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#1373 NVDA skips text children in Gecko when parent is styled as table defect major master 4 years
#1630 Pressing alt+upArrow on combo box in focus mode bounces back to focus mode if cursor not within combo box jteh defect minor master 4 years
#1659 Reading Issues With Adobe Reader X and Forms jteh defect minor master 4 years
#1671 NVDA does not recognise different styles of lists on the internet, particularly those styled with css defect minor 2011.1.1 4 years
#1675 Dialog role not announce when dialog contains ARIA document mdcurran defect minor 2011.2beta3 4 years
#1720 Pressing enter on button for file upload in IE9 switches to focus mode instead of activating button defect minor 2011.2 4 years
#1731 Adobe Reader X: In Table, cannot use next row command when header row is identified as row 0 and data/body as row 2 jteh defect minor master 4 years
#1733 NVDA behaves strange when hitting uparrow at the top of a multiline edit box in Firefox/Chrome while "Automatic focus mode for caret movement" is checked jteh defect minor 2011.1 4 years
#1757 ARIA jQuery button: Checkbox, radiobuttons, and clickable control labels are not read defect minor master 4 years
#1760 ARIA jQuery Tabs: keyboard nav conflict ENTER/SPACE on tabs does not make tab active defect minor master 4 years
#1781 Excel 2010: Cut cell contents, paste, and report line/focus makes error sound defect minor master 4 years
#1782 @lang attribute on html tag not handled in MSHTML mdcurran defect minor master 4 years
#1815 Adobe Reader X 10.1.1: DOWN ARROW through form, when NVDA encounters an editable combobox, it will switch to browse mode defect minor master 4 years
#1818 MSHTML: List items for HTML select nodes aren't treated as part of virtual buffer mdcurran defect minor master 4 years
#1819 Gecko: Undesirable switch to focus mode when browse mode cursor moves to list item jteh defect minor 4 years
#1826 Firefox 10 alpha/3.6.22: cannot use ALT+DOWN ARROW to expand combobox jteh defect minor master 4 years
#394 Support for text attributes in gecko_ia2 vbuf jteh enhancement minor master 6 years
#414 Make automatic say all in virtual buffers optional mdcurran enhancement minor 6 years
#1737 adobeAcrobat vbuf backend: Expose language on text nodes jteh enhancement minor 4 years
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