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#3566 ABBR attribute on TH elements not supported new defect Browse mode
#2024 Ability for NVDA to indicate spell error in real time. new enhancement Core
#1409 Ability to adjust volume of sounds new enhancement Core
#4093 Ability to Automatically Turn Off the Numlock new enhancement Core
#3208 Ability to automatically update add-ons new mdcurran enhancement Add-on management
#4997 Ability to choose what settings and add-ons should be copied for the Windows log on screen and other protected screens new enhancement Untriaged
#4349 ability to edit NVDA application strings and reorder them new enhancement Core
#4624 Ability to optionally hear typed characters in a password protected feald new enhancement Core
#4684 Ability to warn the user about common errors in text that are difficult to detect for a screen reader user new enhancement Core
#598 Abillity to read Skype profiles new jteh enhancement near-term App specific: Skype for Desktop
#4635 a bug in Sapi 4 Voices dialogue under windows 8.1 reopened defect Speech
#963 Accessibility quirks in various versions of Eset NOD32 with NVDA new defect Core
#2171 accessibility with teamspeak client new enhancement Core
#912 Access to the text editor in SQL Server Management Studio new enhancement Core
#3581 Acess violation new jteh defect Core
#2467 A checkbox to also coppy installed add-ons when creating a portable coppy of NVDA new mdcurran enhancement Add-on management
#1506 A command key that are not mentioned in the documentation: NVDA+control+f1 new defect Documentation
#275 Activating buttons that do not have one default action assigned jteh defect Browse mode
#4694 Activating the routing key above the current position in a LibreOffice document generates a stacktrace new defect App specific
#5097 Add 2 Irish Braille Tables to NVDA new jteh enhancement 2015.3 Braille
#2573 Add ability for NVDA to indicate the centimeters when pressing tabulation in a word processor. new enhancement Core
#2232 Add ability for users to vote on tickets. new jteh enhancement NVDA community website
#2268 Add ability to read the current paragraph and the current, next and previous sentence new enhancement Core
#2617 Add ability to report exact slider value new enhancement Core
#3823 Add a command to read paragraph by paragraph. new enhancement Core
#4472 Add a hotkey to apply to all configuration. reopened jteh enhancement Configuration profiles
#4689 add an Addons submenu in the NVDA Menu, containing all add-on and add-on settings dialogs new enhancement GUI
#5067 Add a new option to define whether NVDA should save the change to the current profile. reopened enhancement Untriaged
#2255 Add an option to keep the update in installation version of updater new jteh enhancement Update check
#2124 Add an option to select wether to interrupt speech while scrolling the braille display new jteh enhancement Braille
#4697 add an second (european name of the seika braille displays in the user guide) new jteh task Localisation
#4029 Add a option to read punctuations when inputting them. new enhancement Speech
#4442 Add a profile trigger to associate with a website new jteh enhancement Configuration profiles
#814 Add a "Remove" button that would allow the user to remove the system configuration for NVDA new enhancement Core
#4595 Add a run new version to the portable updater new jteh enhancement Installer
#4209 Add a way to bind a keyboard shortcut with manual profile activation/deactivation new jteh enhancement Configuration profiles
#5028 add a way to copy rendered web content new enhancement Untriaged
#3945 Add "back to top" at the end of each chapter in the user documentation new enhancement Documentation
#4724 add buttons in Type grouping option in Elements List for Skype new jteh enhancement App specific: Skype for Desktop
#4075 Add Chinese words segmentation support. new enhancement Core
#5026 Add colors to speech viewer new enhancement Untriaged
#1690 Add documentation hints to the welcome dialog new enhancement GUI
#3584 Added NVDA Shortcuts Information to NVDA Menu new enhancement GUI
#2009 added support for the list items when typing NVDA+F7 (Elements list) new enhancement Core
#2010 added support to detect border in word new enhancement Core
#767 Added support to detect grammatical errors in Microsoft Word new mdcurran enhancement Microsoft Office support
#3090 add enable/disable function in addons manager. new mdcurran enhancement Add-on management
#5100 Add gettext contexts to some messages new jteh defect 2015.3 Localisation
#4965 adding an option to report border color new enhancement Untriaged
#4205 Adding new features in poedit modules. new enhancement App specific
#3050 Add JSon module to NVDA distribution new enhancement Distribution
#4921 add keyboard shortcuts for skype activities based on add-on new jteh enhancement App specific: Skype for Desktop
#4567 add less obtrusive way to subscribe to tickets new jteh enhancement NVDA community website
#2599 Add mnemonic for OCR settings in Preferences menu new jteh enhancement OCR add-on
#3988 Add number of the kinds of controls in logical order. new enhancement Speech
#2308 add option to skip layout/formatting information when tabbing through content. new enhancement Browse mode
#1772 add option to speak link before or after text new enhancement Browse mode
#2487 Add speech mode beep pitch to Voice Settings Dialog new enhancement GUI
#2313 Add standard progress bar beeps to installer new enhancement Installer
#3013 add support for FLStudio new enhancement Core
#3039 add support for maxthon browser new enhancement Core
#3564 add support for sending speech over remote desktop protocol channels new enhancement Core
#4019 Add support for the control rolling. new enhancement Browse mode
#1609 Add the ability for NVDA to speak a certain number of previously spoken phrases new enhancement Speech
#3358 Add the ability to use a Multitouch trackpad with NVDA on Windows 8 and later. new mdcurran enhancement Touch screen support
#3644 Add the Edited profile in preferences dialogs title bar new enhancement Core
#2836 Add Windows PowerShell ISE support for NVDA new mdcurran enhancement Display model
#3159 Adobe Flash Player installer and some other program installers not accessible new defect Core
#4946 Adobe Flash Support not working in NVDA 2015.1 new defect App specific
#4074 Adobe flash W3C technique 'FLASH34: Turning off sounds that play automatically when an assistive technology is detected' not support in NVDA new defect Browse mode
#3350 Adobe Reader: Support protected PDF documents new enhancement Browse mode
#2031 Adobe reader X can lock up NVDA new defect Browse mode
#2183 Adobe Reader X: When performing text selection, visual highlight does not happen new enhancement Browse mode
#2176 Adobe Reader X: when text is highlighted, it should be possible for info to be reported or queried new enhancement Browse mode
#5073 A feature similar to web flexible of jaws new enhancement Untriaged
#3333 A feature to lable links and graphics where NVDA cannot. new enhancement Core
#2478 A filter edit field for the speech dictionaries new enhancement Speech
#1951 A hotkey to open NVDA's user guide directly. new jteh enhancement GUI
#3176 Alert notification are not spoken in IE10. new defect Core
#3325 Alert notification message not spoken in IE10 metro/modern browser. new defect Core
#2445 Alert of a change in system tray content. new enhancement Core
#5053 A link with several lines and Nvda treatment. new defect Untriaged
#2456 All NVDA 2012 releases disables Dragon 11.5 Custom Voice Commands new defect Core
#4083 Allowance for a character descriptions dictionary in the user config folder new MHameed enhancement Localisation
#4102 Allow appModules to force a window to use UI automation new defect Core
#3656 Allow attaching speech dictionaries to profiles new enhancement Speech
#4253 Allow cloning of profiles new jteh enhancement Configuration profiles
#2890 Allow eSpeak to be used for the entirety of uninstallation new defect Installer
#2590 Allow installed synthesizers to be selected from the Synth Settings Ring new enhancement Speech
#3595 Allow NVDA to continue speaking when multimedia keys are pressed new enhancement Core
#1903 Allow NVDA to speak access keys on web links after the link content new enhancement Browse mode
#3979 allow nvda to speak common bullet types new defect Core
#2446 Allow NVDA to speak the bullets and numbering, and list levels in Microsoft Word lists new enhancement Core
#4789 Allow say all to read all items in lists new jteh enhancement Core
#2353 Allow the automatic check frequency of updates to be set new jteh enhancement Update check
#2565 Allow the creation of portable copies to be canceled new enhancement Installer
#1748 Allow the focus to follow braille cursor. new jteh enhancement Braille
#2389 allow user to add their own punctuation substitutions new enhancement Speech
#4782 Alternative text for SVG icon is announced twice new defect Browse mode
#4207 Alt must be pressed more than once for MS Office ribbons to gain focus with NVDA reopened Michael Curran <> defect Core
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