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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2198 NVDA file will not open new defect minor
#2202 Enhancement to toggle exposure of long graphical link description new enhancement minor
#2226 Changing settings for NVDA in secure mode new defect minor
#2244 in microsoft access2007 the selected fields are not appointed new defect minor
#2245 Firefox 11 - no more paragraph reading on mouse over new defect minor
#2246 Vertical/horizontal hold for mouse pointer new enhancement minor
#2283 Word: NVDA+END does not report info in status bar, e.g. page x of y, total word count, etc. new defect minor
#2320 When changing between SAPI 5 voices the selected voice rate is lost and reset to 50. new defect minor
#2334 STRANGE SYMBOK problem with systray nvda icon when activated by simulated or real mouse clickS new defect minor
#2338 NVDA+TAB reports some items strangely in Browse Mode new defect minor
#2442 Support role=alert in MSHTML new enhancement minor
#2601 Firefox and NVDA only: Image buttons read incorrectly new defect minor
#2745 NVDA + Firefox alerts not working properly new defect minor
#2802 Back space not readout in Turbo C Editor new task minor
#2803 NVDA not read out the options in Kaspersky antivirus new defect minor
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