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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#734 iTunes Store is inaccessible with NVDA enhancement minor master 4 years
#1339 NVDA should turn on "focus mode" for toolbars defect minor master 4 years
#1763 ARIA jQuery Datepicker: Cannot traverse calendar defect minor master 3 years
#1894 NVDA doesn't announce most containers when using quick navigation/moving focus jteh defect minor master 3 years
#1989 Reduce garbage text from graphics mdcurran enhancement minor 3 years
#2025 NVDA doesn't navigate ARIA menus properly defect minor 2011.3 3 years
#2029 Increase the Mouse Routing Efficiency In Browse Mode defect minor 3 years
#2090 Unicode characters larger than 16 bits in object names cause errors in browse mode mdcurran defect minor 2012.1beta1 2 years
#2121 IE8 gives nvda error on some content defect minor master 2 years

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#1905 NVDA doesn't announce blockquotes when pressing q jteh enhancement trivial master 3 years
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