved position on the: flatreviewscreen/window/object. asociate saved positions with a program e.g. "paint". creating/viewing/deleting such positions. new enhancement minor
#1657 Hyphenated words reported incorrectly in standard Windows Edit controls on Win XP with East Asian langs installed new defect minor
#1668 Support for rich text editing in Mozilla applications accepted jteh enhancement minor
#1680 Enhancement NVDA+F to detect more information in Microsoft Word and Excel new mdcurran enhancement minor
#1682 Closing command prompt windows with object nav or mouse causes nvda to exit new defect minor
#1695 Problem Navigating Bookmarks Folder Tree when Adding Bookmark in Firefox 3.6 new defect minor
#1701 Notepad++ autocompletion tooltips not announced new enhancement minor
#1702 NVDA and HTML tables new enhancement minor
#1740 Can't quit NVDA while modal dialog is open new defect minor
#1785 Make the Read status bar command copy its contents on third press like Report window title new enhancement minor
#1802 VMware installer causes NVDA to become extremely sluggish new defect minor
#1804 there should be an option for disabling reading of messege headers in Windows Live Mail new enhancement minor
#1814 Occasional loss of functions if booted up at start of windows session new defect minor
#1825 Status Bar Not Detected reopened defect minor
#1849 An appModule for Delphi 6 new mdcurran enhancement minor
#1906 Support for code editor in Visual C++ express 2008 and Visual C# express 2008 new enhancement minor
#1927 Latest Two Female ESpeak Voices Are Missing From Within Varients List. new defect minor
#1932 Optionally Quieting Graphics Within Browse Mode new enhancement minor
#1961 Slight lag in Microsoft Speech Platform reopened defect minor
#1970 Review nextLine and previousLine commands does not work for large documents new defect minor
#1975 audio of synthesizers new jteh enhancement minor
#2008 Missing python library modules on binary distribution to be used within plugin new defect minor
#2009 added support for the list items when typing NVDA+F7 (Elements list) new enhancement minor
#2010 added support to detect border in word new enhancement minor
#2024 Ability for NVDA to indicate spell error in real time. new enhancement minor
#2039 Browse mode problems with slow/inappropriate focus changes in browsers new defect minor
#2041 Command to reading by line in Microsoft Excel new enhancement minor
#2048 New command for NVDA new enhancement minor
#2063 support for HTML 5 audio/video elements new enhancement minor
#2092 problem with NVDA new defect minor
#2094 Problems with List box and tree view new defect minor
#2105 an app module for instant bird new enhancement minor
#2106 MetecBD 40 braille display driver. new jteh enhancement minor
#2111 Graphics Labeler Functionality accepted MHameed enhancement minor
#2112 NVDA doesn't read the whole content of the "Confirm deletion" dialog in Win7 new defect minor
#2113 NVDA causes some applications to not close (exit) correctly new defect minor
#2124 Add an option to select wether to interrupt speech while scrolling the braille display new jteh enhancement minor
#2125 appModules should have a way to override the logic to retrieve status bar text in api.getStatusBar new enhancement minor
#2127 sometimes wrong numbering for footnotes new defect minor
#2129 Improviments for formatting information in applications using java access bridge new enhancement minor
#2137 Report the Title Attribute on HTML lists and Tables new enhancement minor
#2139 Unable to read books in Blio with braille reopened jteh defect minor
#2150 NVDA does not say expected message when trying to type in a locked region with Microsoft Office Word Web App new defect minor
#2155 Spoken text when activating elements with NVDA+Enter is always in English new pvagner defect minor
#2156 Support VIM and/or GVIM (command-line and/or graphical version) new enhancement minor
#2158 Flat review seems to mix up different tabs new mdcurran defect minor
#2159 nvda with the new VBT scripts new defect minor
#2163 Normal user copy of NVDA sometimes speaks when in a secure desktop new defect minor
#2165 nvda doesn't announce the check boxes status in some cases new jteh defect minor
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