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#46 Verbosity levels accepted aleksey_s enhancement Core
#49 Announce shortcut keys after the content for some roles reopened enhancement Browse mode
#80 Lotus Notes Freezes NVDA new msuch defect Core
#84 Attempt to guess the label for unlabelled form fields on web pages accepted jteh enhancement Browse mode
#96 say all in open office accepted jteh defect Speech
#111 Visualizing object hierarchy in treeview new enhancement GUI
#124 Quick nav. Key for Next and Previous Clickable Element new enhancement Browse mode
#141 NVDA doesn't know a difference between Links and Same Page Links new hkatic enhancement Browse mode
#168 Support for Java web applets new Big.D enhancement Core
#181 NVDA should highlight or inverse current html object and automatically set cursor to current position for faster navigation new mdcurran enhancement Browse mode
#189 Usability: terminology dictionary needed? abandoned enhancement Documentation
#195 Context-sensitive navigation to webpage regions of given types new enhancement Browse mode
#197 NVDA should have an easy way to put it on a u3drive new enhancement Distribution
#211 a way to read current page's url when inside virtual buffer without going into location bar new enhancement Core
#212 speech dictionary specific to the synthesizer (all its voices) new aleksey_s enhancement Speech
#214 Braille verbosity levels new jteh enhancement Braille
#217 To have braille insure that lists and such consistently present the start of items in the same place on the display new jteh enhancement Braille
#219 A new, extensible speech dictionary type for nvda reopened aleksey_s enhancement Speech
#225 User-definable NVDA key new enhancement GUI
#235 properties for human-readable or custom roles on NVDAObjects new enhancement Core
#236 NVDAObjects should have a way to convey extended/custom states to the user. new defect Core
#247 Name not rendered in virtual buffer for some ARIA roles new defect Browse mode
#250 review position isn't updated when moving through edit field with shift key pressed assigned mdcurran defect Core
#251 Yahoo Messenger support new enhancement Core
#258 Text from NVDA native dialogs should be placed in separate read-only fields for improved keyboard access new enhancement GUI
#275 Activating buttons that do not have one default action assigned jteh defect Browse mode
#279 Virtual synth driver which can automatically recognise and switch between certain languages/synths new enhancement Speech synth drivers
#290 Automatic braille table suggestion based on the user's language new jteh enhancement Braille
#291 An easy way for users to select the additional braille translation tables new jteh enhancement Braille
#307 Echoing by words does not work in akelpad new defect Core
#310 inconsistent beeping on capitals when "speak cap for capitals" and "beep for capitals" both are turned on new defect Speech
#319 speech.getControlFieldSpeech parts must be translatable new pvagner defect Localisation
#325 NVDA will not work with the test for Microsoft A+ Network + or any .vce test engine. new defect Core
#347 Compensate for lack of insert key/problem with caps lock key on Macbook reopened enhancement Core
#349 Nokia PC Suite reads very poorly new task Core
#350 Nokia PC Suite application reads random HTML bits new defect Core
#355 nvda.exe icons are awful new enhancement GUI
#356 log viewer doesn't respect large fonts new defect GUI
#360 When loading a URL with a target anchor, NVDA should jump to that anchor new enhancement Browse mode
#374 NVDA should not split a linke into several links inside a virtual buffer when that links contains formatting tags reopened defect Browse mode
#392 Support descriptions of HTML/XML objects new enhancement Core
#395 does not support Aimp2 accepted adpsike enhancement Core
#398 Usability of Thunderbird message viewer new enhancement Browse mode
#400 NVDA prevents automatic system standby new defect Core
#406 Each NVDA language should have a prefered voice new enhancement Speech
#407 NVDA does not read selected items in the extended lists (combo boxes with a "multiple" property) when the list is collapsed (Firefox) new defect Browse mode
#416 NVDA should announce first whether a thread is opened or closed. new enhancement Core
#419 Unable to read text in hidden textbox new defect App specific: Microsoft Visual Studio
#427 Text is not always read in a text field for a Java application (depends on cursor placement). new defect Core
#428 NVDA reports hierarchy of components in Java application new defect Core
#446 When deleting one before the last message in the outlook express message list NVDA fails to announce new item in focus new defect Core
#448 Issue with progress bar in firefox 3.5 html5 audio player new defect Browse mode
#458 Support for Code::blocks's code window new enhancement Core
#478 Support Glossomathia programming language editor new enhancement Core
#480 Microsoft's Envelope maker does not read with NVDA new enhancement Browse mode
#481 Mute automatic speech feedback new enhancement Speech
#487 Problem in AVG's configuration dialog new defect Core
#498 navigation object should have some sorts of macro new enhancement near-term Core
#500 Cdex is not beeping in background or foreground progress bars new defect Core
#505 Problem with capital letter mark assigned defect Braille
#508 Unable to find status bar in Windows Live Mail reopened enhancement near-term Core
#510 Unclear indication of text deletion new defect Core
#511 braille in arabic does not display while writting new jteh defect Braille
#513 Some output in command consoels spelled with speak typed characters enabled abandoned defect Windows command console
#516 outdated copyright information in many files of the source code new Bernd enhancement Distribution
#533 NVDA is freezing while activating The dialog window which is awailable in The ffdshow audio decoder. This issue can cause that Nvda can not be used. Or NVDA can respond after 8 or more seconds. The algorithms, which are responsible for getting The text from The dialog Window are very complex and are allocating many system resources until The text from this dialog box is ready for speech synthesizer or Brltty. new defect Core
#537 Many unicode characters are missing from the standard braille table new jteh enhancement near-term Braille
#540 Support Cryptload or JDownloader new enhancement Core
#543 Unable to read message bodies in Lotus Notes accepted mdcurran enhancement near-term Browse mode
#549 NVDA does not announce bullets in Open Office Writer new defect Core
#550 enhance report formating new enhancement Core
#556 Keyboard layout change is not reported in console windows new defect Windows command console
#561 Reduce the size of eSpeak Variants menu reopened enhancement GUI
#562 NVDA stops speaking of typed characters from time to time new defect Core
#572 NVDA can not read incoming messages automatically while working with Skype protocol for Miranda IM new Developers of NVDA enhancement Core
#577 Combine separate NVDA Preferences dialogs into a dialog with several property pages new enhancement near-term GUI
#588 Direct Jump To Specific Element, Inside Elements List Dialog, and Elements List Enhanscement new enhancement Core
#589 Elements List: Exception when moving to/activating an element or changing element type if the document has died assigned jteh defect near-term Browse mode
#592 not reading german date format properly new defect Speech
#598 Abillity to read Skype profiles new jteh enhancement near-term App specific: Skype for Desktop
#606 Inaccessible features treeview in Microsoft Office 2010 custom setup new defect Core
#608 Nokia Software updater new enhancement Core
#609 no previous object in windows start menu new defect Core
#615 Notify users of expanded/collapsed states in virtual buffers new defect near-term Core
#625 Provide a key to read last spoken info new enhancement Core
#636 NVDA doesn't speak with NOTETAB text editor new enhancement Speech
#638 When using rtl languages, the text in the interface should be right justified. new defect near-term GUI
#640 Different message buffers for each window in Miranda chat client assigned aleksey_s enhancement Core
#649 Unable to find status bar in Office aplications reopened mdcurran defect near-term Core
#651 make Extensions Manager in OpenOffice accessible new mdcurran enhancement Core
#657 Virtual buffers not being created in IE7 and IE8 and XP on web pages new defect Core
#659 Say all for displayModelEditable controls assigned enhancement Display model
#661 Non english version of Adobe reader crashes as soon as reading document window dissapears new defect Browse mode
#662 NVDA should speak the TITLE of iframes and frames new enhancement Browse mode
#673 Problems with command consoles and object navigation new defect Windows command console
#678 NVDA becomes slightly sluggish. new defect Core
#686 NVDA causes audio to fail in Win7 64 bit new defect Core
#688 Focus lost after leaving menus in Windows live mail new defect Core
#691 Support for K-Meleon web browser new Core developers enhancement Browse mode
#692 NVDA can not get text from The object with The class name ATL:0052E590 in The BlockNote.Net application. new core developers enhancement Display model
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