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#349 Nokia PC Suite reads very poorly new task Core
#708 Automated system testing framework accepted jteh task Core
#852 improving current access to QT applications new task Core
#866 Keystrokes, "anounce last tooltips" should be inserted to NVDA new task Speech
#945 Skim reading new task Speech
#2416 NVDA crash when playing sounds in GoldWave new task Speech
#2514 change the voice of language Sinhalese(ISO 639-2 code sin) new task Speech
#2585 How to possibly implement a "simple" diagram reader new task Core
#2699 ;INSERT+F1 help message capability new mdcurran task Add-on management
#2774 request support urdu language again new task Speech
#2802 Back space not readout in Turbo C Editor new task Speech
#2828 While typing in Turbo C editor NVDA not read out the # as hash symbol as it is. It read out as 2 new task Speech
#3027 Suggestion for "Speech interrupt for typed characters" option new task Speech
#3081 Repeating the previous List item before announcing the current item in some programs new task GUI
#3084 NVDA Does Not Read Kindle Book Page new jteh task NVDA community website
#3238 Research one way to discover captchas based on characters introduced in DOM new task Core
#3549 nvda input tables list doesn't contain an arabic tables new jteh task Braille
#3580 NVDA not reading "All Programs" supbmenu on Windows XP SP 3. Just started happening the other day and I can't fix it. Tried reinstall. Also not reading Internett Explorer 8. new task Core
#3639 request for add-ons and web folder to be included into 'fa' folder new MHameed task Localisation
#3765 The foundation of the link that still doesnt work with NVDA. new task Browse mode
#3773 Reading text selected by mouse cursor in Internet Explorer new task Browse mode
#3920 Mail client in Windows 8 no speech in messagefield new task Speech
#4020 Note in the User Guide About the Update, Concerning Portable Copies new task Documentation
#4307 Donation Page Should Be Translated new mdcurran task NV Access website
#4321 Missing fullstops at the end of a help messages new jteh task Localisation
#4697 add an second (european name of the seika braille displays in the user guide) new jteh task Localisation
#4743 NVDA doesn't speak when erranging apps side by side new task GUI
#4947 Down Arrow Key in NVDA abandoned task Untriaged
#4949 E-mail Clients Should be Mentioned in Browse Mode Section. new task Documentation
#5002 On the attachments page for attaching a file to a ticket, the brows... Button is labelled as Button? new jteh task Untriaged
#5200 Input Help: Sentence Reading Commands not announced in Microsoft Word new task Untriaged
#5214 Implement HTTPS for Trac Pages new jteh task NVDA community website
#5261 Documentation: Add Developer Info and Application Name commands to Commands Quick Reference new task Untriaged
#5280 User Guide (Section 9.1.1): Add Text for Consistency new task Untriaged
#5365 Update to new Authenticode certificate new jteh task 2015.4 Official builds
#5374 Queries on Object Navigation. new task Untriaged
#5393 some braille tables miss from nvda new task Untriaged
#46 Verbosity levels accepted aleksey_s enhancement Core
#49 Announce shortcut keys after the content for some roles reopened enhancement Browse mode
#84 Attempt to guess the label for unlabelled form fields on web pages accepted jteh enhancement Browse mode
#111 Visualizing object hierarchy in treeview new enhancement GUI
#124 Quick nav. Key for Next and Previous Clickable Element new enhancement Browse mode
#141 NVDA doesn't know a difference between Links and Same Page Links new hkatic enhancement Browse mode
#168 Support for Java web applets new Big.D enhancement Core
#181 NVDA should highlight or inverse current html object and automatically set cursor to current position for faster navigation new mdcurran enhancement Browse mode
#189 Usability: terminology dictionary needed? abandoned enhancement Documentation
#195 Context-sensitive navigation to webpage regions of given types new enhancement Browse mode
#197 NVDA should have an easy way to put it on a u3drive new enhancement Distribution
#211 a way to read current page's url when inside virtual buffer without going into location bar new enhancement Core
#212 speech dictionary specific to the synthesizer (all its voices) new aleksey_s enhancement Speech
#214 Braille verbosity levels new jteh enhancement Braille
#217 To have braille insure that lists and such consistently present the start of items in the same place on the display new jteh enhancement Braille
#219 A new, extensible speech dictionary type for nvda reopened aleksey_s enhancement Speech
#225 User-definable NVDA key new enhancement GUI
#235 properties for human-readable or custom roles on NVDAObjects new enhancement Core
#251 Yahoo Messenger support new enhancement Core
#258 Text from NVDA native dialogs should be placed in separate read-only fields for improved keyboard access new enhancement GUI
#279 Virtual synth driver which can automatically recognise and switch between certain languages/synths new enhancement Speech synth drivers
#290 Automatic braille table suggestion based on the user's language new jteh enhancement Braille
#291 An easy way for users to select the additional braille translation tables new jteh enhancement Braille
#347 Compensate for lack of insert key/problem with caps lock key on Macbook reopened enhancement Core
#355 nvda.exe icons are awful new enhancement GUI
#360 When loading a URL with a target anchor, NVDA should jump to that anchor new enhancement Browse mode
#392 Support descriptions of HTML/XML objects new enhancement Core
#395 does not support Aimp2 accepted adpsike enhancement Core
#398 Usability of Thunderbird message viewer new enhancement Browse mode
#406 Each NVDA language should have a prefered voice new enhancement Speech
#416 NVDA should announce first whether a thread is opened or closed. new enhancement Core
#458 Support for Code::blocks's code window new enhancement Core
#478 Support Glossomathia programming language editor new enhancement Core
#480 Microsoft's Envelope maker does not read with NVDA new enhancement Browse mode
#481 Mute automatic speech feedback new enhancement Speech
#498 navigation object should have some sorts of macro new enhancement near-term Core
#508 Unable to find status bar in Windows Live Mail reopened enhancement near-term Core
#516 outdated copyright information in many files of the source code new Bernd enhancement Distribution
#537 Many unicode characters are missing from the standard braille table new jteh enhancement near-term Braille
#540 Support Cryptload or JDownloader new enhancement Core
#543 Unable to read message bodies in Lotus Notes accepted mdcurran enhancement near-term Browse mode
#550 enhance report formating new enhancement Core
#561 Reduce the size of eSpeak Variants menu reopened enhancement GUI
#572 NVDA can not read incoming messages automatically while working with Skype protocol for Miranda IM new Developers of NVDA enhancement Core
#577 Combine separate NVDA Preferences dialogs into a dialog with several property pages new enhancement near-term GUI
#588 Direct Jump To Specific Element, Inside Elements List Dialog, and Elements List Enhanscement new enhancement Core
#598 Abillity to read Skype profiles new jteh enhancement near-term App specific: Skype for Desktop
#608 Nokia Software updater new enhancement Core
#625 Provide a key to read last spoken info new enhancement Core
#636 NVDA doesn't speak with NOTETAB text editor new enhancement Speech
#640 Different message buffers for each window in Miranda chat client assigned aleksey_s enhancement Core
#651 make Extensions Manager in OpenOffice accessible new mdcurran enhancement Core
#659 Say all for displayModelEditable controls assigned enhancement Display model
#662 NVDA should speak the TITLE of iframes and frames new enhancement Browse mode
#691 Support for K-Meleon web browser new Core developers enhancement Browse mode
#692 NVDA can not get text from The object with The class name ATL:0052E590 in The BlockNote.Net application. new core developers enhancement Display model
#707 problem in Windows live mail's address book new enhancement Core
#727 Hotkeys to report playing track information in Winamp new enhancement Core
#737 A summary of page elements could be announced when a page has finished loading new enhancement Browse mode
#743 Suggestion for the UTorrent App Module assigned enhancement Display model
#767 Added support to detect grammatical errors in Microsoft Word new mdcurran enhancement Microsoft Office support
#769 Support edit fields in MS Access new mdcurran enhancement Display model
#788 Automatically move mouse with flat review new enhancement Core
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